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Guide to all Interviews listed as of 1999 (in folder containing: notebooks of tapes, History Project, 1999, "As I Knew Western", 8-Track Tapes, Transcriptions of 1991 interviews).

Oral History- Cassette Tapes (in black binders).

Notebook 1, Classes of 1912-1933

o The Bowens, Logan, Ohio, classes of 1912, 1917, 1933: 10/85
o Juliet Reid Jobes, class of 1914: 12/24/79
o Oral History Project- Lottie Schlosser Aldag, class of 1915: no date
o Anne Applegate Buchanan, class of 1915: no date
o Anne Applegate Buchanan, class of 1915 II: 10/03/85
o Interview with Eleanor Rhind, class if 1916, by Sarah J. Cook, class of 1936: 03/89
o Jean Carr, class of 1918: 10/16/85
o Oral History project by Mary Hostetter, class of 1922: no date
o Berneice Davis tegall, class of 1927: 04/16//80
o Oral History Project by Alice Lanterman Hammond, class of 1928: 09/20/80; note: difficult to hear questions
o Alice Lucy Cobb, class of 1930: 11/30/84

Notebook 2, Classes of 1938-1974

o Five Western grads reunite in N.J., class of 1938: 8/16/80
o Oral History Project: Five Western grads eunite in N.J., class of 1938: 08/16/80
o Interview with Nancy Erving Travis, class of 1943: 01/13/93
o Oral History Project: Ruth Harry Hathaway, class of 1941: 07/20/82
o Oral History Project: Ann Goldstone Marcus, class of 1943: 11/15/82
o Oral History Project: Dorothy Mershon Bajak, class of 1948: 07/13/82
o Oral History Project: Nancy Boerner Larkin, class of 1948: 10/80
o Agnes Cowen Summers, class of 1950: no date
o Kathy Piper, class of 1958: 01/13/83
o Oral History Project: Donna Shalala, class of 1962: 05/15/82
o Ardis Cameron, class of 1970: no date
o Connie McDonald, class of 1974: no date

Notebook 3, Faculty, Staff, Students

o Sharon Keller Maddox, class of 1971: 11/1/91
o {side two} Professor Strum of the Western College for Women
o Professor Fred Strum II: 11/01/91
o {side two} Susun Brodsky, class of 1973: 11/01/91
o Oral History Project: Dr. Walter Havinghurst: 07/16/81
o Don Auble: former faculty member: 03/04/97
o Williard Keebler: former faculty member: 12/20/79
o MISSING: Oral History Project: Dr. Julia Rothermel: 02/05/81
o Oral History Project: Gail James, former faculty member: 06/10/80
o Margaret Ebeling: worked 30 years at Western College for Women: 02/15/80; note: difficult to hear even on the highest volume
o Oral History Project: Howard Day, employed 13 years at the Western College For Women: 10/07/81
o Isabella Williams, former staff member: 12/29/79; note: Her grandmother went to Western. Her grandfathers went to Miami. Gives family history back to he Dakotas, including Indian Rebellions in family history.

Notebook 4, Presidents, Deans and Alumnae Speakers

o Dr. Herrick Young: 07/14/80
o Dick Perry’s interview with Herrick Young: 01/22/80
o Oral History Project: Dr. Phillip R. Shriver: 02/04/81
o Ed Sweeny’s Interview with Phillip Shriver: 10/30/91
o Oral History Project, Dr. Mary Ashby Cheek: 04/21/80
o Dr. Curtis Ellison, Miami 70/74, WCP faculty 74/81, Dean 81-?: no date
o Chapel Address by Donna E. Shalala, Alumnae Weekend: 1982
o Alumnae weekend ’97 Chapel Service Donna Shalala, 1962 Speaker
o Alumnae Chapel Talk: Latin American Lib. Theol.: 1987
o Chapel Program: Speaker professor Fred Strum: 1987
o Alumnae Chapel Talk: Re Discovering The Female Intuitive: Reynalda Ware, class of 1968: 1988
o Alumnae speaker Phyllis Hoyt: 096/21/85; Note: Long lead time into tape

Notebook 5, History, Tours, Music

o History of the Western college for Women and the Western College Program Soundtrack- A Time to Remember
o New England Alumnae Club Meeting; Topic: “Mary Lyon”; explains the relationship between Mt. Holyoke College and Western College for Women.
o Western College Alumnae Assoc. (Miami, Western, and Oxford) Walking tour of both campuses and into town.
o June Regan: Sophomore Songs, class of 1958: 05/09/56
o Madrigal Singers: no date
o “A Salute to Western College” Miami University Choraliers: 02/26/82
o **”Sing me a song”
o “Cantate Domino”
o “How Excellent Thy Name”
o “5 Prayers”
o “Serenade”
o “Jake”
o “Western Blue”
o “Alma Mater”**
o “Israfel” Musical Program: 06/16/91
o Follies at Western Act 1: 06/11/93
o Encore Act Two: 06/94

