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College Events and Traditions

9 Boxes

Box 1
Campus Day, Class Symbols, Flags and Flag Days, Mottos, Ribbons and Colors

Folder 1- Campus Day (Inside the front cover of the folder is a brief history of Campus Day)

Campus Day Program: April 15, 1939 (2 copies)
Campus Day Program: April 30, 1938
Mini-poster Invitation: April 30, 1938
Program: April 11, 1942
Program: April 13, 1946

Folder 2- Class Symbols

A list by year: 1856-1971

Folder 3- Class Flags and Flag Day (Inside the front cover of the folder is a brief history of Class Flags and Flag Day. See Also: Tree Day; Boxes 8 and 9)

Postcard with a procession of girls in white: Class of 1909
Photograph of Freshmen Flag making, 1921-1922
Photographs: "Class of 1922 as Freshmen"
Photograph: “1932 Class Flag” and Class
Photograph: Class of '34 in formation- in a sleeve
Photograph: Class of '34 in formation II- in a sleeve
Photograph: A class with their flag- unidentified
Photograph: A class with their flag- 1931?
Copied Image: Flag for 1937
Photograph: A class with their flag- 193?
Photograph: class of 1942 in formation with class flag in background- in a sleeve
Photograph: class of 1942 in formation- in a sleeve
photograph: class of 1942 posing in front of flag- in a sleeve
photograph: class of 1945 posing in front of flag- in a sleeve
photograph: class of 194? with class posing in front of flag-in a sleeve
Copied Image: Flag for 1952
Photograph: Freshman Flag- May 1951
Photograph: Girls in formation- 1952
Copied Image: Flag for 1960
8 Photographs in sleeve: Flag Day 1961, Freshman Class
7 Photographs in sleeve: Flag Day 1961
8 Photographs in sleeve: Flag Day 1961, Freshman Class II
4 Photographs in sleeve: Flag Day 1961, Sophomores and Juniors Classes
6 Photographs in sleeve: Flag Day 1961, Senior Class
Photographs and negatives in sleeve: Flag Day 1961
Photograph: Part of the Class of 1971 with their flag
Photograph: “Class of 72”
Photograph: Flag for 1974
Photograph: Flag for 1974 II
Photograph: “Fall ‘74”

Folder 4- Flag Day 1937-1974 (Inside the front cover of the folder is a brief history of Flay Day Traditions. See Also: Tree Day; Boxes 8 and 9)

Photographs in sleeve: 1961 Flag Day Picnic
Photographs in sleeve: 1961 Flag Day Picnic II
Western Roundup Article- “Fortieth Class Flag Raised by Freshmen”: March 15, 1937
Article- “‘Flag Day' At Western This Weekend”: 1956/7?
Photograph: Flag for 1937
Photograph: “Some Freshmen, Class of 1906”
Photograph: Girls in formation with hoops; “Class of 1937? Tree Day 1934?”
1906 Flag with class underneath
Duplicate of Photograph 7
Duplicate of Photograph 7: “Tree day 1932”
Photograph: “Class of 1936 as Freshmen, Tree Day 1932”
Duplicate of Photograph 10: “Tree Day ‘32”
Duplicate of Photograph 10: unidentified
Photograph: Girls in white standing in lines, unidentified
Photograph: “Class of '39 as Freshmen”
Photograph: Class of 1937 with flag
Photograph: “Class of 1938”; “ca. 1936-7”
Photograph: “Mat 14, 1939”
Photograph: Class of 1935 with flag
Copied Image (of photo #30): Class of 1934 with flag
Copied Image (on the same page as 19): Class of 1934 with flag
Photograph in mini-folder: Flag of 1973
Photograph: “Class of ‘48”; “Tree Day 1945”
Photograph: “Senior Class Western 1945”
Photograph: May 5, 1945
Photograph: “Sophomore Class”; “”Tree Day 1945”
Photograph: Flag for 1947
Photograph: ‘Freshmen Class in front of their flag. Tree day 1927”
Photograph: “Freshman Flag 1940”
Photograph: Girls in formation at night, unidentified
Photograph: Class of 1934 with flag
Photograph: Class of 1934 with flag II
Photograph: Flag for 1949
Photograph: Flag for 1939
Photograph: Flag for 1950
Photograph: Flag for 1950 II
Photograph: Girls in white standing in line, Flag of 1936 in background
Photograph: “Class of 1950”
Photograph: “Class of 1936 as Freshmen”

Photographs: Flag Day 1930-1945 (negatives)

Folder 5- Flag Day 1940-1947

Photograph: Flag for 1952
Photograph: Flag for 1954
Duplicate of Photograph 2
Duplicate of Photograph 2
Photograph: Including flags for 1954 and 1934 pictured
Photograph: Procession, flag for 1959 included
Photograph: Girls with their flag, 196?
Photograph: People assembled on the grass, flags in the background
Photograph: “Sophomore Class the Prop of School”
Photograph: “Flag Day- May 1958”; “1957 Freshman Class Flag”
Photograph: People raising the flag for 1962
Photograph: Kids on the grass, flags of 1963 and 1962 in background
Duplicate of Photograph 12
Photograph: Flag for 1965
Photograph: Flag for 1946
Duplicate of Photograph 14
Photograph: Flag for 1959
Photograph: Flag for 1972
Photograph: Flag for 1972 II
Photograph: Flag for 1954
Photograph: Flag for 1974
Duplicate of Photograph 17
Photograph: Flag for 1971

Folder 6- Flag Photographs

Duplicate of photograph 4
1912 and 1922
Duplicate of Photograph 6
Duplicate of photograph 8
1927 II
Duplicate of photograph 12

Folder 7- Class Mottos, 1855-1880 (Illustrated)

1856: “What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?”
1857: “Lord Accept Pit Tenfold Offering”
1858: “Da Mihi Intus Pulchrum Esse”
1859: “Take it up Bravely, Bear it on Patiently, Lay it down Triumphantly”
1860: “Affliction Cementeth The Tu.”
1861: “The class of '61 selected no motto…”
1862: “I abor Now, Rest Hereafter”
1863: “Here with loyal hearts bind we our lives”
1865: “Dum Vivimus Vivamus”
1866: “As Astra Per Aspera”
1867: “Libere Accepistus, Libere Date”
1868: “Una Fides, Unum Opus, Una Spes”
1869: “Let the Beauty of the Lord our God be upon us”
1870: “Qui Transtulit Sustinebit”
1864: “The class of '64, disbanded by pestilence, left behind no watchword…”
1871: “Quo Deus Vocat”
1872: “United and Firm in the sacred Love of Truth and Knowledge, One another and God”
1873: “Et Teneo, Et Teneor”
1874: “Semper Altius”
1875: “Unto Him That Overcometh”
1876: “This Banner over us is Love.”

Folder 8- Class Mottos, 1877-1905 (Illustrated)

1877: “Age quod Agas”
1878: “Omnia ad Dei Gloriam”
1879: “In Inclination Yielding, In Principle Firm”
1880: “Seeketh Not Her Own”
1881: “Dare Nobly! Conscious of thy Trust.”
1882: “Vincit qui se Vincit”
1883: “The End Crowns the Work”
1884: “Get Wisdom”
1885: “Sow Beside All Waters”
1886: “To Every One His Work”
1887: “Lead Kindly Light”
1888: “In His Name”
1889: In Greek
1890: “Non Nobis Solum”
1891: In Greek
1892: “Mehr Licht”
1893: “Kinis Opus Coronat”
1894: “D'Arrord”
1895: “Doe or Nexte Thynge”
1896: ‘Esse quam Videri”
1897: “Thyself must make thouself”
1899: “En Avant”
1900: In Greek.
1901: “Ever Level, ever True; To the toil and task we have to do.”
1902: ‘Build thee more stately mansions; Oh, my soul, as the swift seasons roll”
1903: “Esse non Videri”
1904: “Not failure, but low aim is crime”
1905: "The glory of our life below; Comes not from what we do or what we know, But dwells forever more in what we are.”

Folder 9- Class Ribbons (various years); Class Colors (On the inside cover of the folder is a list of the different classes' colors)

Ribbons from:
• 1921
• 1924
• 1927?
• 1929
• 1933
• 1936, smaller ribbons and a card of “Sisterly Advice” included
• 1939, small Western stickers
• 1940
• 1940 II
• 1949
• 1958
• 1965: from Sophia Karayannides' name cards
• 1974
Article- “Choosing the Freshmen Colors,” November, 1912.

Folder 10- Flag Day Photographs, Unknown Year

• Women sitting in class groups on the field
• Line of women dancing in the field
• Procession of women walking down steps
• Women dancing in the field
• Women dancing around the May Pole
• Women sitting inside a Gymnasium with flags in background
• Women standing around a May Pole inside (3 copies)
• Women dancing around a May Pole inside

Box 2: Class Songs

Folder 1- 1900-1919

“Class Song 1904”; “Burning at the Tree”
“To the Flag of 1904”
“1906 Freshman Song”; “1906 Freshman Song” II
“1906 Senior Song”; “1906 Song”
“1909 Class Song, Sung all four year”
Senior Class of 1910's Officers and Class Song
1911 “Freshman Song” and “Senior Song”
1912 “League Song”
“(Old) Alma Mater”; [on back] “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet” and “The Association Song”
1913 “Senior Song”
“Song of Class of 15” (handwritten)
1918 Class Songs (Separated with Paper- Handle With Care )
“‘Oh the Western, Oh the Western,'” no date

Class of 1919 (handwritten)

Folder 2- 1920's

“Miss Peabody”; “Alma Mater”
“1922 Class Song”
“Class Song ‘23”
“Class Song ‘24”
“Class Song, 1925; ‘Then You'll Remember Me'” (in a smaller folder)
“Freshmen Songs”
“To the Dean”
“For We Are Freshmen”
“Basketball Song”
“To Dr. Boyd”
“To Prexy”
“Tulip Time”
“To Sophomores”
“Our Grace”
“To Seniors”
“Thanksgiving 1924”
“The Class of ‘27”
“Seniors: College Day 1925”
“For Tree Day, May 17 th , 1927”
To the class of ‘29
“‘Hail, hail to our own flag”
Written by Beth Wagner?
1990 (written by the person making notes on the page??)
1 Letter from Isabel Flett Bullamore (class of '27) to Kathy about making a “Western Song Book”: November 14, 1979
Handwritten songs (“Some of our {1930} songs to the Juniors {1928})
“Tune ‘Me Too'”
“Tune ‘Why I Love You'”
“Tune ‘Three Blind Mice'”
“Tune ‘Each Fellow Here Has a Sweetheart'”
‘Flag Song”; “Class Song”: 1929?

Folder 3- 1930's

“Stunt Song”
“1933 Songs”
“Tune: Deep in My Heart”
“Tune: You were Meant for Me”
“Song to the Juniors”; “Tune: Smiles”
“Song to the Seniors”; “Tune: Little Sir Echo”
“Song to the Sophomores”; “Tune: The Breakaway”
“Sophomore Year, 1933-34”
“Sophomore Serenade after Sophomore-Senior Party”
“Pow-Wow Songs”

• “Students to the Deans”
• “Student to Dr. Hickok”
• “Sophomores to Seniors”
• “Sophomores to Juniors”
• “Sophomores to Freshmen”

“Junior Chairman Serenade- College Day eve, October 8, 1934”
“Tune of ‘You May Not Be an Angel'”
“Tune of ‘I Love You Truly”
“Sophomore Serenade After Senior Stunt”
“Thanksgiving Banquet Songs”
“Students to Dr. Hickok”
“Students to Faculty immediately following faculty plays”
“At Dinner After Our Class Picnic”
“Junior Year, 1934-35” [same page as #6]
“Junior Serenade After Junior-Freshman Party”
“All-Student Serenade to Dr. Hickok after His Return from Palestine ”
“Senior Day Banquet Songs”
“Students to Dr. Hickok; Tune: The Farmer in the Dell”
“Students to the Faculty; Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel”
“Sophomores to Seniors”
“Tree Day Songs”
“Sophomore to Freshmen”
“Sophomores to Juniors”
“Sophomores to Seniors”
All on one page:

• “Freshman Serenade After Junior Play”
• “After the Freshman Picnic”
• “Tree Day Songs”

i. “Freshmen to Seniors”
ii. “Freshmen to Sophomores”
iii. “Freshmen to Juniors”
iv. “Flag Song”

“Class of 1934”
“Around the Bon-Fire at the Pow-Wow”
“Senior Song”
“1934 Seniors around Bon-Fire; Tune: Anchors Aweigh”
“Senior Song, Class of 1934”
“Freshman Class Songs, 1934-35”; “Class Songs- Class of 1938”; “ Powwow College Day Eve- October 8, 1934”
“To Seniors- Tune of ‘We May Never Meet Again'”
“To Juniors- Tune of ‘Thanks'”
“To Sophomores- Tune of ‘Yankee Doodle'”
“Senior Year, 1935-36”; “Pow-Wow Songs”
“Seniors Around the Bon Fire”
“Students to the deans; Tune: Auld Lang Syne”
“Students to Dr. Hickok; Tune: There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town To-Night”
“Seniors to Sophomores”
“Seniors to Juniors”
“Senior day, February 26, 1935”
“To seniors- Tune of ‘Object of My Affection”
“For school to sing to Deans- Tune of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name”
“Serenade after Junior Play- March 23, 1935”

• “Tune of Westminster Chimes”
• “Tune of “Traubadours' Song”
• “Tune of ‘Bells of Avalon”
• “‘Go to sleep now….'”

