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Box 1: Autograph Books, 1857

Box 2: Miss Peabody, after 1888

Box 3: Miss McKee Scrapbook 1, 1888-1892, contains newspaper articles and a few programs

Box 4: Miss McKee Scrapbook 2, 1892-1896

Box 5: Miss McKee Scrapbook 3, 1888-1890

Box 6: Miss McKee Scrapbook 4, 1892-1900

Box 7: Miss McKee Scrapbook 5, 1890-1892, contains newspaper articles, invitations, dried flowers and other mementos

Box 8: Miss McKee Scrapbook 6, 1900-1901
Owner Unknown- Totally photographs. A wonderful scrapbook of the 1890s at Western.

Box 9: Owner unknown.
Totally photographs. A wonderful scrapbook of the 1890’s at Western.

Box 10: Faculty
Carolyn D. White, 1890-1895. Printed materials only.

Box 11: Faculty
Carolyn D. White 1895-1905. Extremely fragile-Newspaper articles and other items (not photos).

Box 12: Agness Mowat Hansel

1900-1901. Printed material. Contains a letter from a child of Agnes who found an album of photos. None are labeled.

Box 13: Scrapbooks
Scrapbook One: Helen E. Davidson’s Scrapbook of photographs.
• Helen E. Davidson’s Scrapbook
o This album contains only photographs.

Scrapbook 2: Helen Wiggins
• Helen Wiggins’s Scrapbook
o This is a wonderful scrapbook for a researcher. She has many photographs of soldiers from World War I. Every photo is labeled; she as displayed the contents of her album in a way that readers would appreciate. Folder 1: Elizabeth Turner, Class of 1907 Scrapbook
Elizabeth Turner’s Scrapbook

Box 14: Gertrude Leonard, Class of 1904.
Emma Gertrude Leonard & Edith Louise Leonard Scrapbook (Oversized)
From 1900-1904 (Emma) Gertrude Leonard was a Western student. Her album has excellent photographs, programs and other memorabilia from her years at Western. Miss Leonard returned to teach at Western; Leonard Theatre was named in her honor. (Not bound; separated into four folders)
Folder 1: 1902-1906; contains photographs of Gertrude Leonard & Edith Louise Leonard class of 1906.
Folder 2: 1902-1906; contains Edith Louise Leonard’s scrapbook with various pictures, programs, and letters.
Folder 3: 1902-1906; contains Edith Louise Leonard’s scrapbook with various pictures, programs, wedding announcements, and Treed Day events

Box 15: Miss McKee
Western and after- although Miss McKee resigned in 1904 to marry and to move to Kansas City, she never lost contact with Western. This box contains Western memorabilia and post 1904 materials about Miss McKee.

Box 16: The Administration’s Scrapbook
Various materials from the college’s activities between 1904 and 1914, including programs, articles, correspondence, and memorabilia of these years. One bound scrapbook.

Box 17: Alumnae Scrapbooks
Folder 1: Elise Pike’s Scrapbook
Elise Pike’s Scrapbook 1907-1908

Folder 2: Fern McKinney Rowlett’s Scrapbook
Fern McKinney Rowlett’s Scrapbook 1909-1910
Both scrapbooks are all photographs. Elise Pike’s does include a list of the 1937-38 Western College for Women Alumnae Branch members in Washington, D.C

Box 18: Christian La Roche’s Scrapbooks (Oversized)
Weaved Bamboo Scrapbook, Scrapbook from Marion G. Guest contains Senior Approx. 1910-1911: contains 1green book (blueprint) - no photographs; however there are various newspaper articles, drawings, railway tickets, small envelopes with letters from upperclassmen.
Book 2: Pearl Riahley, class of 1912: contains late pictures of Paula, and various pictures of travel.

