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Frequently Requested Materials - Vertical File Materials

Alumnae Publications in the Western Archives

• Adams, Evelyn. First Woman Doctor to Cameroun

• Akumu, Margaret. Mother Africa's Beautiful Styles

• Albert, Elaine. Basic Phonics

• Albert, Elaine. Do It Yourself-Phonics

• Albert, Elaine. How: A Handbook for Teaching Someone to Read [Two editions]

• Albert, Elaine. Reading With Hornbook and Fescue

• Allen, Mary (Whipple). Twenty-Five Years in Persia

• Asbury, Edith. “The Importance of Being Earnest”. Byline Magazine 2004

• Asbury, Edith. “Have chance of job in New York”. Byline Magazine 2006.

• Bann, Helen. Miss Kiku Ishihara

• Barr, Nann Clark. “The Trysting Tree: A Poetic Play”

• Blake, Susan (Rowland). Academic Reading and Study Skills for International Students

• Bolanz, Maria. So Hago

• Boyle, Laurence P. Alice Moore Boyle: The Story of a Beautiful Life

• Brophy, Anne. Flash and the Swan

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. A Dipperful of Humanity

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. The Lee Family of Spanish Fork, Utah

• Chadwick, Margaret Lee. Looking at the Sunset Upside Down

• Chen, Ruby, ed. An Inspiring Story of a ‘Beautiful Person': Catherine E. Sutherland

• Claggett, Mary Frances. Black Birds and Other Birds

• Class Poem and Chronicles of the Class of ‘85

• Clifford, Ruth (Young). The Pioneer or My Scrapbook for 1937

• Cobb, Alice . Come to Shanta Bhawan!

• Cobb, Alice . Exploring Basic Issues with Young People

• Cobb, Alice . Old Tales for a New Day

• Cobb, Alice . Yes, Lord, I'll Do It

• Cook, Julie (Downing). Caregiver's Comfort

• Coulson, Melissa (Conover). Some Memories of Western Female Seminary

• De Kooning, Elaine. President John F. Kennedy

• Derby, Sally. Jacob and the Stranger

• Derby, Sally. Hannah's Bookmobile Christmas

• Derby, Sally. The Mouse Who Owned the Sun

• Derby, Sally. My Steps

• Derby, Sally. Taiko on a Windy Night

• Derby, Sally. Two Fools and a Horse: An Original Tale

• ElErian, Sama. Art for My Sake and Yours

• ElErian, Sama. Australian Days

• ElErian, Sama. Beauty is Truth

• ElErian, Sama. Chapters in Life

• ElErian, Sama. Childhood Days

• ElErian, Sama. Cinderella Today

• ElErian, Sama. Father and Daughter

• ElErian, Sama. Favourite Poems

• ElErian, Sama. Poetic Wonders

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Children

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Creativity

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Father

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Grievances

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Life

• ElErian, Sama. Stars & Flowers: Love

• ElErian, Sama. Treasured Poems

• Elmer, June Ashley. The Scout of Santa Fe

• Finke, Gail Deibler. City Signs: Innovative Urban Graphics (graduate 1986)

• Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). Reflections of the 80's

• Flett, Elizabeth (Fenton). “Renaissance”

• Fox, Alice. Virginia Woolf and the Literature of the English Renaissance

• Gillilan, Elizabeth (Mitchell). Beginning American English

• Hackley, Susan (Johnson). The Pribilof Islands: A Guide to St. Paul , Alaska

• Howard-Merriam, Kathleen. “Women, Education, and the Professions in Egypt ”

• Howe, Sarah Isabella. "History of Western College"

• Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Education in China

• Hunter, Carman St. John. Adult Illiteracy in the United States

• King , Frances . Treatment of the Mentally Retarded Character in Modern American Literature

• Kinzie, Mary. Autumn Eros and Other Poems

• Kinzie, Mary. The Cure of Poetry in an Age of Prose

• Kinzie, Mary. Ghost Ship

• Kinzie, Mary. The Judge is Fury

• Kinzie, Mary. Summers of Vietnam

• Kinzie, Mary. The Threshold of the Year

• Kinnear, Karen. Women in the Third World

• Lawrence, Mary. Mother and Child

• Leonard, Richard D. Call to Selma : Eighteen Days of Witness

• Mahoney, Susan. God's Power in Action: Prayer and Fasting

• McGaughey, Helen. Reaching for the Spring

• McGaughey, Helen. Wind Across the Night

• McKee, Martha (Keehn). India Ink

• Memorial: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Western Female Seminary [three copies]

• Michael, Mary Kyle. Blue Jay Feather

• Milkman, Ruth, ed. Women, Work, Protest: A Century of U.S. Women's Labor History [Note: Ruth is the editor of
this book which includes chapter 3 by Western College graduate Ardis Cameron]

• Molloy, Juliana. “Beyond Dickens: Christmas in Victorian Literature,” Victorian Homes' Holidays (pages 74-75)

• Myers, Christopher. McCrephy's Field

• Nussman, Elise (Steiner), ed. Voices of the Heart by Meta S. Schlundt

• Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). The Artic and the Antarctic: What Lives There

• Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Brothers in Arms [two copies]

• Pennock, Lee ( Huntington ). Simple Shelters

• Pope, Gerta. CD, “The Western Spirit Lives On!”

