Bulk Uploading CONTENTdm Images and Metadata into Flickr

Welcome, are you considering to export a CONTENTdm image collection into Flickr?
If so, you might be in the right place. Here you'll find a basic documentation we used for
uploading two CONTENTdm collections (Victorian Tradecards and Frank Snyder Photographs)
into this new flickr page!

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micheljp@miamioh.edu or tzoce@miamioh.edu
Page last update: March 23rd, 2014.

Bulk Uploading CONTENTdm >> Flickr : Basic Step-by-Step Guide
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 Tab-delimited > XML

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1. Select CONTENTdm fields to export
    e.g. title, subject, dmrecord, and filename
2. Export and save the file as tab-delimited
3. Delete the first line (field titles)
4. Upload the new (export.txt) file
     View an example   |   Upload your file!

5. Once the new flickr-xml file is generated, you're almost there!
     View an XML example  |   View Source

6. Copy this xml and the image files to the contentdm folder
    This folder is in the flickr_uploader.zip file