Box 19: Mary Spillman, 1911
Mary Spilman, class of 1911. She has programs, photos and various memorabilia from Western. (Not bound; kept in a folder)

Box 20: Marion Guest’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
Marion Guest, class of 1913. Her album contains many photographs. If one is looking for information about life at Western in the early 1900s, this would be a wonderful research tool. (Not bound; kept in two folders)
Folder 1: contains various individual photographs.
Folder 2 1910-1914: contains a scrapbook with pictures of Western and individual photographs.

Box 21: The Administration’s Scrapbook
Articles, college news, programs, and schedules covering the years 1914-1923. Two bound scrapbooks.
Box 22: Dean Mary A. Sawyer, 1914-1927.
Box 23: Martha Martin MacQueen’s Scrapbook
This scrapbook is filled with beautifully labeled photographs.
It is a wonderful resource for the years 1916-1920 which includes World War I. (Not bound; kept in three folders)

Box 24: Thelma Gustavel’s Scrapbook
Another good resource for the researcher as there are many different holiday cards, wonderful photographs, plus one grade sheet. The years covered are 1921-1925. (Three folders).

Box 25: The Administration’s Scrapbook
Articles, college news, programs, and schedules covering the years 1923-1924. (Bound).

Box 26: News Items of the School, 1923-1928

Box 27: Mary Agnes Travis Harrison’s Scrapbook
Miss Harrison’s scrapbook covers only one year 1931; it includes various college materials from 1931.
Scrapbook for Class of 1933

Box 28: Elizabeth Philhower, class of 1931.

Box 29: Administration
Contains news and items from 1937-1938.

Box 30: Alumnae Scrapbooks
This contains the scrapbook of Mary Helen “Suzy” Allburt from 1937-1941.

Box 31: Jane Eaton’s Scrapbook
Jane Eaton’s scrapbook has various materials from 1939-1943, including the script from “Orange is my Mother’s Hen House”, a play by two of her classmates.

Box 32: Alumnae Scrapbook
A student from 1939-1943, Beatrice Edith Low’s scrapbook is a wonderful research tool for those years. Included in her album are receipts, wedding announcements about fellow students as well as anything about the choir since she was a member of the group. She was “Who’s Who in American Colleges.”

Box 33: Alumnae Scrapbooks
This is the scrapbook of Janet McIlvanine, Class of 1941. She placed candies and a small perfume bottle in her album which was not found in other scrapbooks. On some pages she put an arrow referring to materials she had designed for various events

Box 34: Alumnae Scrapbooks
This is the scrapbook of Janet McIlvaine, Part 2.

Box 35: Beatrice Edith Low
Part 2

Box 36: Jane Frame, Frances Larsen
J. Frame 1943-1944, F. Larsen 1944

Box 37: Betty Maddox
Three Multifarias. 1944-1943.
1 Western newspaper 1946.
1 booklet of a Marriage service.
Box 38: Elizabeth Menninger’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
One will thoroughly appreciate the albums of Elizabeth Menninger. She made one for each of her four years and labeled materials; this is a great research find for the years 1946-1950. Three folders of loose-leaf scrapbook pages and two bound scrapbooks (with information page).
Box 39: Susan Aiu’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
An excellent album for a researcher for the photographs of both people and events give a wonderful overview of the years 1947-1951. Three folders with loose-leaf scrapbook pages.
Box 40: Catherine Ross Loveland’s Scrapbook, Class of 1952 (Oversized)
Box 41: Helen Anne Noftsger’s Scrapbook
As with several other albums, this is one a researcher will find useful for everything has been saved over her four years (1946-1950) and labeled. Loose-leaf scrapbook pages in two folders and one book (binding came undone)
Box 42: Unknown owner, 1950’s-1970’s
Box 43: Cary Kimbark Revere's Scrapbook. Class of 1953. One Bound scrapbook.
Class of 1953, Tenth Reunion, June, 2003, Three Books

