Directory: Writers with Works in NAWPA

Shirley Cheechoo

Plays in the Archive
  • Your Dream Was Mine. , with Greta Cheechoo, 1994.(typescript,56 pp.) One act. 2W 1"Woodpecker".
Other Plays and Publications
  • Path with No Mocassins. 1991
  • Tangled Sheets
  • Ocamow
  • Nanabush of the 80s, with Alanis King, Ken Charolotte
  • Feather Leaves
  • Respect the Voice of a Child, with Billy Merasty
  • Shadow People.
  • Nothing Personal, with Alanis King
  • Bear Woman
  • Emergency
  • Listen to the Elders
  • River of Life
  • Hockey Moms
Other Plays and Publications
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