“Prize-Winning Marching Song- May, 1935”
“Tune by Anna L. Shrock”
Song submitted by Mariona Reed
“Freshman Hay Ride Song- May 13, 1935; Tune o ‘Lyin' in the Hay'”
“Tree Day- May 18, 1935”
“To Seniors- Tune of ‘Annie Laurie'”
“To Juniors- Tune o ‘I Was Lucky'”
“To Sophomores- Tune of ‘Mistress Shady'”
“Freshman Flag Song- Tune of ‘Pack up Your Troubles”
“Tree Day cont.- (1935)”
“To sophomore (in reciprocation)- Tune of ‘Not Bad'”
‘Serenade to Seniors before sophomore-senior Party Party- October 20, 1935”
“Sophomore Class Songs- 1935-35”
"Serenade to Seniors after Stunt- October 5, 1935”“Tune of ‘I Love You'”“Tune of ‘I'll Dream of You, Dear”
“ Powwow College Day Eve- October 7, 1935”“To Seniors- Tune of ‘Margie'”
“To Juniors- Tune of ‘Footloose and Fancy Free'”
On same page:

• “Answer Senior Serenade Before Sophomore Play, November 26, 1935”
• “Thanksgiving Banquet song to seniors, November 28, 1935”
• “‘The Rangers' Song' Class of 1936” (in a smaller envelope)
• Class of 1936”
• ‘Pow-Wow Songs”

• “Students to Dr. Hickok”
• “Students to the Deans”
• “Freshmen to Sophomores”
• “Freshmen to Juniors”
• “Freshmen to Seniors”

“Songs- Class of 1936”

• “Flag Song”
• “Senior Song”
• “Howl Song”
• “Prologue to Senior Stunt, ‘Puppets for Peace'”
• “Traditional Sister Song”

• “Freshmen to Seniors”

“Songs- Class of 1936”

• “Flag Song”
• “Senior Song”
• “Howl Song”
• “Prologue to Senior Stunt, ‘Puppets for Peace'”
• “Traditional Sister Song”

“ Elephant Gay from program given by Redgate Shadow Players”
“Serenade after Senior Reception, February 24, 1936”
‘Tune of ‘Remember''
“Song to seniors at Senior Day banquet, February 25, 1936”
“Tune of (1) ‘Rhythm in my Nursery Rhymes' (2) ‘Stars and Stripes Forever'”
“Junior Class Songs, 1936-37”
“Serenade to Freshmen after Junior-Freshmen Party, sept. 26, 1936

• ‘Traditional ‘Even-Number Class' Big Sister Song”
• “Tune of ‘Look For the Silver Lining'”
• “Tune of Bugle Call- with Variations”

“Serenade to freshmen after freshmen play- February 13, 1932”
“Repetition of Sister Song- ‘No wonder-‘”
“Tune of ‘Margie'
”Repetition of former serenade song ‘I'll Dream of You, Dear'”
“Senior Day- February 23, 1937”
“Song to Seniors; Tune of ‘Tain't No Use'”
“Thanksgiving Day Banquet- November 26, 1936”

• “Tune of ‘One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians'”
• “Powwow (cont.)- 1936”
• “To sophomores”
• “To freshmen”

“Serenade for freshmen after their College Day Game Victory- October 6, 1936”
“Tune of ‘I'm Grateful”
“Repetition of former seranade song to bugle call”
Repetition of Sister Song- ‘No Wonder'”
“Powwow, College Day Eve- October 5, 1936”
“To Seniors”
“Tree Day- May, 1936”
“Freshmen; Tune: It's been so long'”
“Juniors; Tune: Man of the flying trapeze”
“Tree Day; May 15, 1937”
“Flag Song”
“Class of 1937- Flag Song”
“Flag Song”
“Class of 1937”
“Class of 1938”

Folder 4- Smaller Folders: Classes of 1919, 1937, 1950


* “One nine One nine, Our hearts are thine.”


* “Alma Mater”
* “The Association Song”
* “At Western”
* “Fraternity Man”
* “How Do You Do”
* “Louise”
* “Miss Peabody”
* “Say We've Been Cheated”
* “Some Come to College Just for Fun”
* “There Was a Little Red School-House”
* “There Was a Young Elephant Gay”
* “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
* “When Sunset Fades”
* On the back in handwriting: “O Tell Me Why”
* “When We Come to Western”

1950- "Sing!"

* “Put Her in a Corner”
* “When Sunset Fades”
* “Long Long Trail”
* “Set Them Right”
* “Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Song”
* “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
* “White Star of Sigma Nu”
* “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”
* “Got a Date”
* “Tallawanda”
* “Delta Kappa Epsilon”
* “The Whiffenpoof Song”
* “A Toast to Blue and White”
* “Western Goes to Town”
* “Cold Potatoes”
* “Phi Delta Theta”
* “Violets”
* “Down in the Valley”
* “The Western College Way ”
* “Blue Jeannie”
* “Fol De Rol”
* “Tell Me Why”

Folder 5- 1940s and 1950s

“ Western College Songs Index”
Blue book with a picture of a bridge on the front:

• “Alma Mater”
• “The Association Song”
• “At Western”
• “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
• “That's Western”
• “Western Goes to Town”
• “Louise”
• “I've Been Workin' on the Railroad”
• “Oh, Tell Me Why”
• “Violets”
• “Put Her in a Corner”
• “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”
• “When Sunset Fades”

1941 PowWow
“Mary Lou”
“Mary Lou” II
“Mrs. Thomson”
“The Deans”
“Ballad of the Times of Men”; Poem by Jeremy Ingalls, Music by Everett Helm; copyright 1943 Duplicate of “Ballaed of the Times of Men”
“Let's Sing!”- A handmade blue book.
“Tell Me Why”
“Long Long Trail”
“Sweetheart of Sigma Chi”
‘When Sunset Fades”
“ Shanty Town ”
“Got a Date”
“We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
“The Whiffinpoof Song”
“The Western College Way ”
“Blue Jeannie”
“Cold Potatoes”
“Fol De Rol”
“ Jungle Town ”
“All For One”
“A Hymn For Western”
“The Western Way ” II
“A Man Without A Woman”
“Western Goes To Town”
“Set Them Right”
“All-American Girl”
“For All We Know”
“White Star of Sigma Nu”
“Put Her in A Corner”
“A Toast To Blue and White”
“Western Blue (Class of 1951)”
“Class of 1958”; “The Senior Class presents MUSICAL INT-REVIEW”- a list of singers and songs performed (2 copies)

Folder 6- Western College Song Book, 1955

“Alma Mater”
“The Association Song”
“Western Blue”
“To Western We Will Sing”
“Drinking Song”
“When Sunset Fades”
“Miss Peabody”
“Bennington and Radcliffe”
“We Sing We Raise Our Voices”
“Wonderful Western”
“Sister Song- Even Years”
“Sister Song- Odd Years”
“All For One”
“Come on Gang”
“Just a Poor Old Senior”
“But The Seniors are Special”
“Got a Date”
“We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
“Let's Go Crazy”
“Fol De Rol”
“Now We Say Goodbye”

Folder 8- College Songs, 1897

“All Hail to Thee, Fair Western”
“Our Alma Matter”
“The Western Blue”
“Thou Art So Fair”
“Western- Our Dear Western”
“The Western, Oh, The Western!”
“The Western Forever”
“A Miami Student's Complaint”
“The Class of Nineteen Hundred”
“Song for Athletics”
“Song of the Preps”

Folder 9- Class Songs: 1960's and 1970's


• “Margie”
• “Our Best To You”
• “I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do”
• “Tree Song”
• “Song to the Seniors”
• “ Moonlight Bay ”
• “Song to the Sophomores”
• “Wandering”
• “Mr. Touchdown U.S.A. ”
• “Shubert's Unfinished Symphony”
• “Hi Ho”
• “Gillette” and “Winston Cigarettes”
• “Sister Class Song”
• “True Love”
• “Round and Round”
• “Alma Mater”
• “Your Mother Never Told You”
• “I've Been Working on the Railroad”
• “Daddy's Little Girl”
• “Western Blues”
• “Miss Peabody”
• “All For One and One For All”
• “Western Blue”
• “Love's Old Sweet Song”
• “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”
• “When You Wore a Tulip”

“1965 Class Song”; “1965 Flag Song”
A pamphlet

• “Flag Song—Class of 1961”
• “Stunt Song- ‘Time on Our Hands'”
• “Junior Year Pow Wow Song to Seniors”
• “Junior Year (?) To Freshmen”
• ‘Senior Year Flag Day Song to Juniors”

A pamphlet

• “Tree Song”
• “Senior Stunt Song”
• “Freshman Year Pow Wow—Song to Sophomores”
• “Freshman Year Flag Day—Song to Sophomores”
• “Freshman Serenade to Junior Chairman”
• “Sophomore Year Pow Wow Song to Freshmen”
• “Sophomore Year Pow Wow Song To Juniors”

1 handwritten letter from Nancy Wilson Kobayashi (class of 1969) to Kathy regarding the “Class Song Project”: May 29, 1978
“1970 Class Song”; “1970 Flag Song”
“1970 Class Song”; “1970 Flag Song” (continued on a second page)
“1970 Class Song”; “1970 Flag Song” (two copies)
1 handwritten letter from Pat Pinkowski (Class of 1970) to Kathy regarding the Class Song Project: “24 May”
Corresponding envelope to the letter, addressed to Mrs. Fred Stur
“Flag Song”
“70's Class Song”
Program from the The Western College Choir Concert: May 31, 1972

Folder 10- College Songs without Specific Dates

“We Don't Know Nothin' Yet” (sheet music)
“Miss Peabody” (handwritten, sheet music)
“At the Wester College , don't you know; Finest place on earth for girls to go…”
3 sheets of untitled songs
“Prexy” lyrics (handwritten)
“The Girl on the Flying Trapeze”
Packet of Songs (two copies)

• “Alma Mater”
• “The Association Song”
• “At Western”
• “Fraternity Man”
• “How Do You Do”
• “Louise”
• “Miss Peabody”
• “Say We've Been Cheated”
• “Some Come to College Just For Fun”
• “There Was a Little Red School-House”
• “There Was A You Elephant Gay”
• “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”
• “When Sunset Fades”
• “When We Come to Western”
• “This Land is Your Land”; “Kumbaya”; “We Shall Overcome”
• “Alma Mater”; “The Association Song”
• “All the stars shine so brite…” (handwritten)
• “Give us a little break, Sophomores…” (handwritten)
• “Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes” (handwritten)
• “For lonesome Freshmen today…” (handwritten)
• “Alma Mater” (sheet music)
• “A Hymn For Western” (sheet music)
• “At Dinner After Class Picnic”; “Tree Day Songs”; “Juniors to Freshmen”
• “Students to Dr. Hickok”; “Students to Miss Byrne”; “Juniors to Seniors”; “Juniors to Sophomores”
• “Juniors to Freshmen”; “Students to Miss Tappan (in the infirmary)”; “In Dining Room Students to Miss Wooley of Mt. Holyoke”; “Thanksgiving Banquet”
• “Freshman Serenade after the Pow-Wow”; “Thanksgiving Banquet Songs”
• “Senior Day Banquet”
• “Holy Spirit…”
• “In the ivy of your towers…”

1 letter from Jessica R. Sabo to Kathy regarding the class songs project: September 5, 1980
On a piece of loose-leaf

• “Baby Face”
• “Ole Man River ”
• “I've told ever little star”
• “Margie”
• “Round…”

“Songs- College Day”

• “Daisy, Daisy”
• “Wearing of the Green”
• “True, Blue, Lou”
• “Button Up Your Overcoat”
• “Maybe, Who Knows”
• ‘Study Monday Study Tuesday Study Wednesday…”; “Firedrill”; ‘Girls Left Behind”; “Finale”
• “We Are the Faculty”; “We Don't Know Nothin' Yet”; “We're Getting Awfully Sick”; “At Western”; “Miss Peabody”; “Blue Jeans”
• “O, Dr. Martin, We're glad you're here to-day…”; “Senior Song”; “Howl Song”; “Tree Day Songs”
• “Seniors to Freshmen”; “elephant Gay”; “Senior Serenade Preceding Soph. Play”; “Thanksgiving Banquet Songs”
• “Men's chorus”; “Study chorus”; “Alice Blue Gown”
• “Puppets for Peace” (“Prologue to Senior Stunt”)

“The University Blue Book” (handwritten)

• “Poppy Song”
• “The Blue Book”
• “The Senior Cap and Gown”
• “The Dream-Major of Schneider's Band”
• “Western Way ”
• “Ain't Got No Style”; “It Had Better Not Rain For the Tree Day Play”; “Western Goes to Town”
• “A Maiden She Stood At Her Father's Gate”; “Some People Come to College”; “We are the Faculty”
• “A Member of the Freshman Class”; “At Western, Where Intellect---“; “College Life”
• “Oh, When We Come To College; “In Ohio , On a Hill Top”

“Songs from Mary Elizabeth ‘Polly' Smith, class of 1958” (in a smaller envelope)
“2 Songs from Charlene Weddle Smith, class of 1948”

• “A Hymn for Western”
• Copy of a song with an explanation from faculty member Joseph W. Closky, a Western professor from 1919-1921”

Folder 11- Correspondence Concerning Various Class Songs

“How Come We Love You Like We Do?” (handwritten)
1 handwritten letter from Florence Ray to Katherine regarding the Class Song Project: July 15, 1979
1 handwritten letter from Ruth Carr Rawley to Kathy regarding the Class Song Project: May 24, 1978
“At Banquet”; “Our Junior Year”
1 letter from Jean Perry to Kathy regarding the Alumnae Weekend
1 handwritten letter from Miss Eugenia Spriestersbach (class 1936) to Kathy: June 19, 1979
“Class Song: 1969” (handwritten)
1 handwritten letter from Laura Prescott Malinovsky to Mrs. Sturm regarding the Class Song Project: July 5, 1978
1 letter to Mrs. Fred Sturm regarding the Class Song Project: August 8, 1977
1 letter to Dixie Golden from Kathy Sturm regarding the Class Song Project: August 8, 1977
Corresponding envelope
1 letter from Mrs. Dixie W. Golden to Mrs. Ted G. Sturm regarding the Class Song Project: November 16, 1978
1 handwritten letter from Kathy Sturm to Dixie W. Golden regarding the Class Song Project: November 11, 1978
Corresponding envelope
Report by Kathy Sturm regarding the Class Song Project: Fall, 1979
Letter from Kathy Sturm to the “Reunioning Classes”: May 10, 1978
1 handwritten letter from Kathy Sturm to Jean Perry: March 10, 1985
Corresponding Envelope
Handwritten report by Kathy Sturn regarding the Class Song Project: September, 1979

Folder 12- Holidays at Western (Inside the front cover of the folder is a brief history of Christmas Tradition at Western)

Program for the ‘Christmas Carol Service”: December 15, 1946
Small card with a stamp and handwriting from “Your Floor Chairman”: 1929
One page program for “Sunday Evening”: December 14, 1930
“Christmas Vespers” Program: December 14, 1941
Small decorative program with ribbon for “Mistletoe Mist”: December 10, 1949
“Christmas Vespers” Program: December 19, 1943
‘Christmas Vesper Service” Program: December 15, 1963
“Christmas Vesper Service” Program: December 14, 1958
“Christmas Vesper Service” Program: December 13, 1964
Christmas Banquet menu: December 16, 1964
Memo from Mrs. Blitch to Sophie Karayannides regarding “record”: December 17, 1964
Invitation to the Christmas Banquet from Eleanor Brauer (Chairperson), Diana Washington (Chairperson), and Phyllis Hoyt (Member of both Task Groups): November 30, 1973
Photograph of five girls singing Christmas carols on the stairs, unidentified
“Chirstmas Carols”
“Holy Night”
“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
“The First Noel”
“We Three Kings of Orient Are”
“Easter Sunrise Service” Program: April 25, 1943
“The First Sunday After Easter” Program: April 29, 1962
Pumpkin-headed invitation to a Halloween celebration: October 29. No year given
Small folder- Various invitations (events not named)

• To “Miss James”; 1944
• Doily Menu: 1939
• An invitation in envelope to Patricia Pinkowski from President and Mrs. Herrick Young to their home: October 1, no year
• An invitation in envelope to Miss Joyce Fox from President and Mrs. Henderson to their home: November 7, no year given
• Invitation to Aela Jeanne Winterfeldt for tea: September 20, 1945
• Unidentified card invitation/program
• Menu in the shape of a hat: 1940
• Invitation to Miss Leonard: ? 1945
• Elephant Invitation
• Lobster Invitation
• Unidentified Baquet Menu
• Person without a head/cross invitation/menu, unidentified
• Sunglasses Invitation: 1963
• Thanksgiving Banquet: November 30, 1933
• Unidentified Invitation/Menu: 1937
• “Razz-Ma-Tazz!” Invitation
• Blue folded menu

Smaller folder- Thanksgiving Invitations

• 1920
• No year given- orange/brown with picture of a building on the front
• No year given- red/orange with picture of a lion crest on the front
• 1935
• November 27, 1924
• Handmade boot: 1933

Not in Folder: “The Vacation Polka” sheet music. “Composed and Dedicated to the Class of 1860.”