Lynne Drucker has donated many materials from years at Western; however, these are quite fragile.
Box 45: Evie Small Holer, Class of 1964 and Sandra S. Harwood.
The Western College for Women Scrapbook Volume 1: 1960-1961 (one bound scrapbook)
Box 46: Evie Small Holer, Part 2
The Western College for Women Scrapbook Volume 2: 1961-1963 (one bound scrapbook)
The Western College for Women Scrapbook Volume 3: 1963-1964 (one bound scrapbook)
Box 47: Joyce Lee Martin, Class of 1965
Joyce Lee Martin, class of 1965’s scrapbook (loose-leaf)
Included in her album covering the early sixties are many color photographs as well as other memorabilia from her four years at Western.
Box 48: Alumnae Scrapbooks
Folder 1: Sophie Karayannides’s Scrapbook (loose-leaf)
Folder 2: Sophie Karayannides’s Scrapbook (loose-leaf)
Folder 3: Kathy Albright’s Scrapbook (loose-leaf)
Both women donated various memorabilia from their years at Western. Kathy Albright included a time sheet from work and a bowling score card

Box 49: Western College, N.D.

Box 50: Berryhill Correspondence

Box 51: Mary R. Bosworth’s certificate
Mary R. Bosworth’s Graduate Testimonial Certificate, June 17, 1869

Box 52: Bess Brown’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
During the Golden Jubilee of Western, Bess Brown was a student of the Class of 1904. She has many documents from that event and has also left her diploma with her album. (Not bound; separated into four folders)
Folder 1 pgs 1-29 1905; photographs of Biss Brow, Western, and other students/ladies.
Folder 2 pgs. 30-53; more photographs of Western College.
Folder 3 pgs1-33 1904-1905; contains a scrapbook of photos of Biss Brown and other students/faculty.
Folder 4 pgs. 34-56 1904-1905; contains photos, letters, and newspaper articles.

Box 53: Ella S. Schneck, 1906-1910
Miss Schneck kept many fond memories of Western from the years 1906-1910. She has many documents not found in every album including receipts. These receipts will give a researcher an idea of the cost of various college needs for those years. (One bound scrapbook and one folder of loose-leaf pages)
1906-1910; scrapbook contains photos, receipts, letters, and graduation invitations.
Folder 1: contains photographs of plays, classmates and Tree Day events.

Box 54: Ruth Houston, 1907-1911
A researcher will find this scrapbook very interesting because of the unusual clippings in it. The years are 1907-1911, and Ruth Houston was already interested in car racing! She had lettered in sports and loved athletics; however, this was the only album we have in which the woman showed an interest in cars. A truly wonderful scrapbook, she seemed to have kept everything from her years at Western. (Not bound; kept in three folders)
Folder 1: contains a scrapbook with photographs, and programs
Folder 2: contains a scrapbook with photographs and programs.
Folder 3: contains letters

Box 55: Oversized scrapbook of Charlotte Ballard
Charlotte Ballard, class of 1913. Her album is very interesting for she was from Colorado. There are photographs taken on a ranch although we do not know if it was her family’s home. There are other materials in her scrapbook from Western. (Not bound; kept in a folder)

Box 56: Oversized scrapbook of Catherine E. Sutherland
This album is mainly photographs which have been labeled very well. There are many materials from the years 1912-1915. (Not bound; kept in two folders)

Box 57: Frances Inkeep, 1915-1919
1915-1917 dates; Loose Pages kept in one folder. Photographs, programs from events, and Christmas cards.

Box 58: Mary Ballard, Class of 1917.
Class of 1917; receipts, campus photos, interesting personal comments; 1913-1917: contains a registrar of people in the Class of 1917 including birthdays, photos receipts of tuition, letters, and Western programs.
Loose pages kept in one folder.

Box 59: Alice Bloom, 1917-1920

Box 60: Florence A. Alkins, 1917-1921
1917-1921; contains the scrapbook of Florence A. Alkins, with pictures of Western College, Student activities/events, Senior Day 1918, Thanksgiving Day menu 1917, pictures of friends, freshmen, sophomores, junior, and senior classes, recital programs, and 1 student handbook from 1920-1921
1 senior class photo of 1897.

