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Western and The Two World Wars

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During the two World Wars Victory Gardens were very popular. The same was true at Western. Many crops were raised by the students for use on the table or to be canned for future use.

During World War II, Miami University was used as a site for training Navy personnel, with Western's Sawyer Gymnasium pool as a source for their training. Western's students hosted events both on campus and at the USO.

In both World Wars students had training in Red Cross techniques; war-related courses were taught, and War Bonds and other investments to help the war effort were available.

World War II also brought to Western sheep to “mow” the grass as a way to save the use of both machinery and time.

World War I – 7 Folders

Folder 1: Bring ‘em Back Club

•Membership card with pin; Application for Charter; envelope
•Letter from Bring ‘Em Back Club (two copies)
•“The Bring ‘Em Back Club of Ohio” Information Pages
•“Bring ‘Em Back Club Named in His Honor,” Copy of Article, Sunday, February 9, 1919; Copy of Membership Cards
•Copy of Textbook for Speakers on Thrift Stamps and War-Savings Stamps

Folder 2: Farmerettes Photos, 1918

•“The Farmerettes of World War I and World War II” Article with Photograph
•Photograph of Farmerette, 1918
•Photograph of Farmerettes, 1918
•Photograph of Students at the Farm
•Photograph of “The Farm”
•Unidentified Photograph of the Farm
•Unidentified Photograph of the Farm
•Unidentified Photograph of the Farm
•Photograph of Farmerettes of 1918
•Photograph of Farmerettes of 1918
•Photograph of Farmerettes of 1918
•Photograph of Farmerettes of 1918

Folder 3: Red Cross Report 1917-1918

•Report of the Western College Unit of Oxford Branch, Red Cross 1917-1918
•Photograph of Knitting in the Senior Parlour, About 1915
•Photograph of “Red Cross About 1915”
•Photograph of “Red Cross 1918”

Folder 4: Savings Bonds, War Bonds and Liberty Bonds:

•“War Savings Plan for Colleges”
•Letter to Elizabeth Bishop from Educator Director of the Ohio War Savings Committee, February 8, 1919
•Letter to Elizabeth Bishop from Educator Director of the Ohio War Savings Committee, February 14, 1919
•Letter to Mr. Pearson from Chairman of the War Work Committee, February 21, 1919
•Letter to Mr. H. W. Pearson from Chairman of the Committee on War Work, March 12, 1919
•Letter to Mr. H. W. Pearson from the Chairman of Committee on War Work, March 12, 1919
•Letter to Elizabeth L. Bishop from Educational Director of the Ohio War Savings Committee, March 14, 1919
•Letter to College War Savings Chairman from Educational Director of Ohio War Savings Committee, March 18, 1919

Folder 5: Western Courses Taught (War Related)

•Information on Biology Department special course in Laboratory Technic to help fill position as laboratory aids or technicians in military or civil hospitals, August 31, 1918
•List of Subjects present taught that could be applied to pre-nursing training

Folder 6: Western Students, Faculty, and Alumnae War Work

•Bulletin of the Western College for Women: Report of War Activities (2 copies)
•General Directions for knitting men’s socks
•Knitting Children’s Socks
•Intercollegiate Committee on Women’s War Work Abroad Information
•Letter to all Lake Division Chapters, June 1927
•2 letters to Miss Bishop, November 6, 1918
•“War Work at The Western College for Women”
•Report on the War Service Training Courses of The Western College for Women
•Service Flag Lists
•Letter to President Boyd from Irma E. Voigt of Ohio University with questions about Western’s training of students during World War I
•Newspaper article in the Sunday, April 2, 1967 edition of The Arizona Daily Star “Enemy ‘Blunders’ Triggered U. S. Entry into WWI” has a photo of the Farmerettes at Western College

Folder 7:

•Booklet used in the student's Prison Camp Campaign "Students of America for the Students in European War Prisons"

World War II – 7 Folders and 1 bound copy of Press Releases

Folder 1: Courses taught at Western

•Letter from the faculty to the Board of Trustees concerning their effort to help the war effort, including a course in hygiene (three pages)
•February 16, 1942 press release from Olga Edmond about Western’s “Healthful Living” as the keynote of the school’s defense work
•Document about Western’s teaching of Military German
•“Readings in Military German” Brochure
•Release for Wednesday, January 20, on “Western College Teaches Military German”

