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Gift Books

  • Blackwood, James R. The House on College Avenue : The Comptons at Wooster , 1891-1913 (Note: additional items are in envelope next to book, including 1886 note; Letter to Mrs. Berenice Stegall from James R. Blackwood, February 22, 1968 with envelope; Letter to Rev. James R. Blackwood from Herrick B. Young, February 26, 1968; Letter to Mr. James R. Blackwood from Mrs. Berenice Stegall, February 19, 1968; Letter to Mrs. Margaret Ebling from James R. Blackwood, June 20, 1966; Article “A Tribute: H. Rowan Gaither,, Jr. President, The Ford Foundation,” 1858-1944, Dedication of Otelia Compton Hall, The College of Wooster, 1955) [gift from author after speaking at Western]
  • Case, Josephine Young. This Very Tree [Gift to Prof. Narka Nelson from Berenice Stegall]
  • Clinton, Hillary Rodham. It Takes a Village [Signed Copy of the book which states, “To Miami University's Western College Program on the occasion of its 25 th anniversary with best wishes for continued success for the future”]
  • De Mille, Agnes. Dance To The Piper [Gift from Author to Western College , February 19, 1955]
  • Elmer, Manuel Conrad. Timber [Gift of Jeannie Lou Fredly Klim, Class of 1958
  • Flower, Olive. The History of Oxford College for Women, 1830-1928 [Gift from the University Archives]
  • Fryman, John Felix. From the Mountians to the Valley. [Unknown Donor]
  • Hamilton, Charles. The Book of Autographs [Gift to Judy Waldron from Frances McClure, King Library]
  • Havighurst, Walter. The Miami Years 1809-1984.
  • Havighurst, Walter. The Western College Folio [Gift fro Walter Havighurst, Professor of History Miami University]
  • Holliday, John C. Holliday Family and Their Kin [Gift from Eleanor Holliday Llewellyn, Class of 1914] (two copies)
  • The Hymnal: Western College [Anonymous Donor]
  • I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman of Guatemala [Gift to Jacqueline Wallace]
  • In Memoriam: Lizzie Armstrong Brown [Edited by her husband, James D. Brown, Gift from Bishop David H. Moore]
  • Ingalls, Jeremy. Tahl [Gift from Western professor Isabel St. John Bliss]
  • Ingalls, Jeremy. The Metaphysical Sword [Gift from Author to Gail James]
  • Ingalls, Jeremy. This Stubborn Quantum [Gift from Mary Ashley Cheek, former Trustee]
  • Johna, Samir. Twenty-Five Years in Persia : The Memoirs of Mary Allen Whipple [Gift from Author to The Western College Program]
  • Knapp, Mary E. Prologues and Epilogues of the Eighteenth Century [Gift from the Author]
  • Levin, Beatrice S. Women and Science [Gift from the Author who used Western materials for her book]
  • Listerman, Randall W. Sixteen Years of Miami Memories: The Presidency of Phillip R. Shriver [Gift to Diane from Author]
  • Marks, Jeannette. Life and Letters of Mary Emma Wooley [Gift from the Author]
  • McAnally, Mary, ed. We Sing Our Struggle: A Tribute to Us All (For Meridel Le Sueur) [Unknown Donor]
  • Merrill, Charles. The Journey [Gift from the Author]
  • Middletown Women [Gift to Western College Alumnae Assoc. Inc. from Z. Dolores Dilly Revelos, Class of 1953]
  • Mills, Mary Higley. The First Hundred Years: The Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College , 1872-1972 [Donation from the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association]
  • Nelson, Narka, Ed. An Argosy of Song: An Anthology of Western College Verse [Gift from Margaret McKee Seder] (two copies)
  • Nelson, Narka. The Western College for Women 1853-1953 [Gift from Margaret McKee Seder]
  • Ohio's Torch Bearers, They Kindled the Flame [Note: This is an excellent source for people working on the history of early educators. It was published by Alpha Delta State , the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International; Gift of Miss Audrey Wright]
  • Pioneers of Women's Education: Life of Mary Hessler [Gift of Nobuo Umezome]
  • Scovel, Myra. The Weight of a Leaf. (Gift to Betty Berryhill from the author)
  • Scovel, Myra. Richer By India.
  • Slater, M. Study. The Golden Link [Gift from the Author to Professor Margaret Eberling]
  • Smith, Ophia D. Fair Oxford [Gift from Alice L. Butler]
  • Taiwanese Art & Cultural Magazine, (Written in Taiwanese with no translation)
  • The One-Hundred and Nineteenth Annual Catalog of the Western College 1973-74 [Gift from Jackie Wallace]
  • Thomson, Chilton. Old Timbers [Gift from one of the sons of a former Western president]
  • Upton, William. Art-Song in America [Gift from the author to Mrs. Edgar Stillman Kelley]
  • Viger, Mary Louise. Green-Wave [Gift from Mary Teter Venable, Class of 1941]

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