Box 3: College Day Photographs and Miscellaneous (Contents are listed from front to back. On the inside lid of the box is a brief description of College Day Traditions).

Folder 1- Powwow

Memo between Miss Gail James and Phyllis Hoyt regarding the Powwow to be held on October 9: September 27. 1954
Schedule for the Powwow: October 8, 1954

Folder 2- College Day (1968), Dr. Reischauer as speaker (Photographs)

People dressed up with tin cans and garbage can lids: unidentified
Girls in a procession wearing white dresses: unidentified
Girls in white dresses processing through faculty dressed for convocation: unidentified
Girls in white waiting in an auditorium: unidentified
"College Day 1968”: standing in front of books.

• People pictured: Dean Auble, Dr. Kleegman, Mrs. Resichaur, Dr. Young, and Dr. Reischaur.

“College Day 1968” II (2 copies)

• People pictured: Dr. Young and Dr. Kleegman

“College Day 1968” III

• People pictured: Dr. Young and Mrs. Reischaur (2 copies)

“College Day 1968” IV (2 copies)

• People pictured: Dean Auble, Dr. Kleegman, Mrs. Reischaur

4 smaller duplicates of Photograph #5
“College Day 1968” V

• People pictured: Dr. Young, Mrs. Reischaur, and Dr. Reischaur

Folder 3- College Day Miscellaneous

Girls in white processing down stairs outdoors, surrounded by clapping faculty and spectators.
Girls in white processing through clapping faculty

Folder 4- Various Articles and Programs, 1904-1939; a brief history of College Day is on the inside of the front cover of the folder.

Part of “College Day. Program. October 4, 1904”: Series of three small pictures.

•The old Peabody with the caption: “Erected 1855, Burned 1860”
• Peabody with the caption: “Main Building Erected 1871”
• Three buildings from a distance with the caption: “New Hall 1904, Alumnae Hall 1892, Main Building ”

Complete “College Day. Program. October 4, 1904”
Program: October 10, 1905
Program: October 16, 1906
Program: October 15, 1907 (2 copies)
Program: October 14, 1908
Program: October 12, 1909 (2 copies)
Invitation for College Day: October 18, 1910
Invitation for College Day: October 17, 1911
Program: October 17, 1911
Bulletin of The Western College regarding College Day: October. 1913
Program for “Tickless Time: A One Act Play by Susan Glaspel”: October 16, 1923
Program: October 11, 1927
Program: October 9, 1928
Program: October 8, 1929 (2 copies)
Program: October 11, 1932
Photograph of group standing in front of Peabody Hall, College Day 1932
Program: October 10, 1933
Program: October 9, 1934
Program: October 6, 1936
Newspaper Article: “ Cincinnati Students Have Leading Roles As Western Observes ‘College Day'”: October 10, 1934

• People pictured: Cincinnati girls of the freshmen class: Hazel Helber, Margery Bolce, Kathryn Brown, Jean Faine, Dorothy Kercher, Rose Kneubel, Jane Kemp, Margery Pope, Elinor Krouse, Betty Hargrave, Betty Chapelle, Marjorie Schellhase, Dorothy Rogers, Wilma Bremer, Ruth Walters, and Joyce Danenhauer.
• People pictured: Dr. Charles R. Adams with two other men.
Program: October 8, 1935

Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper pictures: October 9, 1935

• People pictured:
• Miriam Harkrader, Miriam Bilyeu, Genevieve Monrow, Better Gates, Clarabeth Zehring, Zoe Williams, Betty Brill.
• Needham Prize winners: Rosemary Wilson, Elizabeth Tracy, Betty Hane Beson,m Charlotte Eubelhoer, Miriam Harkrader,
• Other members of the freshmen class: Virginia Crumb, Katherine Evans, Harriette Fisher, Lucille Nichols, Virginia McLane, Mary Ellen Grimm, Anne Lorbach, Romaine Ricketts, Beatrice Carnahan, Jane Ong and Jane Kemp.

Program: October 5, 1937 (2 copies)
Invitation: October 4, 1943 (?)
Program: October 11, 1938
Program: October 10, 1939

Folder 5- College Day, 1940-1974 (There is a brief history of College Day on the inside cover of the folder).

Program: October 8, 1940
Program: October 7, 1941 (3 copies)
Program: October 6, 1942 (2 copies)
Recital Program: October 6, 1942
Draft on a memo/letter/invitation from Olga Edmond regarding College Day and speaker Dr. James Francis Cooke: September 21, 1943
Different draft of #5: September 29, 1943
Program: October 5, 1943
Recital Program: October 5, 1943
Draft on a memo/letter/invitation from Olga Edmond regarding College Day and “an exhibit of English arts and crafts”
Program: October 10, 1944 (2 copies)
Recital Program: October 10, 1944
Program: October 2, 1945 (3 copies)
Invitation: October 2, 1945 (?)
Recital Program: October 2, 1945
Program October 26, 1946 (three copies)
Invitation: October 26, 1946
Program: October 11, 1947 (three copies)
Invitation: October 11, 1947
Program” October 28. 1948 (4 copies)
Program: October 15, 1949 (2 copies)
Information sheet to students regarding the College Day agenda on October 15: October 5, 1949\
Program: October 14, 1950 (3 copies)
Program: October 13, 1951
Program: October 18, 1952 (3 copies)
Program: October 10, 1953 (4 copies)
Agenda for College Day: October 8-10, 1954 (4 copies)
Calendar of College Day Activities: October 8-9
Program: October 15, 1955 (2 copies)
Program: October 6, 1956 (2 copies)
Program: October 12, 1957
Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper picture of freshmen leaving Presser Auditorium between rows of applauding faculty:
November 4, 1956 (3 copies)

• People identified: Martha Koehler, junior chairman Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper pictures: November 4, 1956
• People pictured: “Students from the Far East ” with Benjamin Schmoker
• People pictured: K. Brent Woodruff (VP of Western College), Dr. Dean Rusk (President of the Rockefeller Foundation and convocation speaker) and Donald Perry Cottrell (dean of education at OSU)

Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper picture of people enjoy a picnic: November 4, 1956

• People identified: A.H. Bauer and his daughter Cathy, Mrs. J Spencer Allen, Mrs. Bauer, Sally Ann Allen and Judy Bauer.

Cincinnati Enquirer Newspaper pictures: November 4, 1956 (3 copies)

• People pictured: President Herrick Young, Stuart Fitton, Mrs. Thomas Jefferson Davis, Miss Edna J. Giffen, and A.R. Edwards.
• People pictured: Kathy Anderson and her “little sister” Sally Ann Allen.
• People identified at the picnic: Carol Crowe, Mary Jane Snew, Ann Ferguson, Pat French, Nadine Wenger, Jane Williams, Janet McKee, and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Ferguson.

Program: October 12, 1957 (2 copies)
Program: October 18, 1958 (2 copies)
Program: October 10, 1959 (2 copies)
Program: October 15, 1960 (5 copies)
Photographs in sleeve of “College Day 1960; Freshman in Dress”
Photographs in sleeve of the “College Day Picnic 1960”
Program: October 14, 1961 (2 copies)
Program: October 13, 1962 (2 copies)
Program: October 12, 1963 (2 copies)
Program: October 17, 1964 (2 copies)
Program: October 9, 1965 (2 copies)
Program: October 15, 1966 (3 copies)
Program: October 28, 1967 (3 copies)
Letter from President Herrick B. Young regarding Parents Week End: September 19, 1968
Parents Week End Agenda: October 11-13
Program: October 12, 1968 (2 copies)
Convocation Program: October 12, 1968
Program: October 25, 1969 (2 copies)
Program: October 17. 1970
Program: October 25, 1969 Address by William C. Spencer, President; “The Past of the Present”: October 17, 1970
Convocation Program: September 13, 1970
Program: October 30, 1971
Parents' Weekend Program: October 14, 1972 (2 copies)
Program: October 20, 1973

Folder 6- Photographs of relaxation before or after the day's activities

Girls playing in the snow: unidentified
Four girls and a toboggan: unidentified
Six girls sitting in the snow: unidentified
“14 Western girls on a hay ride”
2 wagons of girls on hay rides: unidentified
Larger, more complete duplicate of photograph #5
“Returning to town on Morning Sun Rd.”
People outside Kumler Chapel: unidentified
2 pictures on cardboard: March, 1913
Girls with marshmallows around a campfire
Girls standing on and leaning on a fence
“College Day 1913; Table in Beech Woods (picnic?)” on cardboard
“Beech Woods Picnic”; “1906”
“Bread Line; College Day; 1923”
Girls relaxing indoors, playing cards and smoking: unidentified
Girls playing cards; “You all right, Helen?”

Folder 7- Memorial Tribute 1880: Analysis of Publications

Collage on purple background: “The Howl!” :
1st side

• “Breakfast in the Lodge- Faculty Chaps”
• “6:20-6:25 A.M. The Start”
• “At the Word of ‘The Unholy Three'” little instruction pamphlet given to seniors right before they were to suddenly depart on “The Howl"
• “Filling up with Gasoline-Oxford”
• “Connersville- Movie at 7:30 A.M.”
• Missing pictures: “Mary's flat tire” and “Lost in Cincy”
2nd side
• Surprise Invitation in envelope addressed to Miss Florence Brewer for the Howl: Monday. May 2
• “Leading Car”: 6 girls posing by their car
• “Cincy”: Girls boarding a boat
• Map of South West Ohio/North West Kentucky and East Indiana with a route drawn on it.
• “Good-bye! 5:30 P.M.”: Boats on the river
• Four tissue paper ‘ribbons' with the caption “Junior Throughtfuness!”

Collage on black background: Continuation of “Howl” stuff

• 1st side

• “On Deck”- Girls on the boat
• The Madison Courier article about the girls coming to the Clifty Inn
• Newspaper picture of “Clifty Inn”
• “ Louisville , Ky. Tues. Morn.”: Girls walking down the street.
• “The ‘Speedwagon'”: Girls in a covered wagon (?)

• 2nd side

• “‘The only man who really loves' us all!- Prexy”
• “Merry ‘27”
• “ Ohio River ”
• Picture in envelope of six girls in their slips and high heels
• A “Bridge Party” book mark (?). Written on it: “Tally; Table No. 6; Couple No. 2”

Folder 8- College Day 1962 photographs

Girls in white procession through faculty: unidentified
Two women and a man (possibly a girl with her parents): unidentified
An entire sheet of smaller photographs of the ceremony's progression
Girls in white standing on the outside stairs
A girl with her parents (?) eating outside
2 girls with their family (?), parents and a brother, eating outside
Girl with her parents (?) outside
Girls with her parents (?) outside II
An entire sheet of smaller pictures of girls with their parents/families, all but one outside
Faculty preparation/ceremony outdoors
An entire sheet of smaller photographs of the ceremony proceedings, primarily faculty

Folder 9- College Day Photographs, 1963

Faculty procession outdoors
Five faculty members posing for the camera
Faculty preparation/ceremony outdoors
Two women faculty
Three faculty members posing for the camera
A faculty speaker
Two girls and their fathers (?) speaking outside
Girls in white processing outside

Folder 10- College Day Weekend Photographs, 1965

Five faculty members posing for the camera. One of them is most likely a speaker for the day (2 copies)
Three adult women/faculty (?) posing for the camera (2 copies)
Faculty preparation/ceremony in Kumler (?)
Faculty ceremony in Kumler (?)
Duplicate of #1
Portrait Mary C. Wright (Mrs. Arthur F.), Professor of History, Yale University
Four faculty members/speakers (?) posing for the camera
Girl outside eating with her parents (?)
A family (?) outside eating
A girl and her grandparents (?)
Girls eating outside
Girl in line for food with her grandparents (?)
Girl in life for food with her grandfather (?)
Girls outside posing either their parents (?) for the camera
Girls eating outside with a father (?)

Folder 11- College Day Photographs, 1966

Girls in white processing though clapping faculty members
Girls outside in the rain surrounding something they're doing (?)
Girls outside dressed up with tin cans and garbage can lids
Picture of the College Day Program in leaves
Two women faculty/speakers posing for the camera (2 copies)
Five faculty/speakers posing for the camera (3 copies)
Faculty preparation/ceremony in Kumler (?)

Folder 12- College Day Photographs, 1967 (George Allen as guest speaker)

3 small portraits of George V. Allen
Medium sized portrait of George V. Allen
Large portrait of George V. Allen

Folder 13- College Day Photographs, 1961

Girl standing next to the bonfire during the Powwow
Girls sitting (presumably) around the bonfire
Elderly women eating at a picnic table outside (photo by M. Study Slater)
Girl speaking with an elderly woman (sitting) and an elderly man outside at the picnic? (photo by M. Study Slater)
Girls in white processing through clapping faculty
An entire class of girls dressed and white and sitting on the outdoor stairs, facing a faculty speaker
Four women (one barely in view) speaking at the banquet (photo by M. Study Slater)
Women discussing at a table (photo by M. Study Slater)
People outside at the picnic, woman with camera in the background, one gentleman standing and speaking to a sitting gentleman (photo by M. Study Slater)
Two men and a woman standing and tlking at the picnic (M. Study Slater)
Four women speaking at the banquet II (M. Study Slater)
Three people sitting on the ground at the picnic; One woman looking at the camera, a man and woman talking and eating (M. Study Slater)
An elderly woman sitting at a table with a pack of cigarettes (M. Study Slater)
Two faculty, dressed for the occasion, discussing outside
Four girls wearing “Hostess” signs outside at night
A woman handing something to a girl at the bonfire (?)
Five girls sitting outside on the ground at the bonfire (?)
People in line for food at the picnic; small girl with glasses talking
“Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Melvan Spokes and Patricia May” (Spokes)
“Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. and Sandra Fleming”
Three girls in a play with flowers

Folder 14- College Day Photographs, 1969

A group of girls outside; two grirls lifting another onto their shoulders
“Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Taft” discussing with another man in the hallways
“Robert Taft, Jr.” [duplicate of photo #2]
Faculty processing toward Kumler
Faculty processing toward Kumler II
Three faculty preparation/ceremony, one in sunglasses
Continuation of preparation/ceremony in photograph #6
Continuation of preparation/ceremony in photograph # 6 II
A girl by a bike rack with parents in the background
Girls processing in white

Folder 15- College Day Photographs, 1960

“Yeh, Young, Baumgartuer” (by Lambert)
“Mrs. Y., Baumgartuer, Dr. President Young, Mr. Young”
Baumgartuer, Dr. Young, unidentified, Yeh
A girl and an older woman (Indian dress?) and a young man
Ceremony taking place outside
“Dr. De Jong, Mary, and Mrs. J.”
“Janey Fortune, Mr. Fortune, Pamela and Mrs. F.”
“Deu (?) Baarsh family”
“Dr. Baungartner receiving degree”
“Yeh Speaks”
Yeh, Dr. Young, Dr. Baumgartner
“Yeh Speaks” larger picture
Duplicate of Photograph #2
“Yeh and Dr. Baumgartner”
Two older women and a girl outside
Girls on a stage in costume (“Senior Stunt, 1960”)
“Dr. Baumgartner” [different sized duplicate of Photograph 9”

Folder 16- College Day, 1950's

“Photography Schedule for College Day, October 12, 1957” from Edwin H. Griffith, Director of Development and Public Relations
Photograph of girls processing in white through clapping faculty, “College Day 1952”
Photograph of girls sitting outside at night holding a large, stuffed worm with a face (??)

