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Frequently Browsed Materials

The Vertical File of the Western College Archives is a collection of frequently used materials by patrons of the Archives, located together for easier access. These items in no way represent the entirety of the material that is available from the Archives; rather, they are available for cursory investigations and research.
If further information is requested that cannot be found within the Vertical File, then the rest of the collection can be searched.

  1. Acting Presidents
  2. Alumnae Hall
  3. Auble, Donovan
  4. Board of Trustees, 1930-1974
  5. Boyd Science Hall
  6. Buildings Moved, Razed, or Sold at Miami
  7. Buildings on Miami's Campus
  8. Burns, Cephas Asher and Western Bridges, Kumler Chapel and other stonework
  9. Chapel
  10. Clawson Hall/Alexander Dining Hall
  11. Construction Information on Western Buildings
  12. The Cottage
  13. Drugs and Arrests at Western (May, 1970)
  14. The Duck Pond
  15. Ernst Nature Theatre
  16. Faculty and Staff at Western, 1930-1974
  17. The Farms
  18. Fraternity and Sorority Information
  19. Ghosts and Legends - Audiocassettes
  20. Ghosts and Legends - Miami University and Oxford
  21. Ghosts and Legends - Peabody Hall, Western College
  22. Ghosts and Legends - Ron Tammen, Fisher Hall
  23. Gran, William
  24. Green Beer Day (History)
  25. Havinghurst, Walter and Marion Boyd Havinghust
  26. Hoyt Hall and Dean Phyllis Hoyt
  27. International Students, 1949-1971 (names only) and a list of individual photos, 1927-1961
  28. Kelley, Edgar Stillman (Biography and Studio)
  29. Kumler Chapel
  30. Langstroth
  31. Leonard Theatre
  32. The Lodge
  33. Mary Lyon Hall ("New Dorm")
  34. McKee Hall
  35. Men Admitted to Western
  36. Miami Museum of Art
  37. Miami University Timelines and Miami's Presidents, 1824-1971
  38. Monaco, Richard - Compositions
  39. Mount Holyoke and Western
  40. Multifaria: History and yearbook dedications
  41. National Registry of Historical Places - Western Female Seminary
  42. Needham Fund: Better Babies, Perfect Babies, Scholarships
  43. Nellie Tilton Warfield Essay Prize
  44. Oxford College Alumni Directory (1833-1928)
  45. Oxford Female College (History)
  46. Oxford Lodge #67
  47. Patterson Place
  48. Peabody Hall (includes 2 fires-1860 and 1871)
  49. Perfect Posture Campaign
  50. Presser Hall
  51. Protests at Western
  52. Research Papers/Theses
  53. Sawyer Gymnasium
  54. Scrapbooks
  55. Sports Figures from Miami University
  56. Stowe, Harriett Beecher (includes desk at Patterson Place)
  57. Teachers, First Western Faculty
  58. Tenney, Daniel
  59. Thobe, H.S.
  60. Thomson Hall
  61. Tree Day (History, 1890-1933)
  62. "Western Book of Knowledge: Catalog of What, Where and When" (c. 1953)
  63. Western College for Women: 100th Anniversary
  64. Western College Program - First Courses Offered, Fall, 1974
  65. Western Female Seminary - History (Sections from two books)
  66. Western Traditions (Western College for Women)
  67. Woodland, Dorothy, the Manhattan Project, and on audiocassette AlbaCraft's story
  68. Young Women's Christian Association and Religious Life at Western

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