• Reed, Marianna. “A Flight of Years” (Poems)

• Reed, Marianna. “Sesquicentennial Reflections: Randolph County , Indiana , 1968” [Extracts from “Heritage and
Horizon,” a column in the newspapers of Winchester , Indiana , and Union City , Indiana-Ohio]

• Sanderson, Ruth (Mackelmann). Around Lake Michigan

• Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Gordon Kinship

• Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Phelps-Marshall Kinship

• Shuffleton, Nancy (McBride). Shuffleton Kinship

Sicher, Nelle (Frisch). Celebrate the Harvests!

• Simmons, Edith (Kuhne). Poems

• Smith, Rebecca (Koladis). St. John on Foot and by Car

• Splinters, Published by the Class of 1883

• St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Animal Games

• St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Asian Crafts

• St. Tamata (Kolba), author and illustrator. Chickaree: A Red Squirrel

• St. Tamata (Kolba), illustrator. Save that Raccoon!

• Salt, Elizabeth . Buckeye Heritage: Ohio 's History in Song [Book and audiocassette, two copies of book and one

• Schmucker, Katherine. Heart of Gold: Saint Nicholas and His Friends

• Seiffert, Dorothy. Beauty for the Mature Woman

• Sheldon, Elizabeth (Hakkinen). The Song of the Chilkat People

• Slung, Michele. The Absent-Minded Professor's Memory Book

• Slung, Michele. Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say

• Slung, Michele. More Momilies: As My Mother Used to Say [Two copies]

• Slung, Michele, ed. Slow Hand; Women Writing Erotica

• Sullivan, Zohreh. Narratives of Empire: The Fictions of Rudyard Kipling

• Toth, Nicholas. Making Silent Stones Speak

• Tribble , Virginia . Statistics

• Vaughn, Toni (Heineman). The Abused Child

• Wischmann, Lesley. Frontier Diplomats: The Life and times of Alexander Culbertson and Natoyist-SIksina'

• Wolff, Ruth. I, Keturah

• Wolff, Ruth. The Space Between

Acting Presidents

- Letter to Dr. Molyneaux from Richard R. Ernst, October 1, 1932

- Photo of John Molyneaux

- The Ohio College Association Annual Report, The Western College for Women, President Mary A. Sawyer

Alumnae Hall

- Photo of Alumnae Hall, 1928

- 2 color and 2 black and white postcards of Alumnae Hall

- “Alumnae Hall 1890-1977”, WCAA Bulletin, Fall 1977

- “Researcher reconstructs old physics lab”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1984

- Alumnae Hall 1892-1977 Historical Summary

- “Alumnae Hall’s most popular room”, The Western Oxford, November 1896

- Letter to Cincinnati Historical Society from Alpha Phi Omega “Noon-for-Lunch-Bunch”, November 21, 1979

Auble, Donovan

- Recommendation for Appointment to the Graduate Faculty, January 31, 1977

- Assignment to teach ED 551 and 567 at Miami’s Summer Session 1962

- Recommendation for summer teaching, Donovan Auble, 1962

Board of Trustees, 1930-1974

- Typed and handwritten list of members of the Board of Trustees and their position, 1930-1972

Boyd Science Hall/Boyd, William Waddell

- Biography of William Waddell Boyd (2 copies)

- Obituary for Dr. W. W. Boyd, Miami University Bulletin

- Postcard of Boyd Hall

- ”Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

- “Buildings Named for a Person” from “Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

- “Buildings razed, sold, moved or use for academic, administrative, or residential purposes discontinued (1809-1980)” from Biographies of Men and Women for Whom Miami Buildings are Named” by R.E. Glos

Buildings on Miami’s Campus

- “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

- “Miami University Buildings Past and Present”, Peter Flintermann

Burns, Cephas Asher (Master Stonemason)

- “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977; Cephus Burns obituary May 30, 1985; Ohio Historic Inventory of the home of Cephas Burns, June 25, 1978

- Stonework on the Western Campus, Miami Campus and Oxford attributed to the master stone work of Cephas Burns

- “Modern Bradley Home Is Link To Pre-Civil War Generation” by Jo Brickels, The Oxford Press, October 3, 1953 (3 copies)

- Photo of women standing on wooden footbridge

- “Former slave was Oxford’s first black mayor” by Zach Parks, Oxford Press

Clawson Hall and Alexander Dining Hall / Clawson, Edith

- Postcards of Clawson Hall and Alexander Dining Hall

- Biography of Edith Clawson (2 copies)

Construction Information on Western Buildings

- Construction Information Miami University, July 15, 1975

- The Stonemason, WCAA, Spring 1977

The Cottage

- “Cottages”

- Email concerning photos of students from 1975-1980 (Handwritten “McCord Cottage 1918”), April 14, 2003

- Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth Cottage biographical sketch

- Letter to Students of Western, reference to using the Cottage as a dormitory, July 5, 1941

- “The Cottage”, The Western Oxford, November, 1913

- “The Cottage”, brief biography, 1938

Drugs and Arrests at Western, May 1970

- “Arrest 12 Persons in Oxford Drug Raids”, Hamilton Journal, May 5, 1970

- “12 Arrested at Oxford in Combined Drug Raid”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1970