Folder 17- Miscellaneous Photos of Faculty-Student Events

A girl sitting on the ground outside, eating with her parents (?)
Two girls and their fathers talking by a tree
Two girls and their fathers talking by a tree II (same people as Photo # 2)
People sitting under trees eating
Four people in a food line, and elderly man looking at the camera
People in a food line, one girl looking at the camera
A family outside under the trees, the mother sitting on a tree stump
People at a picnic table all looking down to the camera
Two older men writing something at the table, other men in the background, doughnuts on the table
Two elderly men getting coffee, one of them smoking a pipe
Two elderly men talking, one of them smoking a pipe, another man in the background wearing sunglasses
A lot of people outside at picnic tables

Folder 18- Miscellaneous Photos of Crowds and Ceremonies

Faculty processing to their seats in front of the outdoor theatre from a distance
Girls in white processing outside
Girls in white processing into the outdoor theatre
Girls in white processing through clapping faculty, one girl in the front wearing glasses and carrying a bouquet of flowers
Faculty and girls sitting in the outdoor theatre
Girls in white processing into Kumler
People outside (in the evening ?) watching something, small girls in pigtails and braids
People (not faculty or students) sitting in the outdoor theatre
Girls in white standing in the outdoor theatre looking down to where the faculty sit in the front
Girls in a choir formation, singing in the outdoor theatre
An effigy hanging from the backstop of the baseball field.

Folder 19- Miscellaneous Photos of Social Events

Students around a bonfire
The bonfire itself
The back of two girls heads as they face the bonfire, probably singing a song from the sheets they are holding
Girls dancing around the bonfire from a distance
Girls processing in white outside
A sheet of four photographs
People sitting around a table in front of a Coca-Cola fountain dispenser
People sitting around a table in front of a Coca-Cola fountain dispenser II
Girls looking at the front of Peabody as other girls hang signs/flags from the windows Girls outside in front of Peabody
A sheet of four photographs

• Girls pulling each other into the river
• Girls pulling each other into the river II
• Girls along the river with a large “X” through the middle of the photo
• Girls and women standing along the river

Three girls smiling strangely and wearing strange clothes. One holding a grill grate.
Girls wearing beanies playing tug-of-war in the river (?)
The backs of people as they watch an outdoor hockey game
Girls in beanies falling into the river

Folder 20- Miscellaneous Photos of Ceremonies

Faculty and girls in white processing outside
Girls in white processing outside through clapping faculty
A room full of men smoking and talking
Two older men talking
Faculty part of a ceremony outside (4 copies)

• People pictured: Dr. J. Donovan Auble, Miss Elaine deKooning, President H.B. Young

Faculty standing and singing (?) at part of an outside ceremony
Part of a ceremony outside, Dr. Young on the right
Part of a ceremony outside, Dr. Young on the right II
Larger duplicate of photo # 8 with a woman in sunglasses to the left
“Pres. Young, Miss Houlihan, Elaine deKooning, Professor Boulding” (6 copies)
Miss Houlihan, President Young and Elaine deKooning with her eyes closed
Miss Houlihan and Elaine deKooning reading something
Four women, including Miss Houlihand and Elaine deKooning
Dr. Young and Professor Boulding
Speaker at the outdoor theatre
Faculty processing into the outdoor theatre
The backs of girls as they look down at Dr. Young speaking in the outdoor theatre
Duplicate of Photo #9
Faculty standing in the outdoor theatre

Folder 21- Miscellaneous/Misplaced Photos (unless otherwise noted)

Memo to Dean Hoyt from G. James (?) regarding the powwow schedule: October 1, 1904
Girls and women outside near the 1938 flag
Girls processing in white through clapping faculty
“Seniors of 1909 in ‘Midsummer Night's Dream' costumes; College Day of 1908”
Girls in white next to the class of 1933 flag
“College Day; Class marching on to the field before Basket Ball game of Soph.-Fresh.”
Girls in white with lanterns standing in formation at night
Girls in white with lanterns standing in formation at night II
“Class of '50 planting their tree”
Girls in white sitting in the outdoor theatre
Girls in white an faculty processing behind a marching band

Box 4: Dad's Weekend, Dances, Education Day, Events (attended outside Western) and Hell Day

Folder 1- Memories and Various Dances

Invitation/Reminder for a “Moonlight Cruise”: May 1, no year
Orchestra card to make requests with a cartoon on the front
‘Toyland' poem on a ripped piece of paper. Mention of a “Senior Tea Room”
“Danse de Cosaques” Invitation (?)
“Miss B…(?) Program: no date, Leila McKee was president
Newspaper photograph of three girls primping: “Western Girls ‘Go Formal'”
People identified: Ruth Weber and Sally Ritzmann (2 copies, one original one copy)
2 Newspaper photographs
“And Meet the Chaperones—Always Necessary”

• People identified: Ralph K. Hickock (president of Western), Deans Alice Byrne and Anne Tappan.

“Music Starts, The Dance is On”

• No identification, but 2 and a half couples pictured dancing

“‘Primping' Over, They Greet Their Escorts” newspaper picture

• People identified: Ruth (Weber?), Robert Penmann, Sally (Ritzmann?) and William Anderson

Photographs from "An Evening in Toyland," the Winter Fromal: December 5, 1953

• Sleeve with photographs and negatives
• Sleeve with photographs
• Sleeve with photographs and negatives II
• Sleeve with photographs and negatives III
• Sleeve with photographs IISleeve with photographs IV
• Sleeve with photographs and negatives IV
• Sleeve with a photograph
• Sleeve with photographs and negatives V

Photographs of "Getting Ready for Snowflake Ball": December 6, 1952

• Sleeve with photographs and negatives
• Sleeve with photographs and negatives II
• Sleeve with photograph

Duplicate Photographs

• 9 girls sitting on a stone wall outside
• 2 copies of 3 women standing a "Peabody Hall" sign; one of them holding a baby
• Small and large copy of a picture of a girl and her date "Karen Kinnear"
• "Jeanne Dioris; 1945-1963"
• 2 large copies of a girl dancing with her date
• "Susan Ott," sitting, and her date
• A large groups of people at a picnic

Smaller folder with small pictures from the Winter Formal Dance: December 3, 1960

Folder 2- Dance Cards

Together in a plastic sleeve:

• ‘Mistletoe Ball': December 7, 1946. Handwriting on back describing the girl's evening with Dick Beder
• ‘Winter Prom': February 6, 1943

“Aquamania”: February 4, 1967
“Western Prom”: April 22, 1938
“Miami U. Dance Programs sent by Dorothy gates Fuller ‘22”
“Fantasy in Frost”: December 1, 1962
“Formal Dance”: April 21, 1919
“Order of Dancing”: from Lucile Smith of ‘24
“Western” (“Western College Spring Formal”): April 13, 1932
“1931” with a green pencil
Snowman saying ‘Hello' (“Winter Whirl”): December 14, 1946
“The Navy Ball”: March 18, 1950
“Mistletoe Mist”: December 10, 1949
"Class of 1941 Spring Formal": May 2, 1941
"Western College Winter Formal": January 24, 1942
"Class of 1942 Spring Formal": May 1, 1942
"Mistletoe Ball": December 7, 1946

Folder 3- Dance Recitals

Newspaper clipping; “Backstage At a Dance Recital”
“Making up for the Stage”

• Person identified: Alice Marting

“Tying on Sandals”

• People pictured: Eliane Lajoie and Teresita Tirona

“Choral Concert and Dance Recital” Program: 1964
“Dance Theatre Music” Program: June 8, 1974
Photograph of five girls performing a dance routine in the outdoor theatre while ten people watch (photo by Benson)

Folder 4- Dad's Weekend Photographs, 1962

A family having a picnic outside on a blanket
Baseball game with a dad catching and a girl batting
Two girls standing next to a car labeled “Western College For Women; Oxford , Ohio .”
Baseball game with a dad batting, a woman catching and another man playing umpire
A father and daughter dancing
A father and daughter dancing II
Four men singing and another directing from a music stand
“Dad's Club” (2 copies)
A group of dads standing and sitting outside (2 copies)
A father and daughter outside
Dads sitting in a classroom, many with coffee
“Dad's Club Officers”
“Sandra and Robert Fleming”
“Sandra and Robert Fleming” II
“George C. Cooper and daughter, Peggy Jane”
"George C. Cooper and daughter, Peggy Jane” II
Dad's Club giving Dr. Young a big check for $30,000
“Mr. Joseph Reiss and Mr. Frederick Giesel”
"Mr. Joseph Reiss and daughter, Susan Wallis Reiss”
Duplicate of Photo #3
“Mr. John B. Scott dances with his daughter, Susan Jane”
“Russell R. Bunson” and “Duncan Schieth”
Duplicate of Photo #9
A dad and daughter holding flowers (2 copies)
Duplicate of Photo #9
Four dads standing and talking outside
Four dads (from photo #26) posing for the camera
Duplicate of Photo #5
Duplicate of Photo #19
Duplicate of Photo # 13, labeled “Kity McFadden and Lewis McFadden”
“Kitty McFadden” and “Lewis McFadden”
"Joseph W. Humberstone and Susan”
“David e. Erickson and Vicki Lou”
Nora Chan, Ada Tang, Mr. Giesel and an unidentified girl
In the middle of the dance floor
Duplicate of photo #26
“Nora Chan, Mr. Giesel, Ada Tang”; “2 Chinese students who adopted Mr. Giesel for Dad's Weekend”
“Arthur R. Lewis and daughter, Joan F. Lewis, also Murl Schaffer”
“Linda Bannes and Mr. Bannes”

Folder 5- Dad's Weekend Photographs, 1966, 1969

A girl hugging her dad, who had luggage and a camera
On the Dance Floor
A girl, her dad with a camera around his neck, and a little boy drinking from a cup (to their right)
A girl and her dad (2 copies)
A girl and her dad II
A girl and her dad III
“L. Workman; Jaffe” (?); Two men and a girl
“Sue Jackson”; A girl and her parents
A girl and her parents
A girl, her dad, and brother (?)
One girl with her parents and another girl with her dad
A girl and her dad, who is holding a ladel
Duplicate of photo #8
A girl and her dad sitting
A girl and her parents II
A girl and her dad IV
A girl and her dad V
Duplicate of Photo #1 (2 copies)
One man handing a certificate
Four dads standing outside, posing for the camera
A man standing by a black car with three girls on the hood, one on the back of the car, two on the roof of the car and two in the front holding hands with those on top of the car
Baseball game with a dad catching and a girl batting (Duplicate of Folder 4, Photo #2)
"Western College Plans for Dads Weekend," The Oxford Press, May 1, 1969

Folder 6- Dad's Weekend, Sophomore Stunt Photographs, 1962

Three girls in costume performing with watering cans
Four girls on stage, one labeled “Money Tree,” another labeled “Tree of Knowledge”
Seven girls dancing on stage
Five girls performing on stage, on standing in front of and facing the others
A group of girls performing on stage, the set looking like a kitchen
A large group of girls performing on stage, one facing the rest
Four girls performing on stage, one dressed like a fat, balding man
Group of girls performing on stage, one facing the rest who are made to look as though they sitting on a bus
Group of girls singing and dancing on stage
Two girls performing on stage, a oversized bowl is on the table
Girls performing on stage, one wearing sunglasses and a hat, another wearing a trench coat and a hat
Girls performing on stage, two portraying an older dancing couple
Four girls performing on stage, one labeled “Tree of Knowledge”
Group of girls performing on stage, one in the center wearing a hat, sunglasses and white gloves
Girls performing on stage, one standing in a cardboard box
Girls performing on stage, all leaning forward on their knees and singing
Girls dancing on stage, half of them leaning down and facing away, the other half facing the audience and reaching upwards.

