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JudyLee Oliva

Plays in the Archive
  • Call of the River. Two acts. 62 pages. 5M 5W 1Boy 1Girl.
  • On the Showroom Floor. Two acts. 74 pages. 4W 1M. Synopsis
  • Face in the Mirror. One act (ten minute). 10 pages. 2W. Synopsis
  • Park View Cafe, a.k.a.. One act. 22 pages. 2W 3M. Synopsis
  • Pasture. One page. 2W
  • Angel's Light. Two acts. 104 pages. 3W 2M. Synopsis
  • The Crow on the Cradle. One act. 15 pages. 2W 1M. Synopsis
  • Mark of the Feather. One act. 10 pages. 2W 1M. Synopsis
  • The Fire and the Rose. Two acts. 100 pages. 3W 3M. Synopsis / Promotional
  • Te Ata (Based on life of Chickasaw Indian performer, Te Ata Fisher). Two acts. 122 pages. 5W 2M Chorus. Synopsis / Photos / Program "Five Civilized Tribes Best Musical Drama Prize," 2000
  • Spirit Line. One act. 32 pages. 3W 1Spirit. Synopsis
Other Plays or Publications
  • See Jane Run (1987 winner of the Agnes Nixon Playwriting Competition. Presented at Northwestern University in 1988.)
  • Mourning Dove (collaboration with Dr. Barbara Korner, at Seattle Pacific University, based on 177 love letters written during World War II; in rewrites)
  • Dead Mice (work in progress about two sisters growing up in Oklahoma)
  • Sidewalk Scenes (collectively creative Children's Theatre piece, created and toured New York [via SUNY, Stony Brook]
  • Aunt Rema's Debut (Full length,work in progress, about an older woman's debut in a community theatre production. Set in South.)
  • 99 Cent Dreams (Full length, work in progress about one woman's search for the meaning of life in a world where they have forgotten to dream.)
  • Spirit LIne (One act, work in progress about Navaho Weaver's legend.)
  • Dancing on My Grandmother's Grave. Book length collection of poetry to be published
  • David Hare: Theatricalizing Politics. Ann Arbor: UMI Research, 1990
  • Numerous articles in Theatre History Studies, Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Theatre and Religion, Theatre Topics, Theatre Three

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