Notebook 6, Various Interviews

o Meridel le Sueur with Joe Napora: no date; Note: Tape appears to begin in the middle of an interview
o Meridel le Sueur, “Rites of Ripening”: 04/19/85
o {side two} Meridel le Sueur, “Rites of Ripening” II: 04/19/85
o Meridel le Sueur, “Rites of Ripening” III: 04/19/85
o {side two} Meridel le Sueur, “The New Age of Solidarity”: 04/22/85
o Meridel le Sueur, “The New Age of Solidarity” II: 04/22/85
o {side two} Meridel le Sueur, “The New Age of Solidarity” III: 04/22/85
o Meridel le Sueur, “The New Age of Solidarity” IV: 04/22/85
o Donna Shalala feature (Chad Pergram reports)
o Warren Mason conducted by Ed Sweeney
o {side two} Warren Mason II
o Margie Adam, “New Possibilities,” produced by Geri Kuscher Calkins Pizzi: 1968
o {side two} “The E.R.A. in America,” produced by Geri Kuscher Calkins Pizzi: 05/81
o “Miami U. Art Museum Program: 09/01/82
o {same tape} Walter Havinghurst, Randolph Runyon, comments of the life and works of Annette Covington and program of 3 Stillman-Kelley piano pieces
o Oral History Project: Gail James, former faculty: 06/10/80

o Oral History Project: Diane Kauffman, former Archivist 10/-4/2000 Joint Interview of John Hildegard, Class of 1953 and Joan Willitts Glatte, Class of 1953. Glatte was a student from Germany for one year.

Box 7 Various Audio Interviews: 2001-2002

o October 20, 2001: Interview with the great grandson of President John Grant Newman.
o October 19, 2001: Interview with the U.N. Ambassador from Zambia.

Interviews on 8 tack tapes

o A speech by Dr. Young
o Taped messages from Herrick Young to Western alumnae in Africa and the Middle East. (1968)
o Kathy Albright- a French tape. (1974)

Box 8 Interviews VHS tapes and Other Media

o “A Time to Remember”
o “Dr. Young's speech"
o “Taped messages from Herrick Young to Western alumnae in Africa and the Middle East--1968"
o “Kathy Albright - 1974 - French Tape"
o “Choir Backup Home Movies,” 1948, from Patricia Hartnett Argo
o Western College Historic Home Movies, 1940’s and 50’s
o “Now and Then: A Walking Tour of Western and Miami,” WCAA 1980’s.
o “History of Western College Architecture and Community”: 10/16/03
o “Views of Community at ‘Old Western, Alumane o Western College”: 10/23/03
o “Creating Community in Miami’s Resident College, 1974-78”: 10/30/03
o “Intellectual History of the Western College Program, 1979-2003: 11/06/05
o “Educational Significance of the Residential College and It’s Traditions”: 11/13/03
o “Western Campus 30 Year Reunion, tape #1”: 11/15/03
o "Western Campus 30 Year Reunion, tape #2”: 11/15/03
o “A Time to Remember"

Various Other Media: Compact Disc

CD from Curtis W. Ellison (Professor of American Studies, History and Interdisciplinary Studies; Interim
Director of the William Holmes McGuffey Museum, Miami Unversity. Contact information available) containing 4 PowerPoint Shows (06/24/04):
o “150 Years of Residential Community: Western College, 1853-2003”
o “News from 1944” (Images from The Miami Student & Recensio, 1943-44)
o “News from 1984” (Images from The Miami Student and Recensio, 1983-84)
o “Restoring a National Historic Landmark: William Holmes McGuffey Museum, 2003”
o “Panel Discussion: The Addition of Men Into a School of Women“: Compact Disc
o "Freedom Summer Memorial 10th Anniversary, Bob Keller, Judy Waldron, : 7/22/10

Box 9 Interviews Written Materials

o In Folder: Westerniana Interview with Susan Peabody by Emily Jack D. Goldthwaite
o Transcript of Interview with Dr. Phillip R. Shriver, President of Miami University, 1965-1981, by Ed Sweeney
o Transcript of Interview with Dr. Warren Mason by Ed Sweeney: December 2, 1991.
o Transcript of interview with Dr. Carolyn Jefferson Jenkins, March 30, 2006.
o Transcript and compact disc of Western College Faculty Administrators with Curtis Ellison, June 5, 2008.
o Compact disc and Miami University Consent Forms for Western College for Women's Alumnae Symposium,
"Empowerment, Inspiration, and Education", March 30, 2010,
Consent Forms from March 30 Symposium: Paul Anderson, Kevin Armitage, Robin L. Bartlett, Mary Jean Corbett, Susan Dirr, Chelsea Fowler, Elizabeth S. Gerber, Karen Gotter, Hayat Imam, Katie Johnson, Nickolas P. Money, Lolita M. McDavid, Mary McDonald, Julie Minich, Susan Oblinger, Genevieve O'Malley Knight, Tyler Reamy, Alex Schaefer, Rita Skiba, Lisa Weems, Barbara W. Wentg, Kaye Wolke.

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