- “12 Charged After Narcotics Raids In Oxford”, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 6, 1970

- “12 nabbed on drug charges”, Dayton Daily News, May 6, 1970

- Copy of “12 Arrested at Oxford In Combined Drug Raid”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1970

The Duck Pond

- “The Duck Pond”, historical summary

- “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

- Copy of photograph of wooden bridge and pond

- Postcard of two girls in front of the boathouse and pond

- Postcard of boathouse and pond

- Postcard of western drive and pond

- Copy of photo of pond with boats

Frank L. Esterquest

• “In Memoriam: Frank Esterquest”, Ted Strum

• HST 202 Test

• “The Atlantic Community”, The American Peoples Encyclopedia

• “Discovery and Early Settlement of the Americas to 1600”, Graduate work at Northwestern University, November 24, 1936

• Class outline and notes from Naval Power & Strategy

• Personal Resume

Ernst Nature Theater

- “As You Don’t Remember It!”, program from The Second Annual Ernst Fall Festival, August 23-September 1, 2001; “Ernst Nature Theater…”, The Bulletin, 2001 (2 copies)
- Postcard of Ernst Nature Theater
- Memo to Miss Engleman from M.K. Michael, attached history of Ernst Nature Theater, September 22, 1949
- Brief biographical summary of Ernst Nature Theater
- Brief biographical summary of Senator Richard Ernst
- Copy of photograph of the current location of Ernst Nature Theater circa 1900
- “Our Nature Theater”, The Western Oxford Vol. 12, June 1921
- Copy of photograph of Senator Ernst with Western students
- “The Nature Theater”, Western Oxford Vol. 13 No. 5, June 1922
- “The Stonemason” WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977
- “Retrospective: A fine amphitheater”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1983

Faculty and Staff at Western, 1930-1974

- Western College Faculty, 1930-1974, Includes dates of employment at Western and subjects taught

The Farms

- “The Western Farms”, brief historical summary of the farms

- Photograph of farm house

- “Now Robust And Buxom Lasses, How Can We Show Our Sincere Gratitude?”, The Western Round-up, March 30, 1939

Ghosts and Legends (Audiocassettes)

- “Miami Mysteries”, Dr. Shriver’s annual presentation on legends and strange occurrences, 1982 (two tapes)
- “Memories of Western” Debra Hefty Farler discusses her experiences and several spooky stories from 1973, 2000 (one tape)

Ghosts and Legends (Ronald Tammen & Fisher Hall)

- “Miami University possessed by ghostly lore, Shriver says”, Hamilton Journal News, October 31, 1992

- “A ghostly tour”, The Miami Student, May 17, 1973

- “Mysterious Miami”, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

- “Miami U Boy Missing 11 Days”, Cincinnati Enquirer

- “Miami University Missing Student Case Recalls 16-Year-Old Mystery of Coed”, Dayton Daily News, May 5, 1953

- “Watchful Waiting Sets In For ‘Missing’ Case”, Dayton Daily News, May 4; “Tammen Case Might Never Be Solved”, Dayton Daily News, May 16

- “Years Old Tammen Mystery Remains Unsolved”, The Miami Student, April 16, 1954

- Letter from Delmar Jones, Georgia Bureau of Investigation about identifying a decomposed body possibly Ronald Tammen, May 10, 1955

- “Miami Campus Mysteries Still Unsolved” Ohio News, April 22, 1972

- “Dorm problems? Talk to Miami’s ghost”, OU Post, October 29, 1976

- “Why did Tammen disappear forever?” by Joe Cella

- “East Quad R.A. disappearance still a mystery after 30 years”, Miami Student, 1983

- “Mysterious Miami” Special Reprint, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

- “Miami Mysteries: Whatever happened to Ronald Tammen?”, The Miami Forum, January 31, 1996

- “Shriver’s tale of horror mesmerizes students”, The Miami Student, November 2, 1999

- “The Disappearance of Ronald Henry Tammen Jr.” by Rick ‘Tex’ Clevinger, May 27, 1975

- “Miami Professor Says Amnesia Not Caused By Overstudy”, Dayton Daily News, April 28, 1953

- Ron Tammen’s last English/Letter to brother John, April 13, 1951

- “The Ghost of Fisher Hall”, Haunted Ohio

- “The Old School Spirit: The ghosts of higher education”, Haunted Ohio

- Additional Information on Ron Tammen, Jr.

- “The Ron Tammen Disappearance” by Sue Frazier

- Letter to Mr. Lyle Evans from W.P. Roudabush, June 29, 1936

- “I offered the information but they didn’t care to listen…so I just put the card away”, Journal News, April 23, 1973

- "Case of Oxford's Mystery Man Revived", Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 19,2008

- "More Answers May Link 1953 Cold Case to Georgia Remains", The Oxford Press, Jan. 18,2008

Ghosts & Legends – Miami University and Oxford

- “Haunted Hall?”, Miami Student, April 12, 1977; Letter to Professor Havinghurst from James Crawford, May 30,
1973; “Appeal to all would-be ghost busters” from the Men of Fisher Hall; “Mysteries haunt Miami Students”, Journal
News, October 30, 1976; “Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Professors Loosed on World on Halloween Eve”, Miami Student,
October, 1964; “Is Something Going Bump In The Night?”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, February 16, 1977; Letter to Mr.
Friedman from Sue Frazier, October 13, 1976

