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Books (Miscellaneous)

A London Rose and Other Rhymes. By Ernest Rhys.
The Dirt. By Van Winckel.
The Girl in Jeopardy. By Macqueen. By Marqueen
Irish Minstrelsy. Edited by William Sharp.
Kaisermarsch. By Richard Wagner.
Letters from Mississippi. Edited by Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez.
The Letters of Hannah More. Selected with an Introduction by R. Brimley Johnson. MCMXXVI.
Long Distance. By Aleda Shirley.
Miami Poets. By Percy MacKaye and Ridgely Torrence.
Neither World. By Ralph Angel. (two copies)
Pencillings. By J. Middleton Murray.
Symphonie XV, B dur. By Joseph Haydn
What the Woman Lived, selected letters of Louise Bogan 1920-1970. Edited by Ruth Limmer
Whistling Girl. By Ann Marcus.
Freedom Summer: The Savage Season That Made Mississippi Burn and Made America a Democracy. By Bruce Watson.

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