Box 61: Oversized scrapbook of Edna Pepper, Class of 1918
Edna Pepper attended Western from 1914-1918. Her scrapbook includes materials from the First World War including the booklet “Students of America for the Students in European War Prisons”. The album is an excellent research tool.
Class of 1918; Christmas cards, postcards, booklet of information “Students of America for the Students in European War Prisons,” programs, letters, and other memorabilia; Loose pages kept in one folder.
Contains one of the most extensive collections of Western keepsake, from holidays, dances, class stunts, uppercases and lower class events, address and birthday registrar, as well as pictures.

Box 62: Grace Eager
Class of 1924; Loose-leaf scrapbook housed in two folders; Various memorabilia from her years at Western.

Box 63: Evelyn Adams 1928-29, Florence Brewer 1923-1927, Harriet Sheldon 1933-`936

Box 64: Oversized scrapbook of Dorothy Polk, Class of 1926
Class of 1926; Loose-leaf scrapbook housed in two folders; Various memorabilia from her years at Western.

Box 65: Oversized scrapbook of Margaret Markel Class of 1929
All of the albums we have were filled with memorabilia from the alumnae’s years at Western; however, Margaret Markel’s was the exception. In the 1950s she was the alumnae representative for the class of 1927 which was reflected in her album with correspondence from her former classmates. Loose-leaf pages.

Box 66: Jo Van Ness’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
Many receipts, letters, telegrams and party favors are in her album. She traveled during the years she was in college and many mementos from these trips are in her scrapbook. Two folders of loose-leaf scrapbook pages.

Box 67: Jeanne Shadrach, 1938-1942
From 1938-1942 Jeanne Shadrack was a Western student. Her album is very clever for she has many materials labeled in a funny way; a researcher will find this very useful. Two folders of loose-leaf scrapbook pages.

Box 68: Ethel Burnham, Class of 1942

Box 69: Nancy Boerner Griffin’s Scrapbook (Oversized)
Nancy Boerner’s album contains 1948 Howl memorabilia as well as programs and many photographs. Having been selected for Who’s Who in American Colleges she has included materials about this honor. Two folders of loose-leaf pages.

Box 70: Elizabeth A. Menninger's Oversized Scrapbook Part2 from 1946-1950.

Box 71: Joan Cowen's Scrapbook, Class of 1947.
There are very brittle programs, photos, letters, and grades.

Box 72: Catherine Ross's Scrapbook, Class of 1952. (Oversized)
This unbound scrapbook contains numerous papers, programs, pictures, articles, and report cards that Catherine Ross had during her time at Western College.

Box 73: Donated Scapbook, no date.
This box contains a unbound scrap book donated by Robert G. Miller. It contains very old pictures from over a hundred years ago of Western College.

Box 74: Ernst Nature Theatrical Productions Scrapbook. (Oversized)

Box 75: 1 gray bound Ernst Nature Theater Scrapbook

Box 76: Posters, various class flag large, mounted photos, one class photography, 1918 Viewbook

Box 77: Posters/Newspaper Articles
This box includes many laminated newspaper articles about Western colleges, newspaper articles about Xavier University, and a large picture "Billy and the Ark."

Box 78: Oversized Photos
This box includes sketches of Boyd Hall, the duck pond, flowers, and a blueprint of subdivision on Western land. It also has miscellaneous photographs of Western building, western women, glee club, and faculty.

Box 79: Helen Sitter Erbaugh, Class of 1942
This box includes correspondence, photographs, and Western memorabilia pertaining to Helen Sitter, dating from 1938-1942.

Box 80: Etta Brown, Class of 1898
This box includes one scrapbook filled with botanical samples and acompaing facts, two folders containing correspondences, photographs, and brochures pertaining to Etta Brown and The Western College for Women, dating from 1895-1925.

