Propaganda Posters
held by the
Miami University Libraries

In celebration of the Miami University Libraries reaching their 100th year as Federal Depository libraries, the staff of Government Information and Law, the Walter Havighurst Special Collections, and the Digital Initiatives Departments at King Library are pleased to share digital reproductions of some of the materials received as part of the FDL program.

Please feel free to download and print the PDF files below for your own copies of these iconic World War II posters. Patrons are encouraged and welcome to view reproductions of these posters on display in the main staircase of King Library, or see the originals in the Walter Havighurst Special Collections. The Libraries' CIM Lab can help with printing these to poster-size for a fee.

For more information about the Libraries' FDLP Centennial Celebration, please see the Miami Libraries News Blog, or visit our Event page on Facebook.

Salute 100 Years of Service



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Poster File

Americans Will Always Fight...
Title: 1778, 1943 Americans will always fight for liberty / [illustrated by] B Perlin
Printable PDF
Forest Fires
Title: Another enemy to conquer : forest fires, 9 out of 10 can be prevented / U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, State Forest Service
Printable PDF
Battle-wise Infantryman
Title: The battle-wise infantryman-- is careful of what he says or writes [graphic]: how about you? / [illustrated by] Schlaikjer
Printable PDF
Become a Nurse
Title: Become a nurse [graphic]: your country needs you
Printable PDF
Every Mail Call
Title: Be with him at every mail call : V-mail is private, reliable, patriotic / [photograph by] Lejaren a Hiller
Printable PDF
Buy War Bonds
Title: Buy war bonds
Printable PDF
Naval Officer
Title: Freshman! Sophomores! Now you can stay in college and become a naval officer / McClelland Barclay, USNR
Car Club
Title: Have you really tried to save gas by getting into a car club? / [illustrated by] Harold von Schmidt
Printable PDF
Less Dangerous
Title: Less dangerous than careless talk don't discuss troop movements, ship sailings, war equipment / Albert Dorne
Printable PDF
Let's Finish the Job
Title: Let's finish the job: urgent--experienced seamen needed / Martha Sawyers
Printable PDF
Army Air Forces
Title: O'er the ramparts we watch [graphic] / United States Army Air Forces
Printable PDF
Pitch In
Title: Pitch in and help! : join the Women's Land Army of the U.S. Crop Corps / [illustrated by] Morley
Title: Shoptalk may be sabotalk the walls have ears / Morris
Printable PDF
This is the Enemy
Title: This is the enemy
Printable PDF
United We Are Strong
Title: United we are strong [picture]: united we will win / [illustrated by] Koerner
Printable PDF
Victory Loan
Title: Victory--now you can invest in it! victory loan / Dean Cornwell
Printable PDF
Schools at War
Title: We are ready, what about you? join the schools at war program / [illustrated by] Irving Nurick
Printable PDF
We Want Books
Title: We want books : victory book campaign


The Government Information and Law Department staff at King Library are grateful for the assistance and contributions of Ashley Jones, Lauren DeVoe, Katie Gibson, Lindsay Miller, Ken Grabach, Bob Schmidt, John Millard, Anthony Jones-Scott, Janet Stuckey, Peggy Lewis, Jean Sears, the many student employees of the IMC/GIL, and Dean Judith Sessions. This page was created November 10, 2009 by William Cuthbertson.