Folder 2: Farmerettes (Articles)

•“Victory Garden Special” forms for summer work at Western, 1943
•“Shall We Try Sheep?” Scope, March 1942
•“Looking Over Fruits” 1942 newspaper photo of Janet Heinz looking over the 1,000-quart cans of food from the Victory Garden (original with copy)
•Olga Edmond Release for May 30, May 26, 1942
•“Western College Students Till Soil Today As They Did in ’17,” Palm Beach Post, June 30, 1943
•“Farm Styles Changed Since ’17,” The Chicago Daily News, June 30, 1943; “Western College Girls Expert Gardeners, Outdoing ‘Farmerettes’ of World War I,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 30, 1943
•Special Release to the Columbus Dispatch “Western College Farmerettes Harvest Crops,” November 12, 1942
•Olga Edmond “Western Students Plan Fifteen Acre Garden,” April 1943

Folder 3: Farmerettes (Photos) 1943 and 1944

•Farmerettes 1943 Photograph
•Farmerettes 1943 Photograph with Miriam Fatout, Jane Luckham, and Peg Woodhull
•Photograph of W. C. Farmerettes, 1943, Sailors help the Farmerettes
•Photograph of Men Driving Horses, Helping W. C. Farmerettes, 1943
•Photograph of Farmerettes 1943
•Photograph of Farmerettes 1943
•Photograph of Paul Platz, sailor curious about how his hat would look on Dorothy Condit
•Photograph of Washing Dishes, unidentified
•Photograph of Miriam Fatout, Farmerette in W.C. Victory Garden

Folder 4: Three documents concerning men and women of German ancestry

•Christmas Declaration of Men and Women of German Ancestry
•Loyal Americans of German Descent Letter to Friend, December 29, 1942
•List of Men and Women with German Ancestors that support the Declaration

Folder 5: War Work at Western

•Black-out Instructions
•Faculty Council for the Peace (meeting), April 6, 1943 (two pages)
•“Hoosier Student at Heidelberg Home After Ordeal Fleeing Clutches of War,” The Indianapolis Sunday Star, October 8, 1939
•“War Has Direct Effect on School at Oxford, Ohio,” Article
•Letter and Note with envelope to the President of the Student Governing Body from Dartmouth College Peace Committee, May 3, 1939 (with copies)
•Western College Inter-Office Communication to Miss Ingalls from Mrs. Thomson, 3/19/43
•Immediate Release from Olga Edmond, December 3, 1943
•Statement Made by Mrs. Thomson for International News Service, April 22, 1943
•Release from Olga Edmond, November 23, 1943
•Release for September 18, 1943, Speech by Mrs. Alexander Thomson, at Commencement Exercises for “Waves” at Naval Training School in Oxford
•Letter to Olga from Rudy, January 14, 1943
•Release from Olga Edmond, January 6, 1943
•Release with Gloss Encl. Exclusive to You, November 16, 1942
•Page Two of Puppetry at Western
•Release for November 2, October 30, 1943
•Immediate Release, November 4, 1943
•Immediate Release Exclusive, December 2, 1943
•Immediate Release, November 30, 1943
•Unidentified Speech
•Release on or after Wednesday, March 10, March 6, 1943
•Letter to Miss Mary Gorey from Olga Edmond, January 23, 1943
•“Bonded Beauties” Article
•Release to Robert C. Harris, City Ed. Times-Star, October 15, 1942
•Release from Olga Edmond to Mrs. Cullen, Oxford Press, October 20, 1942
•Release on or after September 30, 1942
•Olga Edmond release February 16, 1942
•“The War at Western College” Release, June 18, 1942
•“Mrs. Mueller to Talk in Louisville,” Article
•“Tea Dance Will Further Greek Relief” Article
•“Necessity of Hate is Discussion Topic” Article

Folder 6: Western College Students and the Military, Miscellaneous articles and newspaper clippings

