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Peabody Oversized Materials

Helen Peabody Oversized Materials:

BOX 1:

• Helen Peabody’s Mount Holyoke Female Seminary Graduation Certificate, August 3, 1848
• Visuals by Catherine Nye, Miami 2002, Honors History Student & Archives Worker for Two Years, All materials are on Helen Peabody

o Poster “Helen Peabody” with Photographs of Birthplace home in Newport, New Hampshire; Helen Peabody around 1848; Helen Peabody around 1888; Retirement home in Pasadena, California
o Poster “Family” with Photographs of Peabody Family Tree; Helen Peabody and her brother Charles with young members of the Peabody Family; Helen Peabody with her niece, Susan; Letter written to Charles Peabody by his sister, Helen Peabody, dated August 30, 1855
o Poster “Mount Holyoke Seminary” with Photographs of Mount Holyoke Journal Began by Helen Peabody in October 8, 1850 while serving as a teacher; Mount Holyoke Seminary; Helen Peabody and Friend at Mount Holyoke; Helen Peabody’s Miscellaneous Book, written in 1846
o Poster “And the Early Days of Western Female Seminary” with Photographs of Carriage Approach to Seminary; Seminary after 1860 fire; Seminary in 1860; Seminary in 1871; Seminary after 1871 fire

BOX 2:

• Original Newspaper 8/23/1860 with Sketch of New Building (Peabody Hall) in 1860 after first fire, Central Christian Herald, Cincinnati, August 23, 1860 [“Western Female Seminary” of particular interest, flipped to inside page]

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