- “Spooky season unearths campus tales of terror”, The Miami Student, October 28, 1994

- “Have ghosts of railroaders haunted screaming bridge”, The Railroads of Butler County, Jim Blount, 1999

- “Our Ghost”, Western Oxford, May 1901

- “Services Held for Students Involved in Night Tragedy”, The Miami Student, May 12, 1959

- Miami Legends

- The Oxford Retreat (Pictures and descriptions)

- “The Cremation”, The Miami Student, March 1895

- “Homecoming traditions date back to 19th century”, Miami Student, October 25, 1996

- “The mystery that everybody missed”, Miami Forum, April 28, 1997

- “Upham kisses last a lifetime”, The Miami Student, February 14, 1997

- “Legends: Dead or Alive?”, High Street Journal, October 28, 1999

- “’Upham Phantom’ to reveal identity to mystified prof”, The Miami Student, April 29, 1977

- “Elliott Hall”, Miami Album

- Map of Liberty Township

- “Miami Legends ‘Scare-Off’ Halloween Spooks”, Miami Student, October 29, 1963

Ghosts & Legends – Western & Peabody

- “Ax Murderers & Missing Persons”, The Miami Student, April 4, 1972

- “Murder at Reid”, The Miami Forum, December 13, 1996

- “Miami University possessed by ghostly lore, Shriver says”, Journal News, October 31, 1992

- “Services Held for Students Involved in Night Tragedy”, The Miami Student, May 12, 1959

- “Ghost Story”, Ohio Magazine, October 2001

- “Ghost Stories: Will renovations change a buildings mystique?”, The Oxford Press, May 2, 1996

- “Miss Peabody Regrets”, Helen Peabody ghost story

- Letter to Ms. Knight from Ginny Simon, November 20, 1990; attached partial transcript of ghost story interview

- “Ghost Stories: Will renovations change a buildings mystique?”, The Oxford Press, May 2, 1996

- “Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, Professors Loosed on World on Halloween Eve”, Miami Student, October, 1964

- “Mysteries haunt Miami students”, Journal News, October 30, 1976

- “Miami to unveil new history lesson”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

- “Spooked Yet?”, The Miami Forum

- “Legends of Miami”, Miami Dimensions, November 1960; “Ghost biker lives in MU legend”, Hamilton Journal News, October 31, 1992

- “Miami Legends ‘Scare-Off’ Halloween Spooks”, The Miami Student, October 29, 1963

- “Legends of Miami”, Miami Dimensions, November 1960

- “Unsolved Mysteries”, High Street Journal, October 28, 1999; “The Cremation”, The Miami Student, March 1895

- Haunted Ohio references and index

- Photograph of Fisher Hall Stairway

Gran, William

- “A Memorial to William H. Gran”, December 9, 1963

- “Four professors reach emeritus status”, July 1962

- “New Appointments For Western C. ‘61”, 1961

- William Henry Gran professional summary

- W.H. Gran application

- Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1960-June 1,1961

- Report from Members of the Faculty, January 1, 1953-December 31, 1953

- Report from Members of the Faculty, January 1, 1951-December 31, 1951

- Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1958-June 1,1959

- Report from Members of the Faculty, June 1, 1959-June 1,1960

Havighurst, Walter E.

- Marion Boyd Havighurst & Walter E. Havighurst Biography

- “With Marion”; “1923”, short historical biographies

- Walter Havighurst’s professional publications and awards list

- “Miami Triad…The First Years”, The Scroll, January 1962

- Miami Alumni Weekend 1994, Walter Havighurst Remembrance Exhibit, February 19, 1994

- Walter Havighurst’s resume

- Hand written note

- Photograph of Walter Havighurst

- “Walter Havighurst ‘personified Miami’”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

- Letter to Mary Lynn from Walter Havighurst, January 1978

- “Varied Summer Activites Attract Miami U. Faculty”

- “W.E. Havighurst Committee on Creative and Critical Writing” proposal to the Rockefeller Foundation

- “Slant Walk Report”, The Miami Alumni, February 1973

- “The Ohio Valley: A Cultural Middle Ground”, Saturday Review of Literature, January 6, 1945

- Dr. Walter Havighurst’s Remarks for Havighurst Hall Dedication, November 5, 1983

- Walter Havighurst’s Off-campus activities and Publications July 1, 1939-June 30, 1940

- Hand written letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, July 7, 1950

- Hand written letter from Walter Havighurst to Miss Marshall, September 13

- Letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, March 29, 1947

- Letter from Walter Havighurst to Dr. Hahne, October 26, 1946

- “Facility named for Dr. Walter Havighurst”, The Miamian

- “About Walter Havighurst”

- “Editors, Managing Editors, and News Editors”

- Invitation to the University of Pittsburgh’s Conference for Writers and Readers

- “68th Annual Meeting of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society”, April 10-11, 1953

