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The following Native playwrights have been identified. As more information is found, the entries here will be fleshed out and individual writers will be listed in the NAWPA directory. Sources include: Ann Haugo (Department of Theatre, University of Illinois), Geary Hobson (Department of English, University of Oklahoma), "Native American Authors" web site (, and issues of the Native Playwrights' Newsletter (Ed. Paul Rathbun, PO Box 9101, Durango, CO 81302-9101).

Baker, Marie Annharte
  • Albeit Aboriginal
Baker, Tammy Haili'opua
  • Nanakuli With material by Paul Cravath, Jason Duncan, and Lauren Kaawa
  • Kapua: Two Traditional Hawaiian Stories of Shape-Shifters
  • Mohala Ka Lehua
Benson, Diane E. (Tlingit) Bobb, Columpa
  • Jumping Mouse (w/ Marion deVries)
Campbell, Maria. (Metis) Charles, Monica
  • Yanowis. In The Indian Historian vol. 4, no. 3 (Fall 1971): 45-51
Cook, Krystal (Kwakwaka'wakw)

Cruz, Petrona de la Cruz
See also Isabel Juarez Espinoza. phone 011-52-967; fax 011- 867-30

Daugherty, Lena Lockhart

Dillen, Leslie Harrell

Dudoward, Valerie (Tshishia)
  • Teach Me the Ways of the Sacred Circle in The Land Called Morning (Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1986)
Espinoza, Isabel Juarez
See also Petrona de la Cruz Cruz. Phone 011-52-967; fax 011-867-30

Flather, Pattie
  • Sixty Below (w/ Leonard Linklater)
Farmer, Patrice
  • Three Souls of a Puerto Rican
Frawley-Henry, Maria

Freeman, Minnie Aodla
  • Survival in the South (1971)
Fry, Maggie Culver

Gomez, Terry
  • Inter-Tribal. (In Contemporary Plays by Women of Color: An Anthology. Ed. Kathy A. Perkins and Roberto Uno. London: Routledge, 1996. 201-14.)
  • Reunion. (In Gathering Our Own: A Collection of IAIA Student Playwrights, Eds. Dana Dickerson, Brian Lusk, Ti Stalnaker. Santa Fe: Institute of American Indian Arts, 1996, pp. 59-89.)
Hail, Raven(Cherokee) Hanley, Anne W
  • Shotridge
Hogan, Linda (Chickasaw) Jensen, Lorre
  • The Mercy Quilt
  • Shaman of Woz
  • Pen Pals
  • Coming Around
Joe, Joyce B
  • Ravens
Kane, Margo
  • Moon Lodge
Keeshig-Tobias, Lenore
  • Quest for Fire
  • Quest for Kindling
Mason, Tina

McCullogh, Mary Millner

McDonald, Caren

Meares, Myrtle G

Nolan, Yvette

See listing of plays available from the catalogue on the Manitoba Association of Playwrights website: Blade (1990) and Child (In Beyond the Pale: Dramatic Writings from First Nations Writers and Writers of Colour. Eds. Yvette Nolan, Betty Quan, and Geroge Bwanike Seremba. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 1996, pp. 80-85.)
  • Skin Deep
  • A Marginal Man
  • Job's Wife
  • Video
  • Everybody's Business
  • Six Women
  • Annie Mae's Movement
  • Two Steps Forward, One Look Back
Owens, Helen

Pfenenger, Lynn Braveheart

Proffitt, Rebecca
  • The Good God Debate
Shamas, Laura
  • Portrait of a Nude
Shropshire, Lola Shorty, Sharon (Tlingit/Northern Tutchone) Smith, Maurine Sleeper

Staggs, Barbara Masterson

Thorsen, Dorothy

Timmons, Alice Tyner

Tisdale, Dorothy-Jean

Waller, Frieda Ellaine

Webster, Terri

Whiteman, Carol DuVal

Williams, Wende
  • The Indian Game Show in Gathering Our Own: A Collection of IAIA StudentPlaywrights, Eds. Dana Dickerson, Brian Lusk, Ti Stalnaker (SantaFe: Institute of American Indian Arts, 1996).
Woods, Nancy Paul (Ojibway)
  • I Hate White Girls
Worn Staff, Sadie (Chiricahua Apache)
  • The Tribes of Dawn
  • Winter Moon Magic
  • Shadow Warrior

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