Box 81: Mary Baker, Class of 1959 (Qty. 2)
This box includes two scrapbooks filled with correspondences, photographs, flyers, publications and other miscellaneous memorabilia collected by Ms. Baker from her time at Western College from 1956-1959

Box 82: Alice Schacht Salt, Class of 1949 and Elizabeth (Betsy) Salt, Class of 1974.
This box includes correspondences, photographs, fliers, programs, postcards, schedules and other ephemera from this mother and daughter pair and their experience at Western College.

Box 83: Debbie White, Secretary of Western
Scrapbook Containing: George Hoxie Photographs, newspaper clippings, other photographs, fliers, Multifaria, etc.

Box 84: Emily Wilson Greenland, Class of 1947(Qty. 2, Oversized)
This Box includes two scrapbooks filled with photographs, postcards, letters, programs, newspapers clipings and other mementos. Housed with Emily Greenland's scrapbooks are: Class notes, Newspaper clipings, emails, Programs, Pictures, Papers(Term Papers, test/quizes), Western memorabilia (patches, stickers, handmade pins),Reunions, color photographs: Alyce Baumgartnen Haines-Sybil Wallman Holtzer;Western June 1999 Elain, Judy Waldron, Anne M. Dean, Emily Greenfield, Anne E. Kirkhott, Jane Durrell, Anne Mach Dean, J. Densce, Elaine, Alice Sale, A Kerkghogy, WE 6/96, Alumnae Hall Cornerstone Western June '99 (Judy Waldron-Margie and Me).

Box 85: Margie Gasche Ewing, Class of 1945 (Oversized Box)
This box includes photographs of Ewing while a student at Western College and also contains pictures of the life the personal life of the Ewing family.
Box 85:(Blue Oversized Western College Scrapbook does not contain any materials)

Box 86: Ruth T. Snyder's scrapbook, Class of 1909
This box contains a small scrapbook filled with black and white photographs from the class of 1909 as well from their 50th reunion. Donated by Craig L. Miller.

Box 87: Ms. Mary Elizabeth (Shirk) Bevan, Class of 1945
These boxes [1A & 1B -3] contains: Christmas, birthday and graduation cards… to and from Mary Elizabeth (Shirk) Bevan and family, five folders of Western Hymns, Choir songs and Reunion materials, 2 binders containing academic work, a dedicated copy of Pageant of Poetry: Liberty Edition, High school yearbooks (June Bug'40, Tree Tower'41), grade cards and tuition receipts for Ms. Shirk, handcrafted map for palm reading, Newspaper clippings and programs from plays, recitals and show, various brochure about neighboring colleges, magazines and articles discussing christianity and science.