- Denison University Phi Beta Kappa Annual Address, April 13, 1953

- Letter to Walter Havighurst from the President Hahne, July 1, 1950

- “Report on year’s leave”, Walter Havighurst 1949-1950

- Letter to Dr. Hahne from Walter Havighust, November 8, 1947

- Summary of Rockefeller Grant given to Walter Havighust

- Letter to Dean Minnich from President Hahne, February 5, 1948

- Letter to Dr. Havighurst from President Hahne, December 17, 1946

- “Oxford Writers Honored At Library Tea”

- “Mr. Havighurst’s ‘Miami Years’ Has New Decade”

- “To receive award”

- “To Dedicate Collection At Miami U. Library”

- “New York Day By Day”, Daily Hampshire Gazette

- Letter to Mr. Havighurst from Secretary of the Board of Trustees, August 16, 1928

- Letter to Mr. Cady from John D. Millet, October 9, 1958

- Letter to Dr. Hahne from Walter Havighurst, February 15, 1949

- “Harrison Hall”, The Benton Bulletin

- “Special Collections Library Honors Walter Havighurst”

- Photograph of Dr. and Mrs. Havighurst cutting the ribbon of the Havighurst Special Collections

- “Decade Added To Havighurst’s ‘Miami Years’”, Hamilton Ohio Journal, April 25, 1969

- “Havighurst Will Address Archaeological Society”

- “Children’s Authors To Speak On Panel Sponsored By PTA”, The Cincinnati Enquirer

- “Pioneers in Old Wisconsin”, New York Herald Tribune, April 7, 1940

- “Ohio Board Of Regents Honors MU, UC Prof”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, May 20, 1968

- Letter to Miss Boyd from President, May 3, 1929

- “A Celebration in Memory of Walter Havighurst”, February 19, 1994

- “A Memorial of Walter E. Havighurst”

- Collection of correspondence regarding the Rockefeller Grant for a leave of absence for Walter Havighurst

- Letter to Mr. Havighurst from President, February 28, 1928

- Letter to Mr. Havighurst from President, March 12, 1928

- Letter to Dr. Upham from Walter Havighurst, March 24, 1928

- Letter to Dr. Upham from Walter Havighurst, March 5, 1928

- Letter to Miss Marshall from Walter Havighurst, May 16, 1928

- Walter Havighurst professional autobiographical summary

- “Varied Summer Activities Attract Miami U. Faculty”

- “The Presbyterian Historical Almanac and Annual Remembrance of the Church for 1867” by Joseph M. Wilson

- “Annual Author Booklet”, October 14, 1950

- “A Wink From My Grandmother” Woman’s Day, September 1950

- “Ties of shared devotion”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1983

Hoyt Hall/Phyllis Hoyt

- Phyllis Hoyt biographical summary

- Photograph of Hoyt Hall

International Students (1949 – 1971)

- Book of International students by year (1949-1971)

Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins

- Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins biographical summary

- A Transformation Vision and Strategy; Her plan to reform the League of Women Voters

- Motor Voter Presentation at Congressional Black Caucus, September 17, 1998

- Bridge Building in a Divided Culture: Can We Really Talk to Each Other? Civil Discourse, Politics and Community, March 4, 1999

Edgar Stillman Kelley

- “Dr. Edgar Stillman Kelley, Famous Composer, Succumbs; Held Fellowship at Western”; “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934

- “Dean Emeritus of Conservatory, Noted Composer, Dies in East”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1944

- “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934 (Original)

- “Edgar Stillman Kelley: A Biographical Sketch” by Ophia D. Smith, 1934

- Photograph of Edgar Stillman Kelley Studio

- “Dr. Edgar S. Kelley Dies; Composed Symphonic Works; Held Fellowship At Western”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1944

- Photograph of the Edgar Stillman Kelley Studio

- Email between Jacky Johnson and Barry Zaslow containing the birth and death dates of Edgar and Jessica Stillman Kelley, March 3, 2007

Jessica Stillman Kelley

• Jessie Gregg Kelley Biography

• Four hand written pages of Jessica Stillman Kelley Autobiography

• ‘Musical Leader’ biographical paragraph on Jessica Stillman Kelley

• Jessica Stillman Kelley article in The National Encyclopedia of American Biography

• ‘Mrs. Kelley Retires’, The Western College Bulletin, May 1934

• Email about birth and death dates for Edgar and Jessica Stillman Kelley

Kumler Memorial Chapel

- Photograph of Kumler Chapel

- Postcard of Kumler Chapel

- Biography of Jeremiah Prophet Elias Kumler; Sketch of Kumler Chapel; Dedication Hymn for Kumler Chapel

- “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977

- “Chapel Dedicated As Memorial”, The Western Roundup,

- “Kumler Chapel: a collage”, The Bulletin, Fall 1983

- “Oxford Trio Discover Model of Western College Chapel”, The Oxford Press, September 6, 1962; “Picturesque Church in Normandy Has Origin in Ninth Century”; Photographs of the Normandy Church

- “Alumnae Chapel”, June 18, 1978

- “The Kumler Chapel Story…Through the Windows”, The Bulletin, Fall 1997

- Photographs of the collapsed Kumler Chapel

- “Jere. Prophet Elias Kumler, Minister Washington D.C.”, Graduates of Miami University 1809-1909

