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Diane Glancy

Plays in the Archive
  • The Lesser Wars: Twelve "sorties". 74 pages. 1W 1M. Synopsis
  • Jump Kiss: Seven "plates". 71 pages. 1+ voices. Synopsis
  • The Woman Who Was a Red Deer Dressed for a Deer Dance. One act. 31 pages. 1W 1G.
  • Halfact. One act. 11 pages. 1G 1B 1Narrator. Synopsis
  • The Truth Teller. Four "seasons". 17 pages. 1W 1M.
  • Segwohi. Six scenes. 43 pages. 1W 2M.
  • Mother of Mosquitos. One act. 7 pages. 1W 2M/W Chorus.
  • The Best Fancy Dancer the Pushmataha Pow Wow's Ever Seen. Two acts. 49 pages. 2W 2M 2M/W.
  • One Horse. One act. 4 pages. 2 Voices.
  • The Sum of Winter: A Fractional Play. 2005. Eight plays of from three to twenty-four pages each that can be presented in various combinations. Synopsis.
  • Stone Heart: Everyone Loves a Journey West. 2005. One act. 25 pages. 1W 2M. This play is about the 1804-06 Lewis & Clark expedition from Fort Mandan to the Pacific Coast and back. Its focus is Sacajawea.
  • World Premier, February 17 through March 13, 2006, Native Voices at the Autry (Autry National Center, Los Angles), directed by Randy Reinholz. With Thirza Defoe as Sacajawea (photo by Maria Ventura).
Unpublished Plays in North American Women's Drama
  • Cargo
  • The Distant Cry of Betelgeuse
  • The Collector of a Three-Cornered Stamp
  • The Words of My Roaring
  • The Conversion of Inversion
  • Man Red
Other Publications
  • One Age in a Dream. 1986
  • Offering: Poetry and Prose. 1988
  • Iron Woman: Poems. 1990
  • Trigger Dance. 1990
  • Lone Dog's Winter Count. 1991
  • Claiming Breath. 1992
  • Firesticks: A Collection of Stories. 1993
  • Monkey Secret. 1995
  • Tante Parnettas elektrische Wunden. 1995
  • "Weebjob." In Contemporary Plays by Women of Color. 1996
  • "Weebjob," selections. In Great Scenes from Minority Playwrights. 1997.
  • Pushing the Bear: A Novel of the Trail of Tears. 1996
  • The West Pole. 1996
  • The Only Piece of Furniture in the House: A Novel. 1996
  • War Cries: A Collection of Plays. Holy Cow!, 1997
  • The Cold-and-Hunger Dance. 1998
  • Flutie: A Novel. 1998
  • "Jack Wilson or Wovoka and Christ My Lord" and "Polar Breath" in The Norton Anthology of American Literature, 5th ed. 1998
  • Fuller Man: A Novel. 1999
  • Visit Teepee Town: Native Writings after the Detour. Edited by Diane Glancy and Mark Nowak. 1999
  • The Relief of America. 2000
  • The Man Who Heard the Land. 2001
  • American Gypsy: Six Native American Plays. 2002
  • Designs of the Night Sky. 2002
  • The Mask Maker: A Novel. 2002
  • The Shadow's Horse. 2003
  • Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacajawea. 2003
  • Primer of the Obsolete. 2004
  • In-Between Places: Essays. 2005
  • Rooms: New and Selected Poems. 2005
  • The Dance Partner: Poems. 2006
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