Box 788: Diane Heckert Staub, Class of 1950
• Dayton Camera Shop Inc. “Western Scenes, Landscapes” Envelope No. 44100 with Photographs:
o ‘Scope’ picnics, breakfast Miss Bliss, Miss Schneiden, also Molly Roberts, Mac Culver, Sue Brandt
o Scope’s breakfast picnic, 1950, Western Beechwoods
o Scope breakfast picnic, 1950 (Front: Sue Brandt, Marilyn, Sue Off, Barb Torsburg, Anne Renick, Lee; Back: Miss Bliss, Miss Schneider, Sara, Pel, Mary Pelhams ?, Mac Culver, Cathy Ross)
o Blue ‘Jeanies’ ‘48s and ‘50s
o Western Spring 1949 or 1950; Lee, Marilyn, Murr, Me (Diane Heckert), Joan, Sara; Fiftians (Fashions of the time)
o Spring Picnic at the Hill with Carol H., Lee, Anne
o Two women swimming in creek
o Dillaway and Anne sunbathing with others
o Heckert Photograph with three girls
o Four Girls sunbathing with others
o Route 73 up the Hill Into Oxford, late 1940s, probably ’47
o Clawson Hall on Western Campus Drive
o Large Tree on Campus
o Freshman Room 2nd South
o “It almost makes me homesick. Sure takes one back, doesn’t it?”
o Audience on Bleachers with ’50 Class Flag
o ’50 Class Flag with Five Students including Carol H., Grace, Anne, and Lee
o Class Procession
o Gathering, two Women with Coats
o Group at Graduation
o Crowd in Graduation Attire
o Crowd at Graduation
o Three Women in Suits/Dress
o Crow with Man in center
o Marilyn, Lee, F. Esterquest at Faculty Baseball Game
o Two Women at Bridge with Snow
o Class Flags Processions
o Marilyn, Anne, View from Above towards Kumler
o Baseball game from Bleachers
o ’47 Class with Alice Sahacht
o Assembling for large group photo in front of Peabody
o The Class Will. June 5, 1950
o The Gondaliers, Tree Day, 1950
o Tree Day, 1950, Stunt ‘It Better Not Rain for the Tree Day Play’, Diane Herkert is Second from Right
o Miss Isabel St. John Bliss (light suit), Western 1950, in Nature Theater on Tree Day
o The Gondaliers, Tree Day 1950
o Tree Day Picnics in Beech Woods, Louise, Marilyn, Joan, Sara, Anne, Lee
o Nature Theater Play
o Flags in Front of Peabody Hall
o Four Women next to car
o Two women with glasses
o Leonard Theater Play
o Outdoor Play
o Metal Bridge on Lake
o Marilyn, Anne, Daffodils grow on hill by home, management house; Western
o Marilyn and Sara by the Lake probably Winter 1948-49
o Formations in White Dresses
o Trees on Western
o Steps on Western
o Kumler with Snow
o Vines on the flagpole in chapel yard, Western
o Sara, Marilyn, Chapel Buttresses, Western
o Marilyn and Sara at the boathouse, Western Winter 1948-9
o Western, Chapel door in snowstorm
o ‘W’ Formation
o Marilyn, Ernest Nature Theater
o Building Construction of Boyd Hall