- “Kumler Chapel”, Legends of Miami, Miami Dimensions, November 1960

- “Spooked Yet?: Play it again, ma”, The Miami Forum

- “Mysteries haunt Miami students”, Journal News, October 30, 1976

- “The Kumler Memorial Chapel”, The Western Oxford, January 1919

- Alumnae Chapel program, June 18, 1978

- Photograph of the construction of Kumler Chapel

- Photograph of the collapse of Kumler Chapel

Langstroth Cottage

- “Langstroth Cottage considered for Landmark designation”, The Miamian, September 4, 1980

- “L.L.L.: ‘The Bee-Man’ of Oxford and Langstroth Cottage” by Crossan Hays Curry

- Biographical summary of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth 1810-1895

- Biographical summary of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth

- “L.L.L.: The Bee-Man’ of Oxford and Langstroth Cottage” by Crossan Hays Curry (Original)

Leonard Theater

- Handwritten history of Leonard Theater

- Brief historical summary of Leonard Theater

- Biographical summary of Emma Gertrude Leonard

The Lodge

- Brief historical summary of The Lodge
- Letter to the Students of Western College, July 5, 1941
- “The Stonemason”, WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1977
- Photograph of the interior of the Lodge, 1928

Mary Lyon Hall/Lyon, Mary

- Biographical summary of Mary Lyon

- Postcard of Lyon Hall

- “The New Hall of Residence”, The Western Oxford, April 1904

- Biography of Mary Lyon 1797-1849 (2 copies)

- Postcard of the “New Hall”

Men Admitted to Western

- “Western Room, Board Open to Miami Men”, The Miami Student, May 11, 1971; “Western College Opens to Men Jan. 1”, Dayton Daily News, September 23, 1971
- “Women’s College to let 50 Men on Campus”; “Western College to go coed”, Dayton Journal-Herald, September 23, 1971
- “’For Women’ Dropped, Nothing Broke”
- “Western Women…And Men”, The Miami Student, October 17, 1972
- “Toth Captures Smoking Contest”, The Miami Student, April 18, 1972

McKee Hall/McKee, Leila S.

- Photograph of Leila McKee & Sam McKee
- Postcard of McKee Hall
- Brief biographical summary of Leila McKee (2 copies)

Miami Museum of Art

- Postcard of the Art Museum

- History of the Miami Museum of Art

- Postcard of the Art Museum

- “Miami Art In A Different Light”, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 13, 1979

- “New Miami Museum Is Work of Art”, Cincinnati Enquirer, October 1, 1978

- Miami University Office of Public Information description of Art Museum

- Art Museum Groundbreaking Program, December 4, 1976; attached artists’ rendition of building

- “The Miami University Art Museum and Its Architechture”

- Exhibition Policy of the Art Museum

- “Miami museum: A bold idea that works”, Journal Herald, June 16, 1979

Monaco, Richard (Compositions)

- "Western College Alma Mater", Music by Richard Monaco, Words by Narka Nelson

- List of Works by Richard A. Monaco

- “Dr. Monaco Recieves Award”, Oxford Press, November 19, 1970; “Writes Cantata”, Hamilton Journal, March 7, 1970

Mount Holyoke and Western

- Photograph of East Lodge

- Photograph of interior garden

- Page of handwritten notes; “Death of Miss Mary O. Nutting”, February 14, 1910

- Two pages of handwritten memorials about Mary Nutting; “Late Librarian Emeritus Honored at the Chapel Service”

- “Sarah Lee Utley Woodin Foochow, China Mission”

- Abigail Goulding handwritten personal biography

- Mount Holyoke College Associated Schools

- “Mount Holyoke’s Five Children”, Christian Science Monitor, February 3, 1959

- Historical map of Mount Holyoke College

- “Their Daughters Shall be Cornerstones”, Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Spring 1989

- “Daughter Colleges of Mount Holyoke”, May-June 1938

- “Go Where No One Else Will Go…”

- “Sarah Lee Utley Woodin Foochow, China Mission”

- “China Woodin, Utley, Sarah Lee, Simeon Foster”

- “Women’s Education In Three College In The Western Reserve” by Gladys Hadad

- “Schools and Colleges Of Many Types Owe Origin to Mount Holyoke Alumnae”; “President Woolley Talks About Mount Holyoke Graduates Working For Afield”; “Mount Holyoke’s ‘Daughter’ and ‘Sister’ Colleges”

- “Mount Holyoke of the West”

- Mount Holyoke News Bureau publication, 1960

Multifaria: History and List of dedications

- Brief history of dedications

- Multifaria Dedications 1910 - 1973

National Register of Historic Places – Western Female Seminary

- “Preserving our heritage,” The Miami Student, October 9, 1979

- Newsletter, Western College Alumnae Association, July 1980

- “Western campus on National Register,” WCAA Bulletin, Spring 1984

- Letter to President Shriver from David L. Brook of the State Historical Preservation Office, October 5, 1979

- Letter to Mr. Brook from President Shriver, October 3, 1979; Letter to President Shriver from David Brook, September 28, 1979; Letter to property owner from David Brook, September 28, 1979; Map of Western

- Letter of Marshall Clark from President Shriver, February 11, 1980; Letter to Ohio Board of Regents from Marshall Clark, February 5, 1980

