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Faculty Publications

• Abbot, Isabella A. Marine Algae of California
• Clarke, Barbara C. Western College: An Historical Sketch, 1940
• Crothers, George D. Announcement of his new book
• Boyd, Marion M. Silver Wands
• Boyd, Marion (Havighurst). Murder in the Stacks [Two copies, one paperback, one hardcover]
• Bryne, Alice Hills. “What Can the Colleges Do for Democracy?”
• Ellison, W. Curtis. Country Music Culture: From Hard Times to Heaven
• Hoyt, Phyllis. Where the Peonies Bloomed. (2 copies)
• Johnson, Broderick A. Navajo Education at Rough Rock
• Kase, Edmund H. A Papyrus Roll in the Princeton Collection [1933 doctoral dissertation]
• Kelley, Edgar Stillman. Chopin the Composer
• Knapp, Mary E. A Checklist of Verse by David Garrick [compiled by Knapp]
• Knapp, Mary E. Prologues and Epilogues of the Eighteenth Century [Two copies]
• Limmer, Ruth. Journey Around My Room
• Limmer, Ruth. Rolphe Humphries: in the American Grain
• Limmer, Ruth. Six Heritage Tours of the Lower East Side: A Walking Guide
• Limmer, Ruth. Streets: A Memoir of the Lower East Side [Introduction by Dr. Limmer]
• Peabody, Helen. Mary Margaret Campbell: A Brief Record of a Youthful Life [Gathered by Miss Helen Peabody, Principal of the Western Female Seminary]
• Micks, Marianne H. Introduction to Theology
• Micks, Marianne, H. Deep Waters: An Introduction to Baptism
• Nelson, Narka. The Western College for Women, 1853-1953 [Five copies]
• Scheibe, Fred Karl. Dem Licht Entegen
• Scheibe, Fred Karl. Reflections [Four copies: three hardback, one softback]
• Scheibe, Fred Karl. Envelope with three copies of Reflections and one copy of Ull, Erde und Mensch]
• Simmons, J. Emmett. Photocopy of article, "Changes in Testicular Cholesterol Associated with Estrogen Induced Infertility in Male Mice"
• Simmons, J. Emmett. Photocopy of article, "Puberal Hypocholesterolaemia in Oestrogenized Male Mice"
• Simmons, J. Emmett. Photocopy of article, "Response of Neonatal Female Rats to Reserpine and Testosterone"
• Wallace, Jacqueline, Ed. Narrative Traces and Voices in Stendhal
• Young, Herrick. Memoirs and Letters of Charlotte Elizabeth Young, 1895-1982 [Compiled by Herrick Young; two copies]

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