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How Open Scholarship is Changing Research

William Gunn, Ph.D. 10/25 | 4:30-5:30 | MCG 322 Read More!

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What is Digital Humanities?

10/23 | 3:00-6:30 | King 320 Read More!

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World Bank and SPARC Webcast

Panel on Open Access, 10/22 | 4:00-5:30 | Read More!

Open Access Week 2012 at Miami University

Open Access Week for 2012 is October 22nd thorugh October 26th. The Miami University community will be commemorating the occasion in a number of ways. The Scholarly Communications Working Group will be engaging in outreach and education efforts throughout the week. These will include social media outreach, posts to the Libraries' blog about issues related to open access and marketing materials throughout the libraries. In addition to these efforts to promote open access, the Libraries are partnering with CELTUA and the MU Humanities Center to bring a number of events targeted towards furthuring the discussion surrounding open access among the Miami University community.

2012 has been a big year for open access at Miami. In May, the Librarians at Miami University passed an open access policy which requires all articles published by library faculty to be made available free of charge in the Scholarly Commons, Miami's institutional repository. The Libraries' policy is only the second such measure taken by an academic unit in the state of Ohio. We were also able to form a faculty learning community on open access through CELTUA. Please come join us at the events listed below to learn more about why open access is one of the key issues facing the academic community.

Open Access Week Events

Oct. 22Perspectives on Open Access: Practice, Progress, and Pitfalls: World Bank and SPARC WebcastSPARC, The World Bank and the LibrariesKing 1144:00-5:30
Oct. 23What is Digital Humanities? A Symposium (H. Lewis Ulman, Associate Professor of English and the Director of Digital Media Studies @ Ohio State & Angela Courtney, Arts and Humanities Librarian @ Indiana University)MU Humanities Center and the LibrariesKing 3203:00-6:30
Oct. 24How Open Scholarship is Changing Research (William Gunn, Ph.D., Head of Academic Outreach for MendeleyCELTUA and the LibrariesMcGuffey 3224:30-5:30