- Letter to President Shriver from Marshall Clark, February 26, 1980; “Buildings may be demolished” Miami Student

Needham Fund: Better Babies, Perfect Babies, Scholarships

- Information on the history of the Fund

Nellie Tilton Warfield Essay Prize

- Brief history of Warfield Essay Prize and list of recipients

Oxford Female College – Alumnae Directory (1833 – 1928)

- List of employees, staff and alumnae 1833 – 1928

Oxford Female College History

- “The Oxford Female College”

- Brief history of Oxford College, Oxford Female Institute and Western College for Women

- “Professing ‘Western’ Literacy: Globalization and Women’s Education at the Western College for Women” by Shevaun Watson and Morris Young

Oxford Lodge No. 67

- Early History of Oxford Lodge No. 67

Patterson Place / Patterson, James

- Postcard of Patterson Hall

- Biography of James Ramsey Patterson 1834 – 1913

- Biography of James Ramsey Patterson

- Partial report on Patterson Place

Peabody Hall / Peabody, Helen

- “History of Western College” by Sarah Isabella Howe, 1965

- Postcard of Peabody Hall

- Layout of Peabody Hall

- Website information on Helen Peabody

- Biography of Helen Peabody 1826-1905

- Hand written memorial of Helen Peabody

- Letter to Miss Butler from Adelia Cone, May 27, 1946

- “Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Western Female Seminary”, 1881

- Construction information

- Layout of Peabody Hall

- Construction of the first building, no architect

- “Destruction of the Western Female Seminary” Oxford Citizen, 1861

- Biography of Helen Peabody 1826-1905

- Helen Peabody

Perfect Posture Campaign

- History of the Perfect Posture Campaign

Presser Hall / Theodore Presser

- Postcard of Presser Hall

- Biography of Theodore Presser

- Biography of Theodore Presser 1848 – 1925 (two copies)

- Minutes of building committee, November 7, 1929

Protests at Western

- “Administration Gives Understanding Nod To Western Hours Sleep out Demonstration”, The Miami Student, April 4, 1969

- “Western Tries Open Visitation”, The Miami Student, October 19, 1971

- “Miami,Western Students To Fast In National Effort for Pakistan”

- “Girls Protest While Asleep”, Dayton Daily News, April 1, 1969

- “Statement Raps Nixon, Violence”, May 1970

- “Coeds Protest Dorm Hours With ‘Sleep-In’, The Pail Dealer, April 2, 1969

- “Pageant was a beaut!”, Tri-Country News, March 2, 1973

- “Soup Spilled On Head Of Student Is Costly; Teacher is ‘Soaked’ $100”, Hamilton Journal, May 11, 1971

- “Campus Is Called Wrong Place To Protest” Phoenix Gazette, February 4, 1971

Research Papers / Theses

- Research Papers/Theses

Sawyer Gymnasium

- Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

- Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

- History of Sawyer Gymnasium

- Biography of Mary Alma Sawyer

- Postcards of Sawyer Gymnasium


- Scrapbooks in Orders by Last Name

Stowe, Harriet Beecher and desk in Patterson Place

- “Historic Desk at Western”, Dayton Herald, June 2, 1940

- “Stowe, Harriet Beecher”, The Columbia Encyclopedia

- Email about Gabriel Tichenor

- “Dictated by Miss S.B. Pike to Dorothy Preston ‘29” (two copies)

Teachers, First Ones at Western

- Handwritten history of Helen Peabody

- Handwritten history of Mary Nutting

- Handwritten history of Abigail Goulding

Daniel Tenney

- Biography of Daniel Tenney

H.S. Thobe

- “Harry S. Thobe”, The Oxford Press, March 30, 1950

- “H.S. Thobe and Sons, Contractors”, Oxford Town, 1920

- “Memoirs of the Miami Valley”

- “Harry S. Thobe”, Centennial History of Butler County, 1905

- “H.S. Thobe and Son, Contractors”, Oxford Town on Tallawanda

Western Merger 1974

• Letter to Friends, June 1973 (Report on the current state of our College)

• Letter from the President’s Office, William C. Spencer, to Western Student, June 19, 1973

• Agreement of Western to Be Sold to Miami “Suggested changes in Agreement as provided by Will Keebler” October 4, 1973

• “Report of the Planning Team on the Western College of Miami University”, The Miamian Special Edition, November 12, 1973 (Original)

• The Western College Alumnae Bulletin, Fall 1974

Thomson Hall and President Thomson

- Picture of President Thomson

- Biography of Mary Moore Dabney Thomson 1886 – 1980

- “Mary Moore Dabney Thomson”, News from Western College

- “’New Dorm’ at Western to Become Thomson Hall”, Dayton News, December 8, 1970

- “Thomson Family at Western Dedication”, Oxford Press, December 17, 1970

- “Western Will Honor Mrs. Thomson”, Cincinnati Enquirer, December 9, 1970

- “Western Names Dormitory for Mary D. Thomson”, Oxford Press, December 9, 1970

- “Honor Former Head of Western; ‘The Dorm’ To Become Thomson Hall”, The Daily News, December 9, 1970

- “300 Attend WC Dorm Dedication”, The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 14, 1970