•Release about Naval Trainees visit Western College to Cincinnati Post, June 16, 1942
•“Naval Trainees Enjoy Western Campus,” Release June 24, 1942
•Release for Friday, March 6, March 3, 1943
•“Western College Freshman is Awaiting Date with Gentile,” Columbus O. Dispatch, April 30, 1944
•“Ohio’s Ranking World War II Ace Prepares for Welcome in Piqua,” Bellefontaine, O. Examiner, May 20, 1944
•“Piqua Eagerly Awaits Return of Don Gentile,” Cincinnati O. Post, May 20, 1944
•“Gentile to Arrive in Piqua This Afternoon,” Sidney, O. News, May 20, 1944

Folder 7: Western College Bulletin, September 1944

•Western College Bulletin, September 1944 [Contains articles and photos relevant to WWII]

Folder 8: Red Cross War Fund, 1941 and 1945

•“Red Cross War Fund Campaign held the 1st week in March 1941” Minutes (two pages)
•Information on Red Cross Drive, March 6-10, 1944

The 1941 Red Cross War Fund was held the first week of March. Anyone who contributed wore a tag; those who did not contribute did not have a tag. The hope was to have all wearing a tag by the time the campaign was over. Of approximately 210 students, only 20 did not contribute. Faculty and campus groups gave donations for a total of $459.03.

The 1945 Red Cross Drive was held March 6 - March 10. A lecture was given and materials purchased with campaign money were on display. Not as many people contributed this time. The week-long campaign collected $691.67 plus $300.00 from a previous Y.W.C.A. religious fund. The Athletic Association added another $25.00.

Folder 9: Selected pages from Multifaria (1942 - 1946)

•“The Defense Program,” Multifaria 1942 with WWII Photograph; International Relations Club and Social Science Forum Page
•“At Western,” Multifaria 1943 (eight pages)
•“’All out’ on the Western Front,” Multifaria 1944 (two pages)
•“We Dream of You,” Multifaria 1945 (two pages)
•“New Acts Under Way,” Multifaria 1946

Folder 10: Miscellaneous WWII Photographs

•Photograph of Collingwood, Defense Club
•Photograph of Betty Baumgartel with Manuel Perez
•Photograph of “Sheep to keep grass cut down during WWII, 1940s”
•Photograph of Dancing Partners with Jack Blahnik, Blanche Guard, Albert Russell, Dorothy Condit, Manuel Perez, Betty Baumgartel with (negative)
•Photograph of Sailor walking with woman on bridge
•Photograph of Farmerettes wearing their hair in pigtails; Peg Posz and Ardis Dechman
•Photograph of Albert Russell, Seyedeh Motamedi, Jack Blahnik, Manuel Perez, Norman Besser, Blanche Guard
•Photograph of Military Couples
•Photograph of Woman at mirror in House Management House with soldier’s photograph
•Photograph of woman and soldier in front of Presser, 1942-45
•Large Photograph of woman and soldier in front of Presser, 1942-45
•Photograph of sailor trainees at dinner; Betty Baumgartel, Ensign Richard Nelson, Lucy Hittle, Lt. Harry Krashin
•Photograph of woman and soldier
•Photograph of Sailors with Women
•Photograph of Women walking with Sailor
•Photograph of Military men and women in dresses on steps at the winter formal
•Photograph of military men and women in dresses
•Photograph of navy men at station wagon with Western Farmerettes; Dorothy Condit, Albert Russell, Jack Blahnik, Manuel R. Perez, Noram Besser, Raymond Boff, Blanche Guard, Melba Heg
•Photograph of Dorothy Goldstone, 1943 with tractor

Folder 11:

•“1940-1946: Oxford and Miami U. During World War II,” A Remembrance by Robert E. White, Jr., Miami 1944, ’48
Additional Materials:
•Bound Book of Press Releases, 1942-1945
•Research Paper, “Western: Reactions Before and During World War II” by Fern Jill Goodman, June 4, 1975

Folder 12: Donations from Gail James

•Two 1942 photographs of navy students attending Miami helping at the College Farm
•On one page: copies of the two 1942 photographs of navy students helping at the College Farm

Oversized Materials:
•“From Over the World,” Chicago Sunday Tribune, August 8, 1943

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