• Photo of Phyllis Hoyt, Gail James, and members of the Class of 1950, Spring of ‘47, I think, Rainy Tree Day?; Abigail Kimball with bucket, Patsy Baxter third from right (in envelope)
• Dayton Camera Shop Inc. “1950 Senior Howl Pictures...” Envelope No. 21032 with Photographs:
o Waving from the Delta Queen at Aurora, Ind., March 1950
o Sara, Marilyn, Paddle Wheel of Delta Queen, March 1950
o Sara, Maryel, Lee; Ship Ahoy! Jill, Maryel, Lee, Sandy, Delta Queen, March 1950
o Sara, Maryel; Heading up river, Monday, March 6, 1950; Rear deck of Delta Queen above paddle wheel, Jackie Kelsey, Lee, Maryel
o Sara, Maryel, Lee; Intense bridge came, Louisville, March 5, 1950; Ann Tackaherry, Sue Ott, around table clockwise Lee Nelson, Carolyn Sullivan, Pemkey Prescott, Lee Hylander, Mary Jane Peck, Midge Anderson
o SS Delta Queen in Lock
o Sara, Marilyn, Louise, Maryel; In ‘Delta Queen’ Lifeboat, Maryel & I (Diane Heckert), March 1950
o Maryel; Lee and Maryel on the Delta Queen, bell, March 1950
o Maryel, Sara; It was warm down South; Dottie Smith, Sandy Hufford, Jill Hennessey on the Delta Queen
o Louise, Marilyn, Sara; Louise and Joan Oswald; Delta Queen March 5, 1950, Louisville
o Dog on Delta Queen, back: Bev Wolff, Lee, Sandy Hufford, Grace Hennessey
o Sara, Maryel, Lee; Maryel joins the ‘Howl’ at Louisville, March 5, 1950, Jane Lloyd, Maryel, Lee
o “SS Delta Queen” Postcard to Family from Diane, March 5, 1950
o With the dog on Delta Queen, Bev, Sandy, Lee, ?, Elinor David
o Sara, Marilyn; Sara and Marilyn on the Delta Queen; bell- Senior Howl, March 1950
o Aurora, Ind., from the Delta Queen, March 1950, Marilyn Hontzer
o Sara, Marilyn; Looking down on the deck of the Delta Queen, March 1950; Jeanne Waite, Betsy Pierce, Eunice Standish, ?, Maryel Wertis, Ann Jackaberry, Joyce Fox
o Sara, Marilyn; ‘Tom Greene’ (left) and Delta Queen at Louisville, March 1950
o Sara, Marilyn; Seaplane, ‘Tom Greene’ and Delta Queen below; the bridge at Louisville, March 5, 1950
o Musical Comedy, on the Tom Greene, Louisville, Senior Howl, March 1950, Marilyn, Me (Diane Heckert), Sara
o On the Delta Queen, Louisville, March 1950
o Sara, Marilyn; On the upper deck, Sara, I (Diane Heckert), Marilyn, Jeanne Van Dusen
o Maryel, Lee; On the Delta Queen at Louisville, March 1950
o Sara, Marilyn, Maryel; Marilyn and Sara on Delta Queen, March 1950
o Nearing Cincinnati on Senior Howl, March 1950; The English Majors (Front: Cay Lydon, Lee Hylander, Guetta Loussonarn; Rear: Maryel Wertis, Barb Huls, Bev Wolff, Lee Nelson, Marilyn Jones, Sara Gillham, Diane Heckert)
o On the Wharf at Cincinnati, Senior Howl, Western, March 1950; Sara, Joan, Lee, I (Diane Heckert), Marilyn, Mickey Kaffel, Jeanne Van Dusen
o Eight Women
o View of Kumler Chapel
o Joan O’Brien, landscape
o Marilyn and I (Diane Heckert) at Chapel door, Western, Graduation Week, June 1950
o Two Women
o Three Women in Front of Peabody
o Woman at Chapel Door
o Marilyn, Anne, Lee; Woman with Flower near pond (chapel in background)
o Woman with Flower near Pond (chapel in background)
o Diane; Two Women Sunbathing
o Lee, Anne, Sara, Betty on terrace of Edith Clawson Hall, Western, June 5, 1950
o Anne Renick and Betty Wishart, June 5, 1950, after Junior-Senior Breakfast
o Joan O’Brien; woman at sign
o Diane and Sara, graduation from Western, June 6, 1950
o Cap and gown, June 6, 1950, x marks room where Marilyn and I lived 2 years in Peabody
o The Chapel at Western in Winter
o Dillaway, Carol Hayward, Grace; Give me the neg. later please, Anne; group shot of five women with ’50 Class Flag
o Sara, Marilyn; Chapel Transept Western
o Western, Sara, Marilyn; Chapel door overlooking meadow, stream, where I sat to read Chaucer and write “Peddler’s Tale” Shadow of Redbud tree
o Marilyn, Anne, Western; Alumnae Hall Tower in Snow
o The Chapel at Western in Winter
o Anne; Group shot on Peabody Steps
o Article “‘We’re Off!’ Say Western Seniors But They Honor Silence of Century,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, undated

• Western Old and Western New from “I Remember Alma Mama” Western College Faculty Play of 1948, Sheet Music
• Letter to Western College Faculty and Students from Helen W. Hobart, Dean of Faculty and Secretary, Academic Council, November 18, 1949
• Program for The Theatre Group, High Ground, March 11, 12, 13, 1954
• Western College The Department of Theatre presents “The Old Lady Shows Her Medals” Poster
• Western College The Department of Theatre presents “The Feast of Barking Women” Poster
• 8 x 10 Black and white photograph “Diane Heckert, I think this was the 5th Reunion of the class of ’50, June 1955, DHS”

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