- Photograph of Mary Thomson

- Postcard of Thomson Hall

- Photograph of Mary Thomson

Tree Day 1890 – 1933

- Postcard of Tree Day 1906

- “History of Tree Day at Western College”

Western College for Women 100th Anniversary

- Western College Bulletin Centennial Issue

- Western Life Centennial Issue

Western Merger 1974

- “Dear Friends”, June 1973

- Letter to Western Students from President Spencer, June 19, 1973

- Draft of the Agreement of Sale

- Special Edition of The Miamian, November 12, 1973

- Western College Alumnae Bulletin, Fall 1974

Western College Programs, Fall 1947

- List of courses offered 1947

Western Traditions

- Festive Days, Special Occasions, Traditions

- List and descriptions of special days

- “Tra-di-tion!”, Spring 1992

- “Miami University: A Personal History” by Phillip Shriver

World War I

• The Farmerettes of World War I and World War II

• War Work at the Western College for Women

• Photograph of Western College for Women Red Cross Group

World War II

• German Department Course Offerings

• Photograph of Navy trainees helping Western girls farm

• “Western College Girls Expert Gardeners, Outdoing ‘Farmerettes’ of World War I”, Cincinnati Enquirer, June 30, 1941; “Western College Proud of Girls’ Victory Garden”, Jacksonville FL, June 30, 1943

• “Shall We Try Sheep?”, Scope, March 1942

Woodland, Dorothy

- Two “Alba Craft” tapes

- “Dorothy Woodland, The Manhattan Project, and Alba Craft”

- Package of biographical information on Dorothy Woodland from Jan Lancaster at JBU Archives

Young Women’s Christian Association and Religious Life at Western

- History of Young Women’s Christian Association at Western

Green Beer Day

• "The History of Green Beer Day in Oxford" Information Sheet

• "Loyal Irish and Other Join To Honor Good Saint Patrick" by Mary Belle Bogan in Miami Student, March 14, 1952

• "Miami celebrates Green Beer Day 1996, By Carrie Coogan, March 14, 1996

• Entertainment Page of Miami Student, 3/16/1997, about Green Beer Day

• "Green Beer Day 1998" in High Street Journal, March 5, 1998 packet of articles

• Opinion Page of High Street Journal, March 4, 1999

• High Street Journal, March 9, 2000 Green Beer Day articles

• High Street Journal, March 8, 2001 Green Beer Day articles

• High Street Journal, March 7, 2002 Green Beer Day articles

Quick Reference Questions and Information Requests

• Request: Photo or ad from the early years of The Western College for Women
• Request: Information about Ellen Strong Bartlett
• Request: Information on Maurice Baudin, visitng professor to Western: no information
• Request: Information about William Boyd
• Request: Information
• Request: Information on Mary Letitia Caldwell
• Request: Information about Elizabeth Calvert.
• Request: Information on the Peabody family.
• Request: Information when Western become a National Historic Site.
• Request: Information on women in mathematics.
• Request: Women in Medicines in Indiana
• Request: Information on Dorory Woodland.
• Request: General Information on Western College.
• Request: Information on Dr. Robert Watson.
• Request: Information on Ms. Jessup.
• Request: Information on Anna Carson.
• Request: Information Caroline E. Collins
• Request: Information on compostion courses taught at Western in the 1960s.
• Request: Information on the "Conservatory"
• Request: Reasons of deaths of girls in Mulifaria.
• Request: Information on doctors before 1900.
• Request: Information on Henri Alice Donogh
• Request: Information on farms at Western.
• Request: Information on who designed the Freedom Summer Memorial.
• Request: Information on training in the Freedom Summer 1964.
• Request: Information on Robert S. Fulton.
• Request: Purchasing things at the archives
• Request: Information on William Gran.
• Request: Information on a grandfather clock.
• Request: Information on Mary K. Hesser
• Request: Information on Hoop Skirts in Peabody Hall.
• Request: Information on photos from Hulsey.
• Request: Information on Eleanor Todd Kennedy.
• Request: Information on Kent State shootings and their connection with Miami and Western.
• Request: Information on Laura Bell Kumler and daughter Mary.
• Request: Information in the Lesbian Journal.
• Request: Information on Mary Montgomery.
• Request: Information on Leila McKee (birth and death dates)
• Request: Information on Sarah C. McKean.
• Request: Information on when men were admitted into Western.
• Request: Information on the murder of Mary Lyon.
• Request: Information on the National Historic Distric of Western.
• Request: Information on the "New York Bridge" and other named bridges.
• Request: Information on the history of Presser Hall.
• Request: Information on the Radcliffs.
• Request: Information on Olive M. Ratcliffe.
• Request: Information on Russian Students at Western.
• Request: Information on Blanch Sample.
• Request: Information on President Spencer.
• Request: Information on Henrietta Schenk.
• Request: Information on the School of Interdisciplinary Studies.
• Request: Information on Steve Schwerner.
• Request: Information on Ann Murdock or Sherwin.
• Request: Information on John Philip Sousa in Oxford.
• Request: Information on suicides.
• Request: Information on spoons.
• Request: Information on the summer house.
• Request: Information on transcripts before fall, 1974.
• Request: Information on Tudor or Mackenzie or Megrue.
• Request: Information on Richard Vereker
• Request: Information on the underground railroad.

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