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Patent numberINVENTORS NAMESAssigneesTitlePlace Date
333,082Nichols, Kate E.; Whitney, Emma V. Individual holder or rest for table service articles Leominster, MADec. 22, 1885
257,630Whitney, Adeline D. T. Alphabet blocks Milton, MAMay 9, 1882
221,949Whitney, Alice J. Whitney, James D. C. Improvement in fish boners and scalers Chicago, ILNov. 25, 1879
211,203Whitney, Althea F. Improvement in dish washers Cleveland, OHJan. 7, 1879
20,524Whitney, Livonia Door lock Toledo, OHJune 8, 1858
257,381Whitney, Lucy A. ; Preston, Edward F. Compound for removing stains Phelps, NYMay 2, 1882
424,587Whitney, Myra E. Toy Bradford, PAApr. 1, 1890
521,840Whitney, Nina F. Electric alarm clock Columbus, OHJune 26, 1894

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