Folder 7- Education Day, 1899

Program: October 28, 1899
‘The Ideal College Curriculum for Women”; “Address by Mrs. A. A.F. Johnstone, Dean of the women's Department of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio”: October 28, 1899
“Address by Charles F. Thwing, D.D., LL.D., President Western Reserve University ”: October 28, 1899

Folder 8- Memorabilia from Events not held at Western, but attended by Western Faculty or Students

Wedding Invitation for the wedding of Mr. Ethelbert Dudley Warfield and Miss Nellie Frances Tilton: August 28, 1890; Natick, Mass.
“Annual Day of Prayer Union Service” Program: January 26, 1911; Miami Unversity
“Wabash College Glee Club 31 st Free Memorial Concert” Program: April 1, 1911; Marion , Indiana
“The Fourth Annual Concert of the Miami Unversity Glee Club” Program: April 11, 1911; Miami Unversity
“Minna Von Barnhelm” Program: March 21, 1912; Miami Unversity
“University Service” Program: November 17, 1912; Miami Unversity
“The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra” Program: December 11, 1912; Oxford , Ohio
“Organ Recital” Program: May 13, 1916; Wooster College Conservatory of Music
“The Passion Play” Program: December 5, 1929; Miami Auditorium
“The Ring of the Nibelungen” Program for the 1929-1930 Season: Cincinnati 's Music Hall
“Christ Church ” Program: January 15, 1939; Cincinnati , Ohio
“Fifth Week of Grand Opera; Season 1942-1943” Newspaper listing:

• ‘Lucia di Lammermoor': December 21; Gaetano Donizetti's Opera
• ‘Manon': December 23; Jules Massenet's Opera
• ‘La Boheme': Decmeber 24, Giacomo Puccini's Opera
• ‘Aida': December 25; Giuseppe Verdi's Opera
• ‘The Magic Flute': December 26; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Opera
• ‘La Traviata': December 26; Giuseppe Verdi's Opera
• ‘Grand Gala Concert in honor of Miss Marjorie Lawrence': December 27; Modeste P. Moussorgsky's Opera

“Cincinnati Symphony Schedule”: no date
“Cincinnati Symphony Schedule” 1946-1947 Program: Cincinnati 's Music Hall
“Joint Recital” of Alice Marting (Dance) and Freseric Gahr (Piano) Program: May 7, 1947; The College of Music of Cincinnati
“The Oxford Chamber Orchestra” Program: October 16, 1964; Presser Hall, Miami Unversity

Folder 9- Exhibits at Western (Various Years)

“An Exhibition of Water Colors by the late Florence Robinson” Program: December 8-9, no year. Florence Robinson 1889-1890 class
“An Exhibition of Water Colors by Florence Robinson” Invitation: At the Art Center January 9-28 th
“College Given Art Collection” article regarding Florence Robinson: Febraruy 15, 1946 (?)
“Exhibition of Plastic Mural Panels by David Ellicott Squiers” program: February 28 th to March 12 th , 1949; The Architectural League of New York . David Ellicott Squiers taught at Western. Program donated by Josephine M. Becker, class of 1949
“18 Painters of the 19 th Century Exhibition” Program: October 9-31, 1964; Miami University Center
“Oils, Watercolors and Collages” Program: February 14-27, 1965; Miami Unversity
“The Contemporary Art Show” [“paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture created by people who are now or have been associated recently with Western College ”] Program: no date give
"The Permanent Art Exhibit” [“nearly forty paintings and drawing…selected from the permanent collection for exhibition in Peabody Hall”] Program: no date given
“Student Art Show” Article: “Western Bulletin”; Spring, 1971

• People pictured: Joseph M. Jackson, father of Susan '72,” and “Robert Coon,” whose artwork was “for sale at the Street Fair during Dad's Weekend.”
• Images of artwork by: Kimberly Wilmot ‘73, Judith McLaughlin '72, Paige Robertson '73, Bonita Barlow '72, Katie Kozack '72, Polly Parke '72, Beth Goodman '73, Sylvia Starr Luteri '73, Jennifer Wilson '73, Deborah Fitz-Gerald '71, Laurie LeGrand ‘71

“Exhibit of Watercolors” notification: “Western Weekly”; October 1, 1971
“Coon Exhibits Work” article: ‘Western Bulletin”; Winter, 1972
“Paintings by E. Paul Wilhelm; Sculpture by Edgar Tafur” Invitation: September 19, no year given
"Peter Bodnar: An Exhibition of His Works” Program: Febraury 21-March 31, 1965

Folder 10- Miscellaneous Programs (unless otherwise noted) for events attended by Western faculty and staff (no years on the materials)

“Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra 70 th Season, Fourteenth Concert”
“High School Alumni Entertainments”
“Ben Greet and the Ben Greet Players Present…'Hamlet'”
“Dick Gregory- Student Nonviolent Coordinating committee Benefit”
Newspaper Article “ Western College To Send Team For G.E. College Bowl Contest”

• People pictured: Dr. Phyllis Ayers (professor of history and adviser to the G.E. College Bowl Team), Dee Newell, Betsy Morris, Lolly McDavid, Alison McDonald and Kathleen Kibble

Folder 11- Hell Day (a brief history of Hell Day is on the inside cover of the folder from Narka Nelson's book The Western College For Women )

“Freshman Bible: Class of ‘57”: 1953
“The Gay Nineties Beauty Parade, Boardwalk of Sawyer Gym”: September 29, 1954
Photograph- Girls in either all white of all black processing, some being pushed on carts: no date
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 II
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 III
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 IV
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 V
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 VI
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: October 16, 1952 VII
Photographs and negatives in a sleeve: no date
Photographs and negatives in a sleeve: no date II
Hell Day negatives: 1952
Hell Day photographs in a sleeve in a folder: 1953
Hell Day photographs in a sleeve: no date
Photograph and negative in a sleeve: 1955
Photograph and negative of girls cleaning Peabody stairs: October 16, 1952
Hell Day photographs and negatives in a sleeve: 1960
2 photos of girls on the front stairs of Peabody with the 1955 Class Flag:
• "Freshmen 'scrub' on command 'Dirt'; Hell Day, October 16, 1952; Sophomore flag in background."
• "Sophomores with class flag; Hell Day, October 16, 1952 " 2 copies

• People pictured: Cynthia Schrock and Barbara Lilley

Folder 12- Hell Day Photographs, 1958

Girls sitting outside wearing bucket hats on their heads
A girl carrying a notebook, some sticks, a bucket that reads “Kathy” and some other materials.

Folder 13- Senior Hell photographs, unknown years

Girls building a snow fort near a banister
Three, girls, one of them preparing a snow ball
13 girls standing around in the snow
Girls in a bridge looking down at an icy river, two people under the bridge
8 girls in the snow, 5 of them waving to the camera
Girls looking down at the camera from the stairs of the tower they're climbing
An ice waterfall
Snowy woods
Girls standing on the bottom of a tower, 4 looking at the camera, 1 with her back towards it
Girls sitting around playing cards
A large group of girls standing outside in the snow
7 girls posing for the camera in the snow
Girls in the middle of throwing snow
3 girls standing outside a building in the snow
5 girls outside, 2 waving to the camera
2 girls standing by a Western College bus
6 girls, 3 already on the tower, 2 on their way towards it
Large group of girls sitting in the snow (photo taken from above)
Girls and their luggage getting onto a bus

Box 5:Miscellaneous Programs, Queen of the May, Recitals and Concerts

Folder 1- Miscellaneous Programs and Invitations (unless otherwise noted), no year provided

“Song Recital by Gwilym Miles, Baritone”
“Violin Recital by Miss Marie Nichols of Boston ”
“Recital by Mrs. H.E. Talbott, Vocalist, Mrs. Anna W. Lawrence, Harpist”
Copy of the cover of the program for the recital of “Miss Mina Betscher, Soprano, Miss Jennie Mannheimer, Reader, Miss Anna Wood Finley, Pianiste
“Western College Christmas Service”: December 11
The Western College and Seminary's invitation to the recital of Miss Lillian O'Connell, the recital of the Pupils of the department of Music and a reading by Miss Katherine E. Oliver
Program for a recital for the students of Miss Finley (piano), Miss Porter (piano), Miss Newman (Elocution), Mr. Froehlich (Violin)
“Western College Lyceum Series presents Ernst Wolff, Tenor, In a Song Recital”
“Song Recital by William Gee, baritone, Mrs. Vivian Garrett, accompanist”
“Commencement Concert by the Faculty of Music assisted by the Philharmonic String Quartette of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the College Chorus"
“Western College Dance Club Spring Recital”
“‘Windows and Tables,' An Exhibit of Paintings by Robert Wolff”
Little booklet invitation to: “An Exhibit of Rare and Interesting Books of the Students of Western College”
Invitation to “An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Chen Chi”
“30 drawings, w.k. Choi”
“Paintings and Drawings- Sari Khoury, Ceramics- Adele Yanco”
“Paintings by E. Paul Wilhelm, Sculpture by Edgar Tafur”
“An exhibit of Paintings and Drawings by James Michael Steven”
“Six Seniors” (Bates, Gilmore, Green, Pendexter, Shin, Vitucci”
“Six Seniors” II
“May Show: An Exhibit of Art Work By Students of Western College For Women”
“A Senior Honors Exhibit"
“Painting and Etching exhibit by Ed Chapman”
“Dual Piano Recital” of “Eleanore Vail and Ann Monaco”
“Jazz Concert”
“Patricia Berlin, Mezzo-Soprano, Eleanore Vail, Accompanist”
“Jean-Leon Destine and his Haitian Dance Company”
“Fine Arts Weekend: Drama, Ballet, Opera”
“Concert: Dorothy Amarandos, viol da gamba, Eleanore Vail, harpsichord, Eleanor Monaco, soprano”
“A Dance Concert, Western College , Leonard Theatre ”
“Case Institute of Technology Stage Band Jazz Concert”
“Student's Recital”: 7:30. May 21
“A Recital by Mr. Hannibal A. Williams of…'Julius Caesar'”
“Pianoforte Lecture Recital by Edward Baxter Perry”
“Ernst Wolff, Tenor”
“Ernst Wolff, Tenor” lyrics sheets
“Madrigal Group”
“The Western College ”
"Faculty Concert”: October 26
“Lecture Recital by Miss Mary Josephine Wight…assisted by Mr. Frohlich and the College Glee Club”: November 23
“Lecture Recital. ‘Wagner and his Theories.' Mr. Louis C. Elson”: Decmber 7
“Annual Recital by the Students of Music”: December 11
“Lecture by R. M. Wnley”: December 14
Newspaper article- “Favorite to Return for Sunday's Concert”

• Person pictured: Miss Edith Gower

Newspaper article- “Campus Musicians to Play Bartok”
Program for the Social Committee’s New Year Prelude & Champagne Rhapsody, December 2, 1950
Program Announcement of Program of Great Movies
Booklet of all Guest Artists, Faculty, and Student Programs from 1945-1946

Folder 2- Queen of the May

Program for “The Crowning of the Queen of the May”

Folder 3- Concerts and Recitals at Western Programs (unless otherwise noted), 1862-1899

“The Western College Concert Fund” Donation Card
“Western Female Seminary Concert”: May 20, 1862
“Recital given by Pupils of W.F. Seminary”: April 27, 1886
“Piano-Forte Recital by Edward B. Perry assisted by Mrs. Barnett”: 1886
“Pianoforte Lecture Recital by Mr. Edward B. Perry”: December 7, 1886
“Soiree Musicale given by Miss Fannie Greene and Mrs. Maud Barnett”: March 22, 1887
“Greate Concerte”: 1887
“Recital given by Pupils of W.F. Seminary”: May 15, 1888
“Pupil's Recital”: December 18, 1888
“Pupils Recital”: February 25, 1890
“Western Female Seminary Aesthetic Concert”: March 18, 1890
“Star Club Recital”: June 10, 1890
“Esse Quam Videri Programme”: part of “Star Club Recital”?
“Pupil's Recital”: December 9, 1890
“Lecture Recital, Louis C. Elson”: February 11, 1891
“Recital”: May 5, 1891
‘Pupil Recital”: December 1, 1891
“Concert”: March 15, 1892
“Concert by Mrs. Corinne Moore Lawson”: November 12, 1895
“Pupil's Recital”: December 10, 1895
“The Western Programme”: October 2, 1896
“Recital by the Students of The Departments of Music and Elocution”: March 16, 1897
“Recital by the Students of The Department of Music”: May 18, 1897
“Recital by the Students of the Department of Elocution”: May 25, 1897
"Recital by the Students of Music and The Mozart Club”: November 30, 1897
“Pipe Organ Recital”: January 24, 1899
“Recital by the Students of the Western College and Seminary”: March 15, 1899
"Recital For Graduation”: Juen 5, 1899
“Concert: Philharmonic String Quartette”: October 17, 1899

Folder 4- Recital and Concert Programs (unless otherwise noted), 1900-1909

“Recital by The Students of Music and The Mozart Club”: May 24, 1900
“Recital by the Faculty of Music”: October 26, 1900
“Transcontinental Tour of the distinguished Violin Virtuoso, Leonora Jackson”: April 5, 1901
“Concert by Madame Schumann-Heink”: December 16, 1901
“Recital for Graduation”: June 3, 1901
“Recital by the Faculty of Music. Miss Swezey”: January 20, 1902
“Recital by Students in Music”: May 27, 1902
“Recital by the Students in Music”: June 9, 1902
“Concert by the Philharmonic String Quartette”: November 21, 1902
“Violoncello Recital by Elsa Reugger”: January 20, 1903
“Recital by Miss Lila L. Haskell, Vocalist, Miss M. Frances McElwee, pianist”
“Piano Recital by Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler”: May 6, 1903
“Song Recital by the Haydn Male Quartet”: May 9, 1903
“Song Recital by Mr. Kelley Cole”: November 13, 1903
“Violin and Piano recital by Marion Welles Williams, Jessie Bell Wood”: October 27, 1903
“Recital by the Charlton Concert Co.”: December 14, 1903
“Piano Recital by Richard Platt”: February 4, 1904
“Student's Recital”: March 17, 1904
“Organ Recital”: April 5, 1904
“Commencement Concert”: June 6, 1904
“Students' Recital”: December 5, 1904
“One Hundred and Forty-sixth Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Burns”: January 25, 1905
Invitation- “Concert Course 1905-06” and an envelope addressed Mrs. D.A. Mitchell (Sarah Greason, 1859)
Invitation- “The Western College Glee Club Concert” (on March 14, 1905) and “Piano Recital” by “Mr. Richard Platt” (on March 15, 1905) and an envelope addressed to Mr. Robin Hughes
“Concert by The Western College Glee Club assisted by The String Quartette and Miss Elizabeth Makibben, Pianist”: March 14, 1905
“Students' Recital”: May 23, 1905
“Piano Recital by Miss Marion Clark”: May 27, 1905
“Violoncello Recital by Mademoiselle Elsa Ruegger”: January 15, 1906
“Song Recital by Madame Gadski assisted by Mr. Frank La Forge”: November 16, 1906
“Violin Recital by Arthur Hartman”: December 4, 1906
“Recitals for Graduation in Piano”: Spring Term, 1907
“Song Recital by Watkin Mills”: April 23, 1907
“Song Recital Mrs. Corinne Moore Lawson”: April 4, 1980
“Glenn Hall, Tenor, Song Recital”: December 5, 1908
“Operetta: ‘An Egyptian Princess' given by The College Glee Club”: December 8, 1908
"Students' Recital”: December 12, 1908
“Ossip Gabrilowitschm Piano Recital”: February 16, 1909
“Recital by the Faculty of Music”: March 16, 1909
“Students' Recitals”: Spring Term, 1909
“Junior Organ Recital”: May 4, 1909
"Graduates' Recital by Miss Elizabeth Peterson, Miss Vivian Woodrow”: May 22, 1909
“Graduates' Recital by Miss Opal Viola Ralston, Miss Jane Elizabeth Thomson”: May 25, 1909
"Gradates' Recital by Miss Christine Warnock”: May 29, 1909
“Piano Recital by Miss Gertrude Warnock (Post Graduate”: June 1, 1909
“Organ Recital by the Juniors in the Graduate Course”: June 7, 1909
"Commencement Concert by the Graduates in Music”: June 7, 1909
“Song Recital by Janet Spencer, Contralto”: November 27, 1909
“Fannie Bloomfield Zeisler, pianist”: no date

Folder 5- Concerts and Recitals Programs: 1920-1929

“Student's Recital”: January 14, 1922
“A Piano Recital of MacDowell Music by Mrs. Edward MacDowell”: November 12, 1923
“Concert by the Western Choir and Advanced Voice Students”: May 22, 1926
"Student Recital”: June 5, 1926
“Sunday Afternoon Music”: June 6, 1926
“The Western College For Women Informal Recital by Students of Organ and violin”: May 23, 1928
“Viola Recital by Vladimir Bakaleinikoff”: January 24, 1929
“Violin Recital”: Lillian Gould Faber”: February 9, 1929
“Student's Recital”: April 15, 1929
“Two-Piano Recital by Lucile Wilkin and Eduard Loessel”: December 14, 1929

Folder 6- Recital and Concert Programs, 1910-1919

“Piano Recital by Tina Lexner, The Russian Pianist”: January 11, 1910
“Glee Club Concert assisted by Miss Christine Warnock, Piano; Miss Opal Ralston, Voice”: February 15, 1910
“Organ Recital by Mary Louise Bowen, Graduate”: April 26, 1910
“Recital by Miss Myrtle Quantic, Soprano”: May 25, 1910
“Song Recital by Madame Florence Mulford”: November 18, 1910
“Piano Recital by Mrs. Bloomfield Zeisler”: December 9, 1910
“Recital of Composition by Edgar Stillman Kelley”: January 17, 1911 (2 pages)
“The New York Symphony Orchestra”: January 24, 1911
“Organ Recital by Harrison D. LeBaron of the Music Faculty”: February 14, 1911
“Piano Recital by Richard Platt of Boston ”: April 28, 1911
“Piano recital by Nelle Campbell, Graduate”: May 2, 1911
“Organ Recital by Ella Victoria Johnson, Junior”: May 3, 1911
“Commencement Concert”: June 13, 1911
“Song Recital by Mrs. Margaret Barrell”: December 8, 1911
“Organ Recital by Edwin Arthur Kraft”: December 7, 1911
“Piano Recital by Arthur Shattuck”: February 27, 1912
“Western College Glee Club in Songs of a Century”: April 30, 1912
“Song Recital by Helen Carson, Graduate”: May 4, 1912
“Recital by Mr. Hugh Anderson, Basso”: June 11, 1912
"Recital by Members of the Faculty”: September 28, 1912
“Song Recital by Madame Osborn-Hannah”: November 18, 1912
“Mme. Jane Osborn Hannah, Dramatic Soprano”: November 18, 1912 (?)
“Concert of Choral Music: Historical Program”: March 7, 1914

Folder 7- Concerts and Recitals Programs, 1930-1939

“Western College Lectures and Recitals for 1930-1931”
“Pianoforte Recital by Helen Scoville”: January 11, 1930
“The Kedroff Quartet”: January 25, 1930
“Explanatory Notes and Free Translation of Songs from the Repertoire of Kedroff Quartet”: 1930?
"Piano Student's Recital”: March 7, 1930
"Recital by Miss Elizabeth Driver”: April 19, 1930
"Concert by the London String Quartet”: March 14, 1931
"The London String Quartet” II: March 14, 1931
“Recital of Two-Piano Music by Lucile Wilkin and Eduard Loessel”: May 19, 1931
“Opening Organ Recital by Sidney C. Dursty”: February 27, 1932
“The New English Singers”: January 14, 1933
“Virginia Knox, Pianist”: May 12, 1933
“Ernst Nature Theatre”: June 3, 1933
“Nini Theilande, Premiere Danseuse, Max Reinhardt Theatre”: January 22, 1934
"Song Recital by Cameron McLean, Baritone”: February 16, 1935
“Dance Demonstration”: May 21, 1935
“Department of Music Original Composition Recital”: June 6, 1935
"Don Cossack Chorus”: November 16, 1935
“Organ Recital by Wayne Fisher”: February 23, 1936
“Dance Demonstration”: March 16, 1936
“Dance Recital by Martha Graham”: April 28, 1936
“Organ Recital by Enid McClure Woodward”: November 7, 1936
“Sonata Recital by Muriel Parker, Pianist; Christine Cotner Conover, Violinist”: November 21, 1936
“The Musical Art Quartet”: December 5, 1936
“Jose Iturbi”: December 10, 1936
"Two Piano Recital by Edith Drake and Anna Margaret Yahl”: December 12, 1936
“Violin Recital by Joy Saxl”: January 9, 1937
“Song Recital by Edna Borgwald, Soprano”: February 27, 1937
"Piano Recital by Muriel Parker”: March 13, 1937
"A Dance Demonstration”: March 22, 1937
"Concert by Western College Glee Club”: April 24, 1937
Piano Recital by Eleanor Goddard”: May 9, 1937
“Senior Recital by Edith Drake, Pianist”: May 7, 1937
“Organ Recital by Marcel Dupre”: October 16, 1937
"Semester recital by Advanced Students in the Department of Music”: February 5, 1938
"Lecture Recital of Modern Dance by Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman and Members of the Concert Groups”: February 8, 1938
“Modern Dance Demonstration”: March 5, 1938
“Senior Recital by Mary Rothermel Romig, Violinist; Anna Linelle Shrock, Organist”: March 12, 1938
"College Day Recital by Members of the faculty of the deparment of Music”: October 11, 1938
“Modern Dance demonstration”: March 25, 1939
“Department of Music Recital Dates, 1939-1940”

Folder 8- Concert and Recital Programs (unless otherwise stated), 1940-1959

“A Demonstration and Recital of Modern Dance”: March 23, 1940
“A Demonstration and Recital of Modern Dance”: March 21, 1941
“Jan Smeterlin, Pianist”: January 13, 1941
“The Trapp Family Singers”: January 7, 1942
“Faculty Recital by Joy Wingett, Violinist”: November 14, 1943(2 copies)
“Dance Recital”: December 16, 1943
“Faculty Recital by Jeanne Behrend, Pianist”: May 28, 1944
“Commencement Recital by Music Department Students”: May 27, 1945 (3 copies)
“Pearl Primus and Group”: January 8, 1946/7?
"Harriet L. Conant, Organist”: February 17, 1946
“Commencement Recital by Music Department Students”: June 2, 1946
“Alexander Schneider, violin; Ralph Kikpatrick, harpsichord”: March 13, 1947
“Spring Recital”: April 15, 1947
“Marilyn McKasson, Lyric Soprano”: April 30, 1947
"The Kenyon College Singers, Clement W. Welsh, Conductor and the Western College Choir, Harold C. Schmidt, Conductor": May 9, 1947 (3Copies)
“Marjory Reed in a Piano Recital”: May 11, 1947
“Department of Music…Recital Program”: May 12, 1947
"Ellen Pletcher, Contralto,'47": May 13, 1947(3 copies)
“Backstage at a Dance Recital” Enquirer, May 25, 1947
“Spring Recital”: April 15, 1948
“Recital by Lawrence Apgar, Organist”: October 27, 1948
“Bruce Simonds, Pianist”: November 18, 1948
“Recital by Eleanore Hunt Vail, pianist”: February 17, 1949
“Miami Unversity Spring Quartet”: February 27, 1949
“Recital of Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Allen Voiers Bein and Lawrence Apgar”: March 24, 1949
“Burl Ives in a Recital of Ballads”: April 19, 1949
“Margaret Jones, Soprano; Eleanore Hunt Vail, at the piano”: May 5, 1949
“Commencement Recital”: June 12, 1949
“Recital of Music by Johann Sebastian Bach”: January 24, 1950
“Charles Weidman and his Theatre Dance Company”: March 9, 1950
“Western College Dance club Spring Recital”: April 18, 1950
“Margaret Jones, Soprano; Eleanore Hunt Vail at the piano”: April 26, 1950
“Recital by Eleanore Hunt Vail”: March 15, 1951
“The Dance Club in a Program of modern dance”: April 27, 1951
“Festival Programs of Music in memory of Dr. and Mrs. Edgar Stillman Kelley”: April 28, 1951
"Recital by Donna Jean Schulz, '52, pianist and Margaretta Frey, '52, violoncellist”: April 11, 1951
“Young People's Concert”: February 2, 1953
“Faculty Recital by Eleanore Vail”: December 1, 1954
"Faculty Recital; Ruth Lakeway, soprano”: February 8, 1955
“Jean Leon Destine and his Hatian Dance Group”: November 10, 1955
"Semester Recital by Students in the Department of Music”: February 10, 1958
Newspaper Article- “Balladeer, Guitarist to Come For Western Program Tuesday”: Oxford Press , February 26, 1958

• Person pictured: William Clauson

“Informal Student's Recital”: May 8, 1958
“Commencement Recital”: June 1, 1958
“Roland Hayes, Lieder Recital”: November 11, 1958
“Choral Concert by The Western College Choir and The Kenyon Singers”: November 22, 1958
“Informal Recital”: March 12, 1959
“Informal Student Recital”: May 7, 1959
“A Festival of Music from Israel ”: November 17, 1959

Folder 9- Concert and Recital Programs, 1960-1974

"Roar Into the Twenties with the Junior Class": Friday, April 22, Saturday, April 23, and Sunday, April 24 (two copies)
“Music of Today”: May 8, 1961
“A Pianoforte Recital: Elly Cheung Mun Chit”: August 30, 1961
“David Bar-Illan, Pianist”: April 18, 1962
"Commencement Recital; Eleanore Vail, pianist”: June 3, 1962
“David Bean, pianist”: March 20, 1963
"Susan Blatz, pianist, in Senior Recital”: April 24, 1963
“Loretta Ryder, Organist, in a Senior Recital”: May 6, 1963
“David Barillan, pianist”: October 14, 1963
“1963-1964 Lecture-Recital Program”
“EA Ruth Assemblage and Collage”: January 10, 1964
“Rollino & Sheftel, Duo-Pianists”: November 23, 1964
“The Oxford Chamber Orchestra with the Oxford Chamber Choir”: March 19, 1965
“Julliard String Quartet”: April 19, 1965
“Collage and Sculpture Exhibit”: June 2, 1965
"Peter Bodnar: And Exhibit of His Works”: March 31, 1965
“CH Curry Paintings Drawings Prints in the Gallery”: January 5, 1966
“Prints: David Freed”L February 5-28, 1966
“An Exhibition of Prints by Joseph M. Ruffo”: September 15-October 15, 1966
“Exhibition of Steel Sculpture by M.D. Bigger”: November 1-24, 1966?
“ India and Pakistan Exhibit”: 1966-67
“Iberian Dance Theatre with Laura Toledo”: April 18, 1967
“Jill Hallett Soprano”: may 21, 1967
“The Oxford Chamber Orchestra”: April 25, 1968
“The Oxford Chamber Orchestra”: January 12, 1969
“John Perry, piano”: march 9, 1969
“The Oxford Chamber Orchestra”: November 23, 1969
“John Perry, Piano”: January 11, 1970
“David Bean, Piano”: March 19, 1970
“Department of Art presents a Faculty Exhibit: Alex McKibbin; Peter Brown”: March 8-April 6, 1970
“John Perry”: November 8, 1970
“Richard Waller; Eleanore Vail”: November 18, 1970
“Paintings and Prints; Leonard Kesl”: November 1-30, 1970
“Student Art Show”: May 9-21, 1971
“Husain”: September 13-18, 1971
“A Contemporary Fine Arts Festival”: May 14-23, 1973
“Recital: Patricia Berlin, mezzo soprano; Eleanore Vail, Pianist”: January 13, 1974
“Recital: Richard Waller, Clarinetist; Eleanore Vail, Pianist”: February 17, 1974
“A Concert of Music by Western Students and Faculty”: May 27, 1974

Box 6: Senior Events (Miscellaneous) and Sophomore Stunt

Folder 1- Senior Reception

1 Photograph, 1948

Folder 2- Senior “Follies” photographs, 1943

Two girls on stage, one dressed like a man and the other proposing to "him."
Two girls on stage, one dressed in a dress and bonnet and the other dressed like a man
Two girls on stage, one dressed like a girl and one dressed like a man, riding a two person bike
6 girls on stage, one sitting at a table wearing a black top hat
Smaller duplicate of the photo with people on a two person bike
6 girls in a dance line wearing polka dotted shirts.
Larger duplicate of the previous photo
“At the Junior Musical given during the Dance weekend.” Louise Wilson, Nancy Carr, Lou Allen, Pat Jordan, Nancy Dilloway, Sue Ott.
Dorothy Goldstone, Senior Stunt 1943.
A large number of girls on the stage including the girl proposing to the "man" in the black top hat
Folders 3-9- Senior Howl Memories (On the inside front cover of each folder is a history of the Senior Howl).

Folder 3- 1920's

6 girls by a car
8 girls and their luggage, "Lost in Cinci"
12 girls next to a broken down car by the railroad tracks, "Mary's Flat Tire"

Folder 4- 1930's

1933- Rewritten {typed} story (“Once Upon a Time, ---A Story for all those who believe in Fairies”)
1939- {Typed} story (Untitled)
"Connersville, Ind. Howl Weekend" -A city street
"Ready to start!" - girls waiting outside in the dark
“Clifty Inn”
“All Aboard for Western from Crystal Lake ”
“Lillie, Alice , Virginia and Mary”
3 girls in a car and 1 standing outside. Includes Alice Whitecomb for previous picture.
“Porch at Clifty Inn”
“The ‘Unholy Three,' Dot Swisshelm, Ruth Wood, Flo Brewer. Howl Committee”
“Outside Richmond , Ind. ”
“Ginny Moore, Alice Hughes, Alice Whitecomb and Sue Watt;” “on the ‘ Kentucky ' from Cincy to Madison , IN ”
“Part of the Seniors on Porch at Clifty Inn.”
“Crystal Lake ” II
“Boarding the ‘ Kentucky ' at Cincy”
“On Board Kentucky ”
“Helen C. out of oil, outside Venice , Ohio ”

Folder 5- 1940's

1945 Final Report of the Senior Howl
1946- 2 notes concerning the Senior Howl
1946 telegram to Dean Caine
1946 Howl held at Pottawatomie Inn and postcard
1947 correspondence of Dean Caine concerning Senior Howl being held at Mommoth Cave that year
1947 postcard to Dean Caine
1947 telegram for Seniors to Western College
1949 story from the Senior Howl ritual (in envelope)
Two empty envelopes from 1949 to other classes

Folder 6- 1950-1952

Photo of 1950 student on the Delta Queen riverboat
Cincinnati Enquirer story of the 1950 Senior Howl (3 copies)
Photos of Preperations for 1952 Howl with negatives
Photos of Senior Howl 1952 with negatives
Magazine article about 1952 Senior Howl (2 copies)
Advertisement for Clifty Falls State Park

Folder 7- 1952- 1959

Note from Jo Willitts to Dean Hoyt about 1952 Howl
Notes on page from Jo Willittis and Lucille Robinson, 1952
Photos from the 1953 Senior Howl and Banquet
Telegram from Senior Howl students to Western, 1953
Four notes about the Howl
Memorandum from Dean Hoyt about Senior Howl, 1954
Letter to Dean Hoyt from manager of Natural Bridge State Park Inn, 1956, plus Dean Hoyt's reply to Jeane's note
Correspondence concerning 1957 Senior Howl
1958 note concerning Howl at General Butler State Park in Kentucky
March 4, 1958 note concerning howl and exams
March 19, 1958 letter from Herrick Young concerning use of Holiday House for the Senior Howl on May 19, 1958
Story about the Senior at Western and her memories; the title is “Ritual.”
Letter from Donna Carpenter, President of the Class of 1958, to the 1960 class president.
Letter from Nancy Lakamp, President of the Class of 1959, to the 1961 class president
Page 2 of letter from Peggy Mayer; no date nor page 1
Letter explaining Howl Ritual to the Class f 1959

Folder 8- 1952 Senior Howl Photos

Joanne Bordner, Catherine Ross, Judy Kolker, Jean Thuyrwachter, Athena Lagoudaki, Persis Fuller
Patsy Halfacre, Ann Marie Shafer, Janet Jeffers, Peg Halman, Nan Johnstone
Mrs. Joanne DuBois Shater, Gloria Wilson, Nancy Ryan, Laverne Leech, Betty Suyker, Betty Jean Wright
Joan Landenberger, Frederica Tobias, Cecelia Trenka, Marian Freund, Jo Feuchtwanger
Ruth Troyer, Marilou Smurr, Suzanne Off, Ann Anthony, Marilyn and Carolyn Bosse
Margaretta Frey, Connie Cox, Chris Davis, Betty Groth, Marjorie White
Nancy Widerstein, Donna Schulz, Jo Ann Fley, Jean Fuller, Jane Kemp, Mrs. Joyce Snell, Mary Sue Allen, Marilyn Brown
Two girls and a man in a kitchen baking
Three girls climbing up onto a tower
Two women and a different man baking in a kitchen
Two women and man taking things off of a bus
Four women baking in a kitchen
"Faculty members make sandwiches for seniors about to leave campus on their secret jaunt" (3 copies)
Four women baking in a kitchen II
Duplicate of "Two women and a different man baking in a kitchen"
Three men and a woman baking (2 copies)
"Cumberland Falls, Ky.; Senior Howl Trip"
Girls dressed in fancy dresses on a patio
Girls on a bus, other people standing around
Girls looking over a banister
Girls pointing and waving in the distance as some lean and some sit on a stone banister
One girl standing in the center of a bunch of others pointing

Folder 9- 1960's

Letter from President Young to Senior Class President Jane Miller about the Senior Howl, May 8, 1961
Letter of concern about students driving their own cars, 1969
Letter from Janet Zecca to Dean Hoyt, May 26, 1969

Folder 10- Senior Howl- Notes and Photos without dates

Note from Marty Koehler to Dean Hoyt
Two photos and information about Crystal Lake where the Howl was held that year

Folder 11- Senior Class Will, May 29, 1954 (Photographs only)

Reading of the Senior Class Will, in a sleeve
Reading of the Senior Class Will, in a sleeve II
Reading of the Senior Class Will, in a sleeve III

Folder 12- Senior Stunt

1928 Stunt Songs
1930 Senior Stunt script
Program: 1930 “Song of Sixpence”
Program: 1932 “Western Woman”
1946 card stating time and place of Senior Stunt
Program: 1951 “Seniors of Safari” (2 copies)
Photos from “Seniors on Safari”:
Dr. Kase
Mary Sue Allen
3 Photos of statue for Senior Stunt
Program: 1952 “Out to Win” (2 copies)
Script for Class of 1953 Stunt
Photograph of women putting on fake beards
Photograph of a woman putting on a fake beard (2 copies)
Photograph of women putting on fake beards (2 copies)
Photograph of women wearing 'Mu-Mu' fashion

Folder 13- Sophomore Stunt

1928 Program “A.P.F.S.”
1929 Program “It Floats”
1930 Program “All's Riot on the Western Front”
1931 Program “Harem Scarem” and one photo
1935 Program “Stull Life Among the Hillbillies or Feud for Thought” plus a napkin to advertise botht he Stunt and the date.
1943 Explanation of planned Stunt and newspaper photo
1951 Program “Cloud Fifty-One”
1952 Two photos; no program nor written Stunt
1953 Program “Without a Song” (2 copies)
1950 Program “…And Then There Was Light”
1963 Program “Nation of Skirts”
No dates on two pieces at the back of folder:
Changes in the Sophomore Stunt, but no title
Card for “Summer Daze” March 8 (no year).

Folder 13- Sophomore Stunt

"Harem Scarem" Program: April 11, 1931
"A.P.F.S." Program: April 21, 1928
"It Floats" ProgramApril 20, 1929
"All's Riot" Program: May 10, 1930
"Harem Scarem" Program: April 11, 1931 II
"Harem Scarem" Sophomore Stunt Photograph
"Still Life Among the Hillbillies" or "Feud for Thought" Program: April 27, 1935
Sophomore Stunt napkin: 1937
"Sophomore Stunt 1943" script: April 12, 1943
An article on the preparation of the Sophomore Stunt: 1943
"Cloud 51" Program: "Class of 1951" (2 copies)
Girls on stage with a large stuffed worm (pumpkin?) (+ the negative) (2 copies)
Girls dancing in ballet costumes on stage (+ the negative) (2 copies)
"Without a Song" Program: March 14, 1953
"Sophomore Stunt 1960" Program (3 copies)
"Sophomore Stunt 1961" Program
"Changes in the Sophomore Stunt"
"The Sophomore Stunt" Program: April 27, 1963
"Summer Daze: Sophomore Stunt" invitation: March 8, no year

Box 7: Senior Day (Contents are listed from front to back. On the inside front cover of folders 1-2 is a brief history of Senior Day).

Folder 1- Senior Day Programs (Unless otherwise stated)

February 2, 1905
February 7, 1906
February 7, 1906
February 22, 1908
February 2, 1909
February 22, 1911
February 22, 1912
February 23, 1914 (2 copies)
February 22, 1921
February 22, 1924
February 22, 1930 (3 copies)
February 24, 1931
February 22, 1933
February 22, 1934
February 26, 1935
February 25, 1936
February 23, 1937
“In re: Whether or not the Senior Class of the year 1937 shall receive indefinite parole in June of said year.”
February 22, 1938
February 21, 1939
February 20, 1940
February 24, 1942 (3 copies)
February 23, 1943 (3 copies)
Banquet Invitation for 1943
February 20, 1945 (3 copies)
Flyer on Senior Day Speaker Else Margrete Roed, “How Women are Resisting Hitler,” “Personal Experiences from Nazi-Occupied Norway,” “ How Norwegians Schools and Education Fight Nazism.”
February 19, 1946
February 23, 1947
An invitation to the 1947 Convocation
or Day Convocation, February 25, 1947
10:30 AM, Tuesday, February 24, 1948 (2 copies)
Tuesday, February 22, 1949 (2 copies)
Invitation to the 1949 Senior Day Reception

Folder 2- Senior Day Programs and Articles- 1950-1974

Program: Tuesday, February 21, 1950
Newspaper photograph- Helen Griffin, Sara Gillham, Marian Fuller and Susan Ott.
1950 Napkin
Program: Tuesday, February 20, 1951
Program: Tuesday, February 26, 1952 (3 copies)
Program: Tuesday, February 24, 1953
Jo Fley's table placard (2 copies)
Program: February 23, 1954 (2 copies)
Handmade program
“This Thing Called Freedom,” address by David L. Shillinglaw, February 19, 1955
Program: February 19, 1955 (2 copies)
Handmade program
“It Takes All Kinds,” address by Mildred McAfee Horton, February 18, 1956
Program: February, 18, 1956
1956 Convocation Invitation
Program: February 16, 1957
December 1957 article: “Vera Dean to Head Senior Day Plans,” for Senior Day '58.
Program: February 15, 1958 (2 copies)
Newspaper photograph- Guests of Honor at Senior Day
Program: February 21, 1959 (2 copies)
Handmade program
Program: February 13, 1960 (3 copies)
“The Challenge to Women,” address by Margaret Chase Smith, February 13, 1960
Program: February 18, 1961 (2 copies)
“Seniors Secede,” handmade program.
Program: February 17, 1962
Program: February 16, 1963
Senior/Sophomore Banquet Program, February 16, 1963
“Senior Day Scheduled February 15,” Western Worlds , 11/'63
Program: February 15, 1954
Program: February 13, 1965 (2 copies)
“Senior Day Activities” Flyer, 1965
Handmade Senior Day Banquet Menu. Year unmarked ('65?).
“Western Senior Day Saturday; Former Ambassador Is Speaker,” article, 1965.
Program: February 12, 1966
Program: January 4, 1967 (2 copies)
Program: January 3, 1968 (4 copies)
Program: January 7, 1969 (2 copies)
Program: January 8, 1970 (2 copies)
Program: January 14, 1971 (2 copies)
Letter to Seniors from President William C. Spencer

Folder 3- Photogrpahs, Senior Day 1958

“President Young with Vera Micheles Dean and Mrs. Livingston R. Ireland”
"Foreign Student Show”
“Dedication of the Intercultural Studies Room of the Libraries”
“ Hamilton Alumnae Luncheon at the Grey Gables”
“ Hamilton Alumnae Luncheon at the Grey Gables” II
Girls dressing for Graduation, unidentified
A presentation speech, unidentified
A large duplicate of “Foreign Student Show,” unmarked
Student and two adults all dressed for convocation, unidentified
Banquet, unidentified
“Mrs. Vera Micheles Dean…receives the honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Dr. Young”
“Senior Day Dance”
“Senior Day Breakfast”
“Senior Day Spaghetti Dinner”
“Spaghetti Dinner Senior Day”
“Senior Breakfast”
“Hamilton Alumnae Club luncheon”
“Mrs. Nora Ramary…and Dean of the College”
"Senior Breakfast” II

Folder 4- Photographs, Senior Day 1959

Dancing girl in costume, unidentified.
Girls performing in costume, unidentified
Girl receiving diploma, unidentified
Girls performing, unidentified
Woman with flowers and girls in line, unidentified
Student with two adults, all dressed for Convocation
Student with an adult, both dressed for Convocation
Student with two adults, all dressed for Convocation
“Eliz Gray Vining”
Procession out, unidentified
Three women, dressed for Convocation, unidentified

Folder 5- Photographs, Pow-Wow 1960

10 girls, unidentified
2 photos of the bonfire, unidentified
Girls in a semi-circle, unidentified
Large group of girls, unidentified
Two girls standing by bonfire, others wearing beanies; unidentified.
Clapping girls, unidentified
Girls dancing with joined hands, unidentified

Folder 6- Photographs Senior Day, 1954

“Dean Pohlman, Pres. Young, William T. Gossett”

Folder 7- Photographs, Senior Day 1955 “Agnes De Mille”

“Mr. Shillinglaw w. & Pres. Young.”
“Miss Agnes DeMille, Dr. Pohlman, dean, & Dr. Young, pres. Chapel”
Academy Procession
Man speaking at the banquet, unidentified
Same man, people in prayer, unidentified
People at the banquet, unidentified
Woman speaking at banquet, unidentified
“Mr. Shillinglaw, Dr. Young, pres., & Mr. Schwalm”
“Miss Agens DeMille, Dr. Pohlman, dean, Dr. Young, pres. Chapel” II
“Dr. Young, pres. Miss Agnes DeMille, & Mr. Shillinglaw”
“Mr. Duncan, Miss Agnes DeMille, & Mr. Chapman”
“Mr. Shillinglaw, soeaker in the Chapel”

Folder 8- Photographs, Senior Day 1956

Man and woman (faculty?) dressed for Convocation, unidentified
Same man and woman, unidentified
Procession, unidentified
Duplicate of the first photograph
Two women speaking at a piano, unidentified
Four women speaking, unidentified
Three of the same women, two shaking hands, unidentified
Five women speaking, unidentified
Duplicate of the second photograph

Folder 9- Photographs, Senior Day 1957

Convocation ceremony, four faculty, unidentified
Two women and a man dressed for Convocation, unidentified
“Foreign Students Program”
“Mrs. Bolton talks with…Miss Jeanne Applegate and Miss JoAnn L'Amoureux” Others pictured: Bob Howard, Applegate's fiancée, of Middletown .
Procession out, from the “Western College Bulletin”

Folder 10- Photographs, Senior Day 1962

Faculty and Choir dressed for Convocation, unidentified
Faculty Procession, unidentified
Two students preparing for Convocation, unidentified
Faculty in the Chapel, unidentified
Four women (apparent guests) pose for the camera, unidentified
Woman speaker, unidentified
Duplicate of the fourth photograph
Part of the ceremony in the Chapel, unidentified
Three women, dressed for Convocation, unidentified
Same women, unidentified
Duplicate of the tenth photograph
The three women and a man, unidentified
The four women from photograph five, unidentified
Second duplicate for photograph ten
Duplicate of photograph three.
Four women and a lighted birthday (?) cake, unidentified

Folder 11- Photographs, Senior Day 1963

“Janet Smith, Mrs. Sibkel, Alice Baker, Pat Scott (BKGD)”
Procession, unidentified
Three faculty dressed for Convocation, unidentified
Faculty procession, unidentified
“Janet Smith, Ann Schumacher, Pres. Young”
“Soph.-Sr. Luncheon. Janet Smith, Ann Schumacher”
“Ann Schumacher and Miss Gutteridge”
“Receiving Line. Gutteridge, Dow, Sibley”
Faculty, unidentified
Handwritten identification of pictures [non-photograph]
“Faculty Recession”
“Faculty Recession” II
“Faculty Recession” III
“Faculty Recession” IV
“Janet Smith and Ann Schumacher”

Folder 12- Photographs, Senior Day 1966

Ceremony in the Chapel, unidentified
Faculty waiting around, unidentified

Folder 13- Photographs, Senior Day 1967

Ceremony in Chapel, unidentified
Four girls, unidentified
Four faculty, unidentified
Two women faculty, unidentified

Folder 14- Photographs, Senior Day 1968

“Mrs. Malcolm Peabody,” speaker.

Box 8: Tree Day Events (Contents are listed from front to back. On the inside front cover of each folder is a brief history of Tree Day).

Folder 1- Articles

“Tree Day and Lantern” by Phyllis Hoyt
“Tree Day: The Greatest Carnival Date of the Year at Oxford ” “Juniors as Wood Nymphs” from the Cincinnati Times-Star , May 17, 1895
“Class Flags” by Phyllis Hoyt
“Tree Day”
“Western College Plans 54th Annual Tree Day Celebration” Western College Corner Independent News, May 5 1944
“History of Tree Day at Western College 1894-1933”
“Tree Day Traditions, May, 1899” [Two copies]

Folder 2- Tree Day Photographs, 1880s

“Sophomore Shepherdesses”
“Class of 1897 as Juniors”

• People pictured: Mattie Walker Alcorn, Harriet Rose Benham, Anna Lydia Bottenus, Genevieve Brandt, Mattie Irene Childlaw, Isadore Foltz, Elizabeth Lapsley, Elizabeth Jane McClurkin, Rose Cook McClurkin, Jennie Agnes McElroy, Anne Marie Packard, Martha Binford Railsback.

2 Pictures- Class of 1896

• People pictured: Susan Hardy, Georgia Simms, Martha Molyneaux, Annie Moore, Edna Munson, Gertrude Miller, Susan Little
• People pictured: Susan Hardy , Georgia Simms, unidentified, Martha Molyneaux, Annie Moore, Edna Munson, Gertrude Miller, Susan Little.

