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Western College for Women Oral Histories

Alumnae, 1952-1968
Katherine Dunlop, Yvette (Evie) Hohler, Mary DeJong Obuchowski, Marcia Randlett Oder, Susan Blake Rowland, Suzanne Oll Schrope, Nia Jones Terry, and Anne Adkins Weissenborn
Alumnae, Class of 1958
Sally Raub Alkire, Jane Smucker Fryman, Juli Beasley Kinchla, Jennie Lou Klim, Joan Brooks Lennox, Caroline K. Manildi, Anne McMains, Gretchen Wampler Mousetis, Martha Koehler Nichols, Kathy Piper, Judith Vandergrill, and June R. Young
Carolyn Jefferson Jenkins
March 30, 2006
Faculty and Administrators
Ann B. Koehler, Donovan Auble, Eleanore Vail, John D. (Jack) Sommer, and Williard P. Keebler
Faculty and Staff
Carolyn Auble, Margaret A. Barrier, and Carol J. Dornan
Janet Smith Dickerson-Stephens, Class of 1965
February 10, 2009
Mary Ellen Thomas Forte, Class of 1959
June 19, 2009
Panel Discussion - Women's Education
Ann E. Walton, Cayla Adams, Cheryl L. Johnson (moderator), Gay B. Hadley, Jane Alexander Durrell, Judy Waldron (presenter), Katherine Milakides, and Phyllis A. Adkins
Panel Discussion: The Addition of Men into a School of Women
Madelyn M. Detloff (Moderator), Michael L. Eblin, R. Cameron Miller, Carl E. Officer, Jocelyn Woodson Reed, and Nicholas Toth
Bob Keller, Freedom Summer Memorial Architect
July 2010
Western College for Women Symposium
A panel of distinguished alumnae of the Western College for Women discuss the impact of the women's college experience on their professional lives.
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