“Class of 1896”
“Juniors on Tree Day” 1897

Folder 3- Tree Day Programs, 1890s

"Tree Day, The Western, May 13, 1891"
May 11, 1892
2 Programs, 1893
2 Programs, May 15, 1895
1896 (2 copies)
May 12, 1897
2 Programs, May 18, 1898 (3 copies)
May 17, 1899
May 8, 1901
May 17, 1899 (3 copies)

Folder 4- Tree Day Programs 1890s

“Freshman Class, Tree Day, May 13, 1891”
“Senior Class; Caps & Gowns; Tree Day; W.F.S. 1890”
“Classes of 1897 & 1898”; “Tree Day- 1897”

• People pictured: Jennie McElroy, Harriet Benham, Elizabeth McClorkin, Rose McClorkin, Dora Foltz, Martha Railsback, Larry Alcorn, Anna Bottenos, Miss Leila S. McKee (president).

Girls groups by a bridge, unidentified (1890?)
Smaller duplicate
Same girls as photos 4 and 5; “1890?”
“Class of 1902 As Freshmen; Tree Day 1899”
“Class of 1902 As Freshmen; Tree Day 1899” II

Folder 5- Tree Day Photographs 1890s

“The House of Remmen (?); Dance of Macdias (?); Tree Day Western College ”
“Freshmen around 1909”
“Class of 1909 as Freshmen”
“Tree Day 1911”
Procession with flags and signs, unidentified
Procession with some girls dressed in all black, some in all white, unidentified
Girls dancing in a circle wearing costumes, unidentified
“Tree Day 1912”
“Tree Day 1911”
Procession with some girls in black, some in white, some in both; unidentified
“Tree Day 1984?”; “Junior or Senior Class. 1894 or 95”
“Some of Class of 1894 as Freshemn at Tree Day 1891”
“Class of 1891. Tree Day 1891”

• People pictured: President McKee of Western Female Seminary and Dr. Ethebert, President of Miami Unversity.

“Sophomores (Class of 1893) on tree Day 1891”
“Miss Wing and the Owls ” (People in costume); “ Ada Geneva Wing- Biology 1890-93”
Class of 1894 as Freshmen. Ree Day 1891”

• People pictured: Harmony Woodworth 91-93, Jessie Hawkins 93, Mae Dixon 93, Alice Saxton 95. Anna Furry 95, Martha Hunter 95 , Frances Freeman 95, Minnie Gish 96, May Hubbard 96, Martha Molyneaux 90-94.

Invitation to attend the exercises of "Tree Day", May 17, 1899

Folder 6- Tree Day Programs (unless otherwise noted) 1901-1919

4 small information cards (May 14, 1902; May 15, 1903; May 16, 1904; May 18, 1907).
1 invitation; May 8, 1901
"Treeday, The Western College for Women, May 8th, 1901" (2 copies)
May 14, 1902 (2 copies)
May 13, 1903 (2 copies)
May 11, 1904
May 17, 1905; 1 small information card
1 invitation for May 19, 1906
May 19, 1906 (2 copies)
May 18, 1907
1 Invitation for May 18, (1907?)
"Tree Day, The Western College, May 20, 1908" (2 copies)
May 19, 1909
May 18, 1910
May 17, 1911 (2 copies)
May 15, 1912 (2 copies)
May 15, 1914

Folder 7- Tree Day Photographs 1900-1905

“Class of 1905 on Tree Day 1902”
“Class of 1903”

• Known people pictured: Marguerite McCullough, Elizabeth Bogle, Amy Weller, Evelin Bower, Jane Ketcham, Jeanette Gordon, Lucy Penhallegon

“Western College Students”
"Freshmen Dress”
“Class of 1907 as Freshmen”
Banners on the trees, 1907 (?)
“Class of 1907 as Freshmen, Tree Day 1904”
“A scene from a Tree Day play ‘The Feast at Solhoug”
“Class of 1907, Tree Day 1904”
Procession with girls in all white, unidentified
Procession/ceremony with girls in all white with lanterns, unidentified
“‘As You Like It,' Tree Day 1902”

• People pictured: Grace Derley, Eveline Bower, Eleanore Barker, Mary Todd, Jane Ketchum, Lulu Scott, Edith Morris, Rosa Lea Jackson, Bess Knox, Mabel Drew, Ethel Begg, Ann Willard, Bina McKibbin, Elizabeth Bogle, Jeanette Gordon, Alice Stewart, Elizabeth Hume, Marguerite McCullough, Amy Weller, Jessie Robertson, Eva Myers, Elizabeth Carson, Emma Gertrude Leonard.

“‘As You Like It,' Tree day 1902”; “Mabel Drew as Orlando, Jessie Roberston as Roslynd”

• People pictured: Jessie Robertson and Mabel Drew.

Duelling Scene from ‘As You Like It'”

• People pictured: Edith Morris, Rosa Lea Jackson, Eva Myers, Elizabeth Knox, Mabel Wylie (?), Lulu Scott, Elizabeth Carson, Jane Ketchum, Eleanor Barker, Jeanette Gordon, Marguerite McCullough, Amy Weller, Elizabeth Hume, Mabel Drew, Jessie Robertson, Blanch Parviw (?)


Folder 8- Tree Day Photographs (unless otherwise noted) 1906-1910

“Tree Day 1904”; ‘Procession on way to outline the new dormitory (McKee Hall)”
Slip of paper from “ Tree Day Play ‘Comus' 1903”
“Class of '07 as Freshmen, Tree Day 1904”

• People pictured: Helen Earey(?), Florence Perin, Martha Hackett, Helen Grelbert (?), Theodore Bushnell, Helen Morey, Beth Turner
• 6 unidentified, smaller pictures are on the back

“Class of 1907 as Freshmen, 1904
“Audience for Tree Day 1909”
Girls in white at the Maypole, unidentified
Girls in costume, a banner reads “1907,” could be the actual year, or the class' year.
“Tree Day Procession 1910”
Class of 1910, Tree Day 1907”
‘Tree Day 1907, Class of 1910”

Folder 9- Tree Day Photographs (unless otherwise noted), 1906-1910

“Tree Day, 1911”
“Class of 1915 as Freshmen”; “Tree Day Freshmen Drill”
“Tree Day 1911” II; 2 girls in costume, unidentified
‘Tree Day 1907”; Girls at the Maypole 2 girls performing in a play, unidentified
“Tree Day 1907, Class of 1910”; Girls at the Maypole, a specific history is on the back.
“Class of 1910 as Juniors, Tree Day 1909
Group of girls performing in a play, unidentified
Duplicate of photograph 7, an older version
“1909 Senior Class in Midsummer Night's dream”
“Dr. Benton, Pres. Of Miami , honorary Member” with the “Class of 1906”
Girls at the Maypole, unidentified
Duplicate of photograph 12
"Class of 1906 as Freshmen”
"Tree Day 1907”
Postcard picturing the “Freshmen Drill on Tree Day” from A.M. Irively to Miss Hazel Howe”
“Class of 1910, Tree day 1907”
“Tree Day 1907, Class of 1910”
"Tree Day Play”; “May 1903”

Folder 10- Donations from Danny Buntin

Tree Day Program, May 12, 1915

Box 9: Tree Day Events (Contents are listed from front to back. On the inside front cover of each folder is a brief history of Tree Day).

Folder 1- Tree Day Photographs

Class of 1919, unidentified
“Procession to the Class Tree- Tree Day”
Class of 1917, unidentified
“Raising the Flag;” “1918 class on 1915 Tree Day”
“Class of 1914”
“Class of 1919 as Freshmen;” “Freshmen Drill”
“1914 Drill;” “Freshmen”
“Class of 1911 as Freshmen”
“Tree Day 1918 on Peabody Green”
“Tree Day Play,” unidentified
“1913 Class as Freshmen”
“Class of 1918 as Freshmen”
“Class of 1917 as Freshmen”
“Class of 1918 as Freshmen”
Class of 1917, unidentified
“Class of 1918 as Freshmen”
“Class of 1917, tree Day 1914”
Senior flag being raised, Tree Day 1917

• People pictured: Miss Ginevra E. McCoy.

“The May Queen of the freshman class;” Tree Day, 1917.

• People pictured: Miss Mildred Carpenter

“Students playing the part of children in ‘The Magic Piper'” Tree Day, 1917

Folder 2- Tree Day Photographs 1920s

Girls in formation, unidentified
“Class of 1926 as Freshmen, Tree Day 1923”
Girls in white outside, unidentified
"Freshmen Class 1934”
Girls outside, unidentified
"Tree Day 1924”
“1924 Class”
"Class of 1923”

Folder 3- Tree Day Programs, photographs and articles

May 19, 1925
May 15, 1928
May 13, 1903
Photograph of freshmen on Tree Day 1917
Class of 1918, unidentified
Photograph on the back of girls in a play (?)
Article- “Lantern Drill at Western,” Tree Day 1928
Program: May 15, 1928

Folder 4- Tree Day Articles 1930s

1936, with photographs, “Scenes at Western Tree Day”

People pictured: Prudence Brown, Sally Ritzman, Louis Rothrock, Lois Healdawib, Helen Batchelder, Mary Kingham

1937, with photographs, “Seniors Give Annual Tree Day Play”
1937- “Tree Day Brings Guests to Campus”
1937- “Freshman Drill Old Western Custom”
Class of 1939, unidentified

Folder 5- Tree Day Photographs (unless otherwise noted), 1930s

“Tree Day ‘32”
“Class of 1933”
“May 14, 1939”
Class of 1931, unidentified
Class of 1936, unidentified
“Class of 1933” in 1930
1930 Article- “Nature Theatre is 8 Years Old”
“The Senior Class- 1930”
“The Junior Class, 1931;” ‘Tree Day, May 20, 1930”
‘The Sophomore Class- 1932;” Tree Day 1930
“Freshman Drill;” Tree Day 1930
“‘Sherwood;'” Tree Day 1930
“‘Sherwood;'” Tree Day 1930 II
“Class of 1932” in procession with lanterns
Class of 1939, unidentified. Copy.
Speaker talking at Peabody to girls and guests on the front stairs, unidentified. Copy.
“Tree Day- May 11- 1940”
"Freshman Class and The Flag”
“Planting the Tree”
“Our numerals;” (“43”)

Folder 6- Programs (and Photographs)- 1930s

May 20, 1930 (2 copies)
May 18, 1931 (2 copies)
May 17, 1932
May 20, 1933
May 19, 1934 (2 copies)
May 18, 1935
May 15, 1937
May 15, 1937- “The Senior Class Presents ‘The School of Princesses '”
May 15, 1937 II (on back)
May 14, 1938
1938 Tree Day Recital Program
May 13, 1939
1939 Tree Day Recital Program
Class of 1939, unidentified
“Tree Day 1939”

Folder 7- 1940s Photographs

Girls in ceremony, the 1940 flag
2 Photographs in sleeve- Tree Day 1940
“Tree Day May 11, 1940”
Class Day, class of 1945, all girls dressed in white
Class of 1945, standing in formation
Class of 1942, posing in front of their class flag
Class of 1942, marching students
Class of 194? In front of their flag

Folder 8- 1940s tree Day Play Programs (unless otherwise noted)

‘As You Like It'; May 11, 1940
‘The Knight of the Burning Pestle'; June 9, 1941
“Tree Day Weekend Calendar”; May 6, 1942
‘Much Ado About Nothing”; May 8, 1943 (3 copies)-
“Tree Day Recital”; 1944
Invitation for Tree Day 1944
‘The Duenna'; May 6, 1944
‘The Tempest'; May 5, 1945
Personal invitation rough draft from President Phillip E. Henderson; 1947
‘Launcelot and Elaine'; May 17, 1947
Tree Day Program for “The Dance Club” and “The madrigal Group”; May 15, 1948
General Program- May 15, 1948 (3 copies)
‘Will O' The Wise'; 1948
‘The Pirates of Penzance or The Slave of Duty'; May 14, 1949

Folder 9- 1940s Miscellaneous

Newspaper with photographs- May 19. 1940

• People pictured: Mary K. Reemelin, Kay Severin, Martha French, Ruth Langley, Marilyn Glanton, Frances Brooks, Ann Essington, Miriam McKelvey, Ann Clark, Catherine Peter.

‘Lantern Drill Speech' by Helen Kaslo; May 10, 1941 (3 pages)
‘The Winter's Tale' Play program; May 9, 1942
Article- ‘ Western College Plans 54 th Annual Tree Day Celebration”; May 5, 1944
‘The Tempest' Play program, may 5, 1945
Poems (?) about the flag, the freshmen, the sophomores and the juniors; May 9, 1942
“Booklet of Notes” 1946

Folder 10- Tree Day Photographs, 1951-1954

5 sleeves of ‘Tree Day 1951 Lantern Drill' photographs and negatives
2 sleeves of ‘Tree Day 1951 Class Flags' photographs and negatives
‘Tree Day 1951 Flag of Class of 1954' negative
‘Tree Day 1951' negative
‘Tree Day 1951 Class Flags'; 1 negative
3 sleeves ‘Tree day 1951' negatives
2 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1951 Lantern Drill' negatives and photographs
13 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1951' pictures
2 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1951' negatives
13 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1952' photographs, some with negatives
1 sleeve ‘Tree Day 1952' negatives
3 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1953' photographs
11 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1954' photographs, some with negatives
3 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1954 Lantern Drill' negatives
4 sleeves ‘Tree Day 1954 Tree Planting' photographs
1 sleeve ‘Tree Day 1954' photographs
‘Tree Day 1954' photograph in sleeve

• People pictured: Barbara Stephenson, Rose Vort, Cecilia Segawa, Shirley Timoney, Jean Marquard, Charlotte Knox, Sue Mayer

Folder 11- Tree Day 1950s Programs

‘The Gondoliers or The King of Barataria'; May 6, 1950 and June 5, 1950
General program: May 10, 1952
Recital program: May 9, 1953
General program: 1954 (2 copies)
General program: 1955

Folder 12- Flag Day (Tree Day) 1930s-1974

Photograph- ‘Flag of Class of 1960”
Photograph- “Flag of Class of 1961”
Information sheets with pictures
“Flag day, 1960”
‘Flag Day, 1961” (2 pages)
“Flag Day, 1962” (2 pages)
“Flag Day 1963”
“Flag Day 1964”
“Flag Day 1965” (2 pages)
“Flag Day, 1968”
“Flag Day, 1969”
“Flag Day, 1973”
Unknown Year, Students working in woods

Folder 13- Photos of Trees on Western's Campus

“Barn, Boathouse, Bridge and Lake ”
“West From Peabody ”
“Looking North Along Front of Peabody Hall”
“W. Campus”
“Looking North in Front of Kumler Towards McKee”
“Barn, Boathouse, Bridge and Lake ” II
“1 st Choice if not building”; “Grounds 1901”
“Grounds 1901”